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hi Bobslp i am so sorry to hear that your wife has passed to heaven i hope you are coping with your grief it does take time. Although there is only two of us now offering our help, the forum is not as busy as when Dave posted this but we will be here to help you if you need us and hopefully more may come to support you .Please don't think you are being ignored as we don't come on here daily anymore but there are many wonderful posts on here especially by Dave that will help you .You can either start your own post, writing things down is very beneficial in grief or post on here we will get back to you and either of us will be happy to reply to a PM if you need private advice that you don't feel able to write as the pain may be too raw at the moment to share openly .We do understand the pain of grief and you will find a hand of friendship to support you, together we pull one another through some dark days you are not alone because on here we care Hazel x

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