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thanks for the kind words. My dear Jim has been gone 9 weeks today. I sometimes call his cell phone and wait for the voice mail just to hear his voice. Every day I ask him to come back just for 5 minutes so I can talk to him. I need to know from him directly if he is O.k., if I am going to be able to make it on my own (we were married for 32 years) and if he his not mad at me (I turned off life support). Someone suggested to me that I see a medium to be able to connect with my husband. Has anyone ever tried this?
I see a therapist to help me get over the guilt and sometimes it helps. She also suggested I go to a berveament support group. Has anyone been to one and has it helped? I miss my husband so much and the tears and sorrow seem to be worse as the weeks go by. There are some days when I just scream and am mad at the world. It is so painful and hurts so much.

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