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hi Rachel I am so very sorry for your sad loss but I have to agree with (cal218)comment on your last post to say this is not a site to discuss religious beliefs it is really only here for people in grief to talk and get support .All I can say on your distress is please look around you do you not see all good people suffer as well as bad there is no marker in this life to say all the good will not suffer some terrible illnesses and tragedies we only reap our benefits in heaven .Jesus suffered on the cross was he not good ?Life tests us all in many different ways but without evil we would not see good, without hate would we not know how precious is the gift of love, and without suffering we would not learn of compassion and kindness . Our life on this earth is far from perfect that only awaits us in heaven .Your mum left you with many gifts and one of them was throughout her suffering she held on to her faith and it gave her comfort I hope you can hold on to yours to give you help and guidance in your grieving x
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