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hi anne my heart goes out to you as a mother of 4 sons i can imagine in a small way you heartache there can be nothing worse than losing a child try to be strong for him he entrusted you with things to do for him as he knew deep inside you would find the strength to do this knowing how difficult it would be
i have had my own battles in the past year with x family and it's really hard it takes courage to stand up and do whats right when your heart is breaking but for the love of your son you will do it
never think or say you failed your son no mother ever does that there are things that happen beyond our control you did everything you ever could for him you loved him his passing would have happened wherever he was and if he had been at home your grief and feeling guilty would have been worse as you were there in another room
try to explain to your husband what you are going through you can't protect him from whats going on he may be feeling shut out when all he needs to do is comfort you and go through it together he hurts as well
your sons love is always with you you may find some comfort talking to him as we believe they can hear us even if you don't believe this a good talk sitting by his photo may help
we will all be here for you we all understand the loss of a loved one come and talk we are friends in grief on this site you arn't alone
thinking of you love hazelxxx
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