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hi all
i think we can torture ourselves hearing that people get answers when they talk to their loved ones if we can't and question why doesn't my loved one come and be with me the same as theirs it's all about our faith and belief i know because of my faith that our loved ones can come when we need them will hear us when we talk but it doesn't mean i can feel darren with me because i don't
i had one vision and Darren was with me for that moment and i saw heaven i saw where he is now very happy and at peace that was all i needed now some will be upset because that hasn't been experienced by them i think our loved ones will eventually come through to us in different ways time in heaven is irrevilant we may be looking too hard and not notice the signs the gifts the messages that are all sent down from those who are now our guardian angels in heaven
i get great comfort from talking to darren only because i knew him so well i could predict what he would say if i have a problem i can still tell him and i know what answer he would give me i don't feel his presence but in a way this is us still communicating after all our love never dies and binds us to heaven to our loved ones
love to you all hazelx

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