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Default I feel life begins at the moment of conception!

My heart goes out to all that have loosed a child. It matter not if it is from day of conception or any other age. The loss is still the same. I had 3 miscarriages and lost my 32 yr. old son Nov. 8th unexpectedly. I truly feel that Charlie is playing with his sisters, brothers or both in heaven. Even to this day I wonder if one of my miscarriages was a little girl. I have a 19 year old so as well.

I honestly can't truthfully say at this point if my grief will last longer or the same amount of time as my miscarriages. After every miscarriage the pain got worse, and it lasted longer. When my husband asked me to have a baby 21 years ago, I told him one try because I could not put myself through more miscarriages. Thank God, my son was healthy. I was put in High Risk due to my age and the number of miscarriages.

Prayers for all of you.
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