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hi busie you remember the day your son was born the overwhelming joy it gave you well your mum felt that joy the day all her children were born how can you not celebrate your birthday it's a day you gave this feeling of love to your mum it's a day that changed her life for the better a day that was always in her heart and felt blessed for it's a day of celebration of your life without this day your mums life would never have been the same because you were born you became part of her
christmas is the same the day Jesus was born a day to celebrate his birth with the same joy and celebration as none of our lives would have been the same without him he gave his life so we can all meet again in heaven where you will meet your mum again one day
your mum must have loved christmas why feel sad on a day that gave her so much happiness
there are ways of making the 6th of august a special day for your mum in her rememberance you can call it your mothers day and all your family can get together and honour her by being happy with the memories she has given you pray sing light a candle make a mums cake one she liked etc but being together is what she would have wished
we all in our loss feel the same as we see others who are oblivious to grief and losing a loved one you don't want others to feel this pain but i believe if everyone in the world knew and understood life is short our loved ones can be called to heaven at any time we would all be kinder and more loving to one another
your mum loved you and lived her life to shield you from harm and tears all she wanted was for you to be happy you have to learn to fulfill her dreams in finding joy in your life with your son
all my love hazelxx
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