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Old June 18th, 2008, 10:52
paulmot paulmot is offline
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Default Please there is another way. TALK TO SOMEONE.

> My Brother in law tried to take his own life, luckily he failed.
> He came to live with us for almost a year.
> I found files on the computer addressed to myself my Wife and his
> children.
> All stating life was to much for him.
> I confronted him and he said he was past wanting to take his own life.
> I came home from work the next night, A letter awaited me (how nice) I
> then had to contact my Wife at work, the Police and all his relatives in
> case he had gone to one of them. We then spent 4hrs of the most
> unimaginable mental torture awaing news. We were on the end of a positive result.
> He was in a motorway service station.
> We then travelled up to collect him and bring him home.
> I must now state how good the police were with this matter, I cannot
> praise highly enough their vigilance and compassion in our dealings with
> them.
> My Brother in law is due to remarry soon and is happy.
> This message is for anyone who feels life is not worth living. If you go
> ahead with your selfish plan, You will leave all those who love you
> feeling as low as you did, perhaps not sucidal but just as desperate and
> unable to cope with ther feelings.
> Please talk to someone share your burden before it is to late PLEASE
We must pass the tests set for us to move to the next level.

Moving up is crucial to the well being of us all
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Old June 19th, 2008, 23:32
ginahunt3 ginahunt3 is offline
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Paul, I am glad you posted this. I said in a previous post pretty much the same thing. I felt bad because I thought I was being kind of rough when I said suicide was a selfish act. I knew a few people who have committed suicide without any notes or even the slightest hint. Leaving those of us they left behind with so many questions we will never know the answers to. Last October my friend found her 21 y.o. son dead. She has not been the same since & probably never will be.
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