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Old June 23rd, 2012, 06:33
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Originally Posted by hazelharris View Post
hi oonagh you haven't heard the half of it chrissie has a wonderful sense of humour the coconut is to get rid of all the wrinkles i now have with all the worry nearly put cocont milk on and chrissie stopped me in time as thats for the curry i was about to turn myself into a chicken korma the rabbit is just a private joke that no one will understand if chrissie has a few bottles of wine with tom she might rabbit on and share with you
how are you today i hope all the arrangements for dads funeral are done perhaps afterwards you can share with us some of his memories i would love to hear them i am not at work now for 3 days and on thursday i will light my candle at 1.40
chrissie will probably be on later i am sure she will tell you where she is going on her holiday
i lost my best friends 3 years ago i had known them for over 30 years but chrissie means as much to me as they did we have been there for one another and it gives a close bond to the relationship when in the depths of despair a shining light called chrissie grabbed my hand and lifted me out of the gloom it was a turning point in acceptance of my loss we both feel all our loved ones are together and have made friends guiding us to this site.
thinking of you our new friend love hazelxxx
hazel love, i just read this today, its made me cry, thank you darling for such kind words, i'm not deserving of them, your the amazing one, been such a good friend, your son is a gooden, he learned it from you. your a smasher. i'm glad i searched today otherwise wouldn't have seen this. thankyou again haze.

are you ok today, was so sad last night for sue, thought it was so beautiful how we sat and wept together, very precious. very tragic losing her child that way, me old ticker hurts for her and knowing you, ya big softie, so is yours. i hope that gail might come along some time too, will be able to get to know her better and cal, what about roo? theres a thought, dont think tom would like it much. one thing to mention darling if its ok, when some of them start talking about mediums, best not to get involved, if you pm tom he will explain why much better than me, is that alright metioning that love?

leg getting better, i did a course in aromaphy some years ago, so i have prepared my own antiseptic cream to apply to the broken skin, along with the antibiotics will soon be on the mend.todays sabbath so i'm resting in the Lord.

what you up to today love? may see you on forum later. be good.

luv and big hugs

chrissie. xxx
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