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Old February 8th, 2009, 22:11
Brad Acura Brad Acura is offline
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Dear MrsPooh,
It has been so soon for you. You are expecting too much. I lost my son five years ago this February 20. I dread the holidays because Brad was the center of the family and Feb. 20 he left and then just a few days later is his birthday. I have been grief stricken for almost five years, let me correct myself, nine years, Brad was diagnosed with cancer at 15, stage 4. Even though the men who treated him gave glowing reports I was capable of reading about stage 4 and when Brad relapsed a year and half after first round of chemo I knew he was lost. I spent the next few years giving Brad hope anyway I could and he was always the strong one. By chance a spiritualist bought Brads grandmothers house who passed away just a few months after Brad. For three years I knew Carole the purchaser of the house but she never mentioned what she is. At halloween they had a party. My husband went, but halloween was always such a fun day for Brad I could not bear to go to Carole's house. She asked my husband how I was doing and he said not good. It was then that she told him that she was a spiritualist and holistic healer in the UK where she lives most of the year. She told my husband that she would meet with me. The day before she left for the UK for the holidays we met. At first I was very skeptical. She said Brad was doing fine but my constant grief was keeping him from his mission in the next level of life. His job was to help children to cross over that had been unexpectedly killed in war. Then Carole said to me, "my spiritual guide is hearing from Brad the word dance." Carole asked me if I danced and I said some in high school but couldn't now because of a knee injury. She said that she thinks Brad wants me to dance. At this point she had to leave but the dancing had me baffled. Brad knows I don't dance and after thinking back to the days when Brad was with us and then it hit me. Brad's friends had told me what an exceptional dancer Brad was. After that I would ask Brad to dance for me and on occassion he would show me just one move and I would say," yeh, boy you do know the moves." I would be so impressed with the little sample he would give me. Then I knew that this was his personal message to me to let me know that Carole is the real thing and the message was true. From that day on my grief has lightened up more than it has in almost nine years. There are the holidays, and the day he left us and Brad's birthday, I guess there will always be days that are hard but I know now what Brad's mission is and I have to try hard to channel my grief in other directions.
When Brad left us the entire family was in terrible shock. I was never raised in a church and my entire life I was an atheist/agnostic and when Brad knew the cancer was going to win the battle he would ask me if there was a heaven. In my best acting of all times I would assure him that our time on earth was just a blink of an eye and so much more was waiting for us. I convinced Brad and he accepted his fate. When he left he looked back and saw what a liar and non believer I was. He came to his uncle and actually spoke to him. Brad told his uncle he was OK and to look after us. I knew his uncle was telling the truth which brought a great deal of comfort and whenever things would get just short of the end for me Brad has always sent me a message to let me know that death is a word that should not be, for we do not die we just move on to the ultimate level of life and we will all be together again.
I know that this may not bring you much comfort at this short time but watch for the signs. You know your son better than anyone and if he feels that you need him he perhaps will contact you. Brad and I had music, fast cars, and certain movies that only he and I could appreciate. Look for the signs, they may be supple or hit you between the eyes. So many people miss the messages from their loved ones, what a shame. When you see the message coming to you a special feeling that you will recognize as being different will get inside of you and you will know.
Accepting that there is another life so much better than this one and to have it shown to you by a loved one that has already gotten there raises you up to another level. You are not earthly for you know that this is just a proving ground for what is ahead and yet you can not go yet. In essence you are caught between worlds witha knowledge that is special. You now have insight that others do not.
Be kind to yourself, only do what you can and don't allow anyone to force you to do something that you know will bring on grief. That is the motto I live by and always will. Everyone, whether they understand or not will have to accept.
Keeping The Promise,
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Old June 5th, 2009, 02:24
healing07 healing07 is offline
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I don't like day of 7th August because in this day, I have lost my uncle and grandfather. This is a worst day in my life. I really hate this day.
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