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Old December 26th, 2012, 10:45
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Default Music - warning, it's long!

Not sure where this should go but I'll put it here since this is where I usually am on these forums. Sorry for the lengthy post!

I’ve always enjoyed music, maybe more than some and it’s not just a noise in the background for me while doing something else, I love to listen to it as a primary activity. I’m also an audio equipment buff. I love the older equipment or vintage as it’s called now. I have many pieces of great old gear. I don’t own anything that’s newer than 10 years old and most of my main system used for 2 channel (stereo) listening is 30 years or older. And yes, that system sounds fantastic.

This spring for reasons I don’t quite understand I bought several pairs of classic old speakers. I found these online and bought them from private sellers. All had to be shipped from long distances and they all took quite a bit of arrangements and time, and all arrived safely. During all that I also sold a pair I’ve had for 30 years. A pair of amazing Canadian built speakers that I had vowed to never sell. A nice young guy bought them and we had a few listening sessions where he auditioned them before buying. The last time he tested them out he brought a friend and some beer. We had a good time listening and talking. My daughters thought is was all kinda weird, me spending time in our basement listening to music with those two young guys!

During that time this spring I also revamped my basement area that my equipment is set up in. Different furniture, new paint, new deco. Again, not sure what compelled me to do it.

As for music and again for some reason I cant explain I decided to order a couple of CDs online. Both by a the band BoDeans. I wasn’t familiar with them except I’ve had 2 songs of theirs for years as MP3 files. Good Things and Pretty Girl. I always liked the songs but never bought any of their disks for some reason. The order arrived this summer during the week my wife was in the hospital at the time of her cancer diagnosis. I was alone many days and nights, and at the hospital a lot. When the CDs arrived I was instantly taken with so many of the songs. They spoke to me, they made me cry. It was as if they were written for me at this time in my life. I played those 2 CDs many, many times, and still do.

I took those 2 CDs with us when she and I made 2 separate trips to BC for cancer treatments at a private clinic. I did a lot of driving in a rented car to get around while there and those 2 CDs were always playing. They’ve become a part of this whole ordeal and especially those 2 trips. I suspect when I hear those songs throughout my life it will take me back to those days. Since buying those 2 CDs I have been compelled to buy all the CDs the BoDeans have put out and there has been at least 2 special songs on each CD that has become mine, ours. I cant stop playing the BoDeans CDs!

A few songs of theirs that have affected me deeply are, True Devotion, Say Goodbye, Good Things, Hurt by Love.

An old fave of mine is the band Blue Rodeo and songs such as After the Rain, 5 Days in May, Lost Together, Western Skies. I of course have many CDs and records but the ones I mentioned here seem to be on my mind and in my ears so much these days.

Is it good to hear music and lyrics that stir such emotion at a time like this? Not for everyone perhaps but it is for me, I cant help it.

Be sure to relax, sit down, close your eyes and just listen to some music you enjoy. It can be soothing and peaceful therapy.

If I may, here's some excerpts from a few of the songs I listen and usually end up crying to.

BoDeans - Say Goodbye
I feel it in the air, it's evening and its cooling down
It's changing just a bit and change is always coming round
Feels like the sun is falling down in the sky
Aint no use to hurry. Aint no use to wonder why

We said hello, a time ago
It's been a long, long day
It's time time to say, say goodbye
Say goodbye
We better get on........
BoDeans - Good Things
Sunlight fall down on the fields
Sunlight fall down over me
Work all day, be all that I can be yeah-heh
Say I can say words only simple
Say I can say words only clear
But, oh, I can feel your heart is beating near. Yeah-heh
Haunted love is all that I feel, when you're passing by
Haunted love is all that I see, it's there in your eyes
And I say
No, no, no, don't pass me over No, no, no, don't pass me by
See I can see good things for you and I
Yeah, good things for you........
BoDeans - True devotion
I was lucky for a long, long time
I never felt much pain
A mess of clouds came over me
The night it finally rained
In my hand there's a silver heart
It says you belong to me
But it's empty and used up
I'm sailing off to sea.....
BoDeans - Hurt By Love
Boy I've seen some better days
and my Old Man would always say to me
In your lifetime, I pray you never feel
This broken I got in me
And all those wishing stars
Hang out, where you are
Won't save me
And anyone can be Hurt By Love
Anyone can see their heart strings come undone........
Sheryl Crow - Long Road Home
Teach me the golden rule
Make me a lovesick fool
In the light of day
Let sorrow drift away
Crown of thorns has many jewels

Songs of glory sung in hate
Only destroy what love has made
And if the Kingdom comes
Don't wanna be the one
That is standing in the way

Sure as the wind blows
Sure as the rivers flow
We will meet again
On the long road home............
Blue Rodeo - After the Rain
If I had my way
I would never go back
With my back to the wall
I just let myself fall
Watch the days turn black
But now and again I find
You cross my mind

If I was a train
I would never slow down
With my head in the sky
And the world going by
Every nowhere town
As I write one more letter to you
I know I can't change the things that I do...........
Blue Rodeo - 5 days in May
They met in a hurricane
Standing in the shelter out of the rain
She tucked a note into his hand
Later on they took his car
Drove on down where the beaches are
He wrote her name in the sand
Never even let go of her hand

Somehow they stayed that way
For those 5 days in May
Made all the stars around them shine
Funny how you can look in vain
Living on nerves and such sweet pain
The loneliness that cuts so fine
To find the face you've seen a thousand times

Sometimes the world begins
To set you up on your feet again
It wipes the tears from your eyes
How will you ever know
The way that circumstances go
Always going to hit you by surprise
I know my past
You were there
In everything I've done
You are the one................
Blue Rodeo - Lost Together
Strange and beautiful
are the stars tonight
that dance around your head
in your eyes I see that perfect world
I hope that doesn't sound too weird
And I want all the world to know
that your love's all I need
all that I need
and if we're lost
then we are lost together
yea if we're lost
then we are lost together............
And finally, this Rankin Family song is simply beautiful and haunting. Raylene Rankin sings like an angel and heaven now has another angel since she died of cancer in 2012 at age 52.

Fare thee well, love,
Fare thee well, love,
Far away, you must go.
Take your heart, love,
Take your heart, love,
Will we never meet, again no more?

Far across, love,
Far across, love,
O'er the mountains, and country wide.
Take my heart, love,
Take my heart, love,
No one knows the tears I've cried

So I'll drink today, love,
I'll sing to you, love,
In paupers glory, my time I'll bide.
No home or ties, love, a restless rover,
If I can't have you by my side.

Oh come back, love,
Oh come back, love,
The sun and moon refuse to shine.
Since I've gone, love, gone away, love,
This lonely girl has had no peace of mind.

Enjoy the music, let it speak to you like nothing else can.
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