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Old August 17th, 2012, 02:09
MumaSue MumaSue is offline
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[continued from previous post]

Okay. Moving on. Person C says: “he aint the only one thats had bad news, others have to get on with it.”

Now this is one of those kind of arguments you get on social media all the time. I remember putting something up when Amy Winehouse died saying I felt sad about it, and someone put ‘what about all the troops that die every day’. Yeah, I feel bad for them too. The human heart isn’t built in such a way that means we can only empathise with one thing at a time, I can quite easily feel sorry for Amy Winehouse’s family AND our injured or dying troops, at the SAME time; my heart is that fucking good!

Where does that argument leave us as a race? We pride ourselves on being able to empathise with our fellow human, it is one of the things that separates us from the animals, the ability to feel someone else’s sorrow. Of course we have bad news in our lives, but why can’t we feel for the Barlows AND feel our own problems to.

Okay, last one. And I actually went from hating this guy to just thinking, maybe he just wrote something without thinking and is now, quite rightfully, getting it in the neck.

Person D writes:

“It's not quite the same as losing a child who's actually lived properly though, so why are people making out like it is? If the kid was like 5 years old it'd be 100x worse!”

Yes, read it again, someone did, not only think this, but also wrote it down online. I mean, where does this end? So you love a child more the older it gets? When is the cut off point? What are the maths behind it? Do we love our ten year olds twice as much as our 5 year olds? When they reach twenty does our adoration double again?

From the follow up posts of Person D I can see that he is neither a father, nor a lover of children but still, what a very odd, inhumane and heartless thing to think and write. I suppose it goes back to the argument of when does life begin? I personally think it begins when you and your partner decide that you want this child. And that is when love starts too. I mean it’s obvious that for a mother, the bonding process starts sooner than for a father. The mother goes through all the emotions, the cravings, the pains, the sickness, the worry, she feels the kicks, the pressure on her bladder, her swollen feet, her baby brain, her body changing, her mind changing, the nesting, the tears and the laughs that come during the 38 weeks. She is the one who can’t get comfortable in the night, who is cold when everyone else is hot and hot when everyone else is cold, who is trying not to waddle, who is still doing too much when she should be resting, who is doing her pelvic floor exercises and who just wants a healthy baby at the end of it.

But the Dad is bonding too all this while. He is scared, he is worried, both for his baby and his wife. From the moment his wife comes in with the ClearBlue, he is on it. He is thinking about the extra mouth that needs feeding, he is wondering where he is going to get the energy from to go through it all again, he is wondering how long he can afford to take off work, he is worried for his wife, he wants to keep her happy, but she’s crying and throwing up and keeps leaving the key in the door, and he comes home from work and she’s up some step ladders, 7 months pregnant putting up some curtains and he shouts, scared that he could lose them both at any moment. He goes to the hospital with her, he hears the heartbeat and his eyes fill with tears, partly with relief but also with ultimate pride, that this woman has done this for him, has given her body, and mind and maybe even her career so that they can, together, bring a child into the world.

He rubs her feet, he makes her tea, he does his job and then comes home to look after his family, he holds her hair whilst she is sick, and he tells her that she doesn’t look fat even though she obviously does because there’s a baby in her womb! He kisses her tummy while she sleeps and he sings songs to this huge bump with his baby inside. And all the time he worries. About the future. Will he be a good Dad, will the child be healthy, will he do the right things and set good examples, will he be as good as his Dad and will the child love him as much as he loves the child.

And together the future parents plan. They paint rooms, Blue or Pink, or keep it neutral because they want the surprise on the day. They buy cots, and clothes, and bedding and nappies and cotton wool balls and one time he’s out and he sees an outfit that says “Been inside for 9 months” and he buys it because it makes him smile, and he knows his wife will smile too. They go to the hospital and they see the baby on the screen and they hold each other’s hand and smile and he tells her how brilliant she is and she says she couldn’t do it without him.

They discuss names and she makes lists, they buy a buggy and a car seat and then the big day comes, and she shouts him from the other room, or calls him at work and says ‘it’s happening’. And even though he’s prepared, even though the bag has been packed for weeks and he’s worked the quickest four routes to the hospital, his mind goes blank and he doesn’t know where he is for a minute. Then she helps him, they do it together.

