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Shalom in Yeshua J's daughter and Busie, First can I thank you J's daughter for such a moving account of the love you and your mum shared. After I read it, I showed it to my wife, who added to the ocean!! I on the other hand swallowed the lump. Love is the most beautiful and important thing in life. It can take a gun out of someone hands, it can heal family rifts, and it never ever dies.

I have been in that place you are in. I first lost a son, 7 months old to a cot death, then two years later I lost my mum to cancer, then the following year I lost another son with a brain hemorrhage aged 11 weeks, and then a few years later I lost my dad, again to cancer. The passing of my sons set me off on a course to 'seek and you shall find, ask and you will be given, knock and the door will be opened. Well I did seek, I asked and I knocked and I was answered. Praise God!!

Busie, keep praying for the healing of your family. It will happen. We will join you. Read your message to your mum, she can hear you. You don't have to attend church to do this either, do it at home maybe with your sisters, especially the third one and your son. The old saying 'The family that prays together stays together'.

I know there will be some people who read these threads and who won't have any belief in God. Each to there own, but when I speak to people like this I find that in most cases they are at odds with organised religion. In their dislike of the attitudes of these organised religious groups they have wrongly assumed that the churches represent God's view of us, and as a result have thrown out our Perfect Creator as well. God is not the churches and they are far from perfect. He on the other hand is the one true God who knows all our needs, and if we turn to him He will heal us all. You don't need to be part of a church to do this.

I thank you both for sharing your feelings. It really helps you but it helps others more.

May God bless you
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