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Yes, I am fedup with Christmas cards and holiday grab bags or secret santa stuff. People get so wrapped on in the materalistic spending that they loose sight of everything else. Last year, was my first Christmas without my mom and I sent out cards. On a few of them, I wrote that my mom passed away and the people didn't even send my a sympathy card or nothing. Then on top of the cards people ask you what you want for Christmas or how much to spend. What kind of garbage is that? You know what I want for Christmas? I would wish to spend 1 more Christmas with my mom to see her smile and laugh again. I would wish my family (dad and siblings) didn't get torn apart after her death. That's what I want. Sorry to carry on. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas or used to before mom died but I always thought people can get carried away with things that are not as important.
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