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Dear dragoreme52, was so sad to read your post today, so very sorry for your loss of your beloved. I'm always saddened to see a new widowed sister here with us but I offer you a warm welcome. As hazel and sheryl have said you have found a good place to come and talk and not be judged, may you find some comfort from ones who understand. A few of us have also lost our loves to cancer and know of the emotions we all went through from the first day of tbe hellish nightmare. Dear friend if you have a faith may I say how my faith in tbe lord has carried me through, its almost one year now, giuliano went home 7th dec 2011 and coming to forum has been a god send, we are more like a family. If I may, I would encourage you to come and talk often and please allow your tearsto fall. My prayer dear one is for you to be comforted and strengthened for this journey of grief. Love and hugs. Chrissie. Xxx
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