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Default My Stillborn Daughter

To introduce myself, my name is Lea.

On January 22, 2015 I lost my first and only daughter to stillbirth.
She was 1lb 3oz, 32 weeks.

The doctor's can't find a reason why this happened, and they are calling it "a freak accident." Although my stillbirth was caused by placenta abrupta they are still saying the same thing with no known cause for the abruption.

I am having a hard time with moving forward. Some days are easier than others, but other days are worse. Some days feel hopeless and meaningless. Me and my fiance were so looking forward to being parents. In a way I know we are but we aren't in the way we had hoped.

Where I live talking about stillbirth is really taboo so there aren't many counselors that I have found/talked to, who really know how to help me. I hope that I can find some guidance or insight on how I can manage the day to day.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to drop me a line in my inbox or reply on here. Thank you in advance.

Lea~Roselynn's Mom
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