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Good rant Karen. I get those what's wrong questions too and another one I hate, hate, HATE are you? Arggghhhh!!!

My mother is a recent widow, my dad died about a year ago. She is a talker and she needs to be with people, or talk on the phone....all damn day. I told her after he died that if I go through that situation, I'm going to run away....I dont want to talk to people all day and repeat the same things over and over! Now the ironic part, here I am, facing the same situation as her. And now this has added to her burden in a big way. I hate how this affects so many can really suck at times.

Karen I feel your pain and share your frustration and anger. I dont know any way out except time. I grow more fearful each day. I've had so many occasions now where I thought that was it, this one's going to kill her. About a week ago while she lay in our bed feeling soooo bad I really thought I was watching her die. I thought for sure this is it. I recall the feelings, both mental and physical ones I felt and it was awful. I try to think about it, what happens when she does go but mind wont let me go too deep into it. So I wont know what you are really going thru until I'm there as well. I'm scared. My heart goes out to you.
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