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Hi Sheryl,

Yes, I absolutely had that experience. I totally felt like I was invading his privacy and that it was disrespectful, but there were certain things that had to be done.

His family and I sort of split up the tasks, and one of mine was to delete his email accounts, online memberships, etc. Each time I went to one of his email accounts, I felt like it was just plain wrong. Just because we shared our passwords didn't mean that either of us would ever dream of logging into each other's email accounts, unless specifically asked to do so.

So yeah, it felt weird and stressful and just plain wrong to be doing that.

Sheryl, I hope you keep your husband's stuff around for as long as you want to. Keep it forever if you need to. Whatever feels right for you is the right thing to do. If seeing all his familiar things helps you feel closer to him and comforts you, then it's all good. Keeping those little reminders like pill bottles and such would give me comfort, I think, or at least for as long as I needed comfort from those things.

I had to move out when my beloved died because his children now own the house. There are SO many things I wish I could still see around me on a daily basis, but I can't, and that makes me sad. (I did manage to sneak out his baseball cap and ratty old pillow though! LOL) His hat now hangs from a door knob in my new place. Somehow it just feels right being there.

Yes, I definitely can relate to the "privacy" thing. I felt like that too.

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