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Originally Posted by Mum of twin angels View Post
Hi all I know this post was put on a while ago but I was wondering if any of you can help me.. I lost my twins 16days ago, I have felt so numb an put a fake smile on my face to stop my sister being upset by all this as there only young, which has made me feel angry, I am currently seeing someone an all I want to do is run to my ex( the father) x
dear mum of twin angels, have read and reread your post today and just couldn't find any words to say to bring some comfort to you, im finding it very difficult to say the words of sorry for the loss of your children, they just aren't enough, my heart aches for you. I wanted to offer a welcome to you to forum, there are friends on here who have lost a child and can come alongside you and offer support because they know your pain and will be here for you. please don't try to hide your pain from your love ones, allow them to help you, they can't take this burden from you but can carry you a while. I think it natural to want to be with the dad, oh dear love im lost for words to say, if it will help you maybe come here and talk it through, I wish I could say more but for now I feel ive said enough, we are here for you.

warm regards

chrissie. xx
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