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Default Loss of my daughter

It's been awhile since I've been back to this sight. I don't know why I haven't been back besides trying to deal with our loss. The reality is my husband and myself haven't gotten too much better. Since our daughter so many others have passed away from 1 thing or another and it's been tough. In August, it would have been her 21st birthday. We had a nice celebration and we new she was there with some things happening that never could happened. We had brought lime green and hot pink balloons to let go for her and as we all watched the balloons first they all starting to pull together and then finally splitting with all the greens on 1 to side and all the pinks on the other. That was a very strong sign she was there as she never liked things mixed up. Our friends and hers couldn't believe what we saw. It was a comfort to me. Ther have been several others things that have happened and it really gives me comfort. Our missing her has gotten worse and I'm not sure how ill handle the holidays but I need some prayers to give me the strength to get thru them. Please anyone that can send prayers our way to make our way thru this. I need to come back here for more support as I'm not finding much in my area. God bless you all
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