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Shalom in Yeshua penomex, I am so sorry that your have lost your babies.

Reading your thread has brought back some painful memories for me. I too lost two beautiful boys. One was 8 months old the other just 11 weeks. I know exactly how you are feeling and for me even though it is many years ago now, it can still feel like weeks ago. Please keep contact and I will do what I can to help you and your son.

The best thing I can tell, you is that you have your own special angelic children in heaven waiting for you to eventually come to them. There is a special place set aside in heaven just for children, and there they are tended by the angels. As a result they take on the angels purity and become angelic in nature. Demetrius would have been 11 now, so talk to him like you would to an eleven year old.

We try on earth to give our children everything we can, but there is one thing we cannot give them and that's heaven. Your children have been blessed.

May God bless you
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