They get to the hospital, they’re way too early but the contractions have started, and they will go on for the next few hours. She can’t get comfortable, she walks, she sits, she kneels, she perches. He paces and he watches, and he rubs her back and he holds her hand. The contractions get closer, the midwife tells them both that the baby is on the way and then they’re off, after 9 months of waiting they’re finally going to get to meet their new baby. He gets dressed up like George Clooney in ER, and she smiles even though she is in the most pain she has ever been in her life. They go in together, the excitement is tearing through his body, as the pain tears through hers.

And then the moment comes, they’re both waiting to find out if they’ve had a little boy or girl. They’re waiting to find out who they need to look after for the rest of their lives, who will one day look after them when they can no longer. They’re waiting, hoping, praying that this little tiny helpless human being, will keep them awake for the next few months, will cry in the night and will need changing every 5 minutes. They wait for the cry and for the midwives and doctors to turn to them and say “here’s your baby guys, well done......"

And then, nothing.

Nothing. For the longest time. Nothing.

But then, Person D, it's not quite the same as losing a child who's actually lived properly, is it?
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Old December 10th, 2012, 23:08
Ann Sowers Ann Sowers is offline
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Default I feel life begins at the moment of conception!

My heart goes out to all that have loosed a child. It matter not if it is from day of conception or any other age. The loss is still the same. I had 3 miscarriages and lost my 32 yr. old son Nov. 8th unexpectedly. I truly feel that Charlie is playing with his sisters, brothers or both in heaven. Even to this day I wonder if one of my miscarriages was a little girl. I have a 19 year old so as well.

I honestly can't truthfully say at this point if my grief will last longer or the same amount of time as my miscarriages. After every miscarriage the pain got worse, and it lasted longer. When my husband asked me to have a baby 21 years ago, I told him one try because I could not put myself through more miscarriages. Thank God, my son was healthy. I was put in High Risk due to my age and the number of miscarriages.

Prayers for all of you.
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Old June 5th, 2013, 02:50
Mum of twin angels Mum of twin angels is offline
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Default Help

Hi all I know this post was put on a while ago but I was wondering if any of you can help me.. I lost my twins 16days ago, I have felt so numb an put a fake smile on my face to stop my sister being upset by all this as there only young, which has made me feel angry, I am currently seeing someone an all I want to do is run to my ex( the father) x
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Old June 5th, 2013, 17:19
gumek gumek is offline
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Default angels

Originally Posted by Mum of twin angels View Post
Hi all I know this post was put on a while ago but I was wondering if any of you can help me.. I lost my twins 16days ago, I have felt so numb an put a fake smile on my face to stop my sister being upset by all this as there only young, which has made me feel angry, I am currently seeing someone an all I want to do is run to my ex( the father) x
dear mum of twin angels, have read and reread your post today and just couldn't find any words to say to bring some comfort to you, im finding it very difficult to say the words of sorry for the loss of your children, they just aren't enough, my heart aches for you. I wanted to offer a welcome to you to forum, there are friends on here who have lost a child and can come alongside you and offer support because they know your pain and will be here for you. please don't try to hide your pain from your love ones, allow them to help you, they can't take this burden from you but can carry you a while. I think it natural to want to be with the dad, oh dear love im lost for words to say, if it will help you maybe come here and talk it through, I wish I could say more but for now I feel ive said enough, we are here for you.

warm regards

chrissie. xx
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Old July 26th, 2013, 19:15
douseemenow douseemenow is offline
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Default Angels

Hi mum of twin angels,
I can't imagine your pain, nor offer you much relief. Like gumek said, there are no words, sorry just doesn't cut it at times like these. I hope you have started to heal, and I wanted to share some things that helped me grieve.. Every day I wrote a letter to my loved one I lost. I kept a journal full of letters, I told him what happened to him, in case he didn't know, all the events surrounding his death, how it made me feel.. Sometimes I just told him about my day. They were full of wishful thinking and wonder ifs. This helped me because I'm a little closed off with my family, I'm 23 and the youngest of 6 siblings and can't bring myself to talk to them about my feelings. So it was a way for me to get them out of my head, even if it was just on paper I started to believe he read them. I told myself that no one could understand my pain but him, so who better to talk to then him. It allowed me to get angry, upset, cry, all without throwing my feelings at other people, I was going through my emotions with him, even though he wasn't there to respond, it just felt better to get it out without feeling vulnerable around other people.
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