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Thanks for your kind words, Cal821. I know that nothing is going to make me feel better right now, and that only time can help ease the pain. But it's comforting to know that I am not alone, and that other people have been through this, and were able to learn how to enjoy live again. Right now, that day seems impossibly distant to me, but I agree that just taking life one day at a time is the best way to get through it. Looking ahead is too overwhelming for the psyche, because when we're in the depths of severe grief, we can't imagine that it's possible we'll ever feel better again.

I am making a point of getting out somewhere each day, whether it's to the office, and/or to spend time with friends or my sister. Getting out and about does help. I also find that the evenings feel better than the days -- I guess because when evening comes, I can look forward to going to bed and escaping my pain for awhile. Thank goodness I am not having trouble sleeping, at least! But getting up in the morning and knowing I have to somehow get through another day without Dad is very depressing and exhausting right now.

Deep breathing is also helpful and I'm trying to do that as well, in addition to giving myself time and space to cry when I feel like it.

Thank you again for your response.
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