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Default loss of your son

hello dear anne, first may i offer my condolances to you and your family for the traggic loss of your dear son and to also send to you a warm welcome to forum.
i came here because my hubby passed, one year ago. i lost my unborn child many years ago, she would have been 41 years of age now, i have seen her in a dream she is now fully grown in heaven, has pale golden hair and my blue eyes.i'm not wanting to talk about my own loss but i have a dear friend who's son died suddenly, he was born with a heart defect that wasn#t known about. he was 21 and he passed one week before his wedding day. his mum and dad thought they would never recover from losing nick. they are both church ministers and we all thought this would destroy their faith but it hasn't and they are now very involved with the raising of funds for this unseen heart condition. frances nd i talk a lot together about her son, she still has difficult days, the soul connection between a child and mother is very powerful and the loss of a child is not what any parent should have to go through, it isn't the natural order.

it is always so sad to read of family members only interested in getting money, very heartless, there are some friends here who will relate to this evil side of human nature and will come along side to offer their support.

i'm not going to say that christmas and your sons birthday will be easy for you, most of us just want it out of the way, last year i was in shock and numb, this christmas, well i'm not sure what to feel or think, i'll do my best, thats all any of us can do.

the pain and agony of loss is unbearable, we get times of respite from it but there will be times when you will and are feeling it would be easier not to be here, but you have another child, your dear husband and your granchild, when the agony starts try and focus on them, they will need your strength and you will be gvien that strength when needed, we all get it. we have some friends on forum who lost a child, your post will be read and you will be supported.

i understand that this time of year is very hard for many, our hearts ache for all but will all will make it through, we cant run from the pain, we have to go through it and with support and kindness, together just knowing that we are not alone will make it a little easier. to cry those hot tears is to allow the pain to come out. dear friend i will hold you in my prayers to be comforted, held, carried and strengthened. come here awhile when you feel to off load, you are never alone. please take care.

love and hugs sending to you.

chrissie. xx
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