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thank you rachele and dancer Iam glad iam not on my own with this, I lost it today with my neighbour who as been a friend for 20 years I always thought I knew her Iam being to think she isnt the person or friend she was, since the beging of dec she been around twice and all she goes on about is getting over the loss of steve putting it behind me and move on and could not understand why this year we dont feeling like doing xmas the way it use to be I have gone to great lengths to try to help her understand but she doesnt get it she came around today with a gift fro me all wrapped up I thanked her for the gift and she said have a very happy xmas I just turned round and asked her how were we to do that when its only been a few months since we lost our steve she said we have to move on I told her that this would happen when we were ready and that when I had come to the end of this heart breaking journey I would be a new person not the same person I was befor steve died I have felt small changes now but have not accepected them yet she told me I was a fool and now at least now I could have a life of my own at this point I had to ask her to leave befor I said things I would regret on the way out she asked for her gifts,I begining to wonder was she my friend? one lesson I have learnt through all this pepole you think you know surprise you. love mrs pooh
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