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It's a tough night... There will probably be more as the days come and go by..

It's hard because there are going to be reminders everywhere through out your home that will set you off.

I took me almost 8 months after my wife passed before I could go into our walk in closet. Just seeing my wife's clothes hanging there and I was a mess for hours afterwards. I finally had to get my friends over to help me get the closet taken apart and donate her clothes. But I couldn't do it It was the finality that I couldn't face..

just hang in there it's just a bad night as I said.. there are going to be a quite a few more of those coming..

Just remember to breathe and take things slow.. the waves of pain and sorrow will pass. It's gonna be alright.

Memory can only tell us what we were,
in the company of those we loved;
it cannot help us find what each of us, alone, must now become.
Yet no person is really alone;
those who live no more echo still within our thoughts and words,
and what they did has become woven into what we are.

I wish you peace and a level path on your journey...


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