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Originally Posted by trixxigrl25 View Post
Welcome to the forum. I'm really sorry for the loss but let me tell you a few things how to be happy again.

Its normal (scientifically proven) to be hopeless and sad when we loose someone, however know that after some time everything is healed and we just get over it (agian this is scientifically proven). We feel that we will never get over it, but we are always wrong because time heals everything and thats a fact.

Now that you know that (my apologies for being so straight) you will suffer as much as you want to. Let me explain, if you cut your finger and spend the entire day crying you will suffer an entire day. if you cry for 1 minute you will suffere much less - "suffering is self inflicted" its what you make of it.

I know its easier said than done but now that you know how the human mind works you should be able to get over it faster.

Tip: try for another baby - it would heal all wounds...
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