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Old October 30th, 2008, 19:40
vondahue vondahue is offline
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Default my husbands funeral is next week, 6 wks after he was murdered, i dont think i can cope with it

My husband and i have 6 kids between us his 4 our 1 and my older one, i'm 32 he was 38, and to be honest not the best few yrs recently with troubles and woes and our own baggage we carried, but this summer we was getting back on track had a wonderful future ahead, we was just moving, i was staying at the new house while he finished up the tenancy at the old, on wed 24th he left home to go to a funeral , then his usual night out and to stay in the old house in order to finish up and hand keys in to the landlord, we'd not spoken since about 7 pm, i just thought it was normal night and waited for the txt in the morning to say when he'd be home, at 9.30 his eldest daughter rang crying, she's preg so thought she'd lost the baby, when her auntie can on the phone, explaining our house was covered in police and on the news was saying a man in his late 30's had been murdered so i said i'd contact the police to find out, for a minute i thought no it's not him so i txt'd him saying ' everyone thinks its you who's been hurt i love you ' but in my stomache i knew it was him i knew he was gone, see my husband always said he'd go before me, and recent months he told me more and more, i was contacted and told that it was infact my husband he had been stabbed, now shock i have never experienced anything like that, auto pilot and calls and theories the kids on the phone it was an explosion , the next day i got the papers, Love triangle my husband was killed by his lovers ex husband, i didnt believe that until my liason officers told me that yes my husband was seeing a woman and her ex found out went to our old house and killed my husband, who has been caught and up for his plea in jan, i'm not cross he was with her just that he lost his life for what a quick roll about, but i also know my husband was depressed and had been going through alot so if it made him feel happy then thats up to him, i love him no matter what, his 4 kids now live with nanny granpa while i'm miles away with my 2 youngest is 8 months, i've been down sorting the arrangements out and now own a grave, it really hit me when they told me that, i think the first week was shock second numbness i did go to see him which will haunt me forever but it wasnt him wasnt my husband so it was like i could pretend he was just away, as time went on i just been busy every minute trying not to think, i have a few moments when tears get the better of me but i cant let go ,
Now with the funeral nearing and shock gone i feel i'm gonna lose it big time , i dont want him to gone, i just cant cope,everyone else gets back to normal and we pretend try to do the normal things but inside i'm a mess, i got no family he was all i had, i dont want it to be real and i've really thought about not going but i have to i know i do, see with having my little boy i have to be strong and cant cry or really come to terms with it, i'm going down and staying in bed breakfast i'm just gonna be alone he should be with me ...............

ooops tell i'm new here, sorry for 2 posts, site said i needed to log in

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Old May 11th, 2009, 13:34
chesterlee chesterlee is offline
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Default ouch

That's a sad story. You loved your husband very much. I think it's not true when they say he has another girl when the day he died. Maybe people making issue to him. If you love your husband erase that issue on your mind.

Maybe this story help you to face the reality. go and read this maam

Thank You
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Old November 16th, 2009, 05:05
kate09 kate09 is offline
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Your story really touches the heart and I m so sorry for your loss. You loved each other and I know its difficult to deal with it. I also confused from this thing that he had another girl. But I think it was wrong. You loved him then you should cope with his death. Its important for you. My prayers and condolences for you.
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