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Sorry that must of sounded
yes I talk to her, but shes a different person now....she snaps quickly...goes quiet e.t.c
I do talk to her and she talks to me we are so so close as a family, we all tell eachother everything!
but I can see she is hurting so I dont talk as I hate upsetting her.
she does the same with me and my sister and brother, she doesnt want to burden us, bless her!
which she isn't!
she is staying on her own tonight...first time since he died, have just got of the phone to her shes upset.
I cant imagine how she is feeling as she is grieving differently as us you said its her best friend been together 40 years!
I would give anything to have dad back....just to go back to the time he was in hospital, yes he was ill...yes he was dying....but I just want to see him again, feel his to him!
I feel robbed.........totally robbed! :'-(
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