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Default My Awesome Son Died

My son David was born Sept. 5 1981 I was married but the marriage was not so good at 5 mons my son father was beating him and he was hospitalized for 5 days and my husband was also hopsiptalize for 2 weeks I think it was. He first said he didn't do it DSS came in a place him with my parents for 3 months in that time my husband said he did it and was hospitalized when they were to release him I said only if they can say he will never do this again and they couldn't say that so I left him.

I lived with my folks but when David My son was about 4 or 5 I let my folks adpot him I was getting no where in life and it didn't look like it was going to get better and my folks had bought everything and had him from nearly the time he was born so he live with my folks for most of his life when he was 7 they had him tested and he was said to mentally challenged but in the slightest degree we found out after years of him growing up but the doctors told his he would never do anything for him self not a veggie but never live on his own or be as far as he got in live which they were very wrong doctors don't know as much as you think

So in 2004 he got in ascap with the law it wasn't his fault I know all parent may say this but it wasn't so my folks send him to live with me I live in the boonies nothing to do he didn't have freinds to be with and had a computer LAPTOP this was it I had a playstation and other games but it was boring to him I know in 2008 my mother was falling and he was sent back to help out she died in 2008 and davd wanted to come back ut I said he needed to stay with dad he woud need him so he stayed dad was a bugger he would fight about anything but a few years back David was real sick and when to the hospital we found out he was a dietbetic and had to give himslef shots when he was so sicjk dad wanted him to wait a few more days if he did he might of died or been in comma well things went ok till he got sick again and dad didn't want him to go to the hospital his sugar was 500 and the doctor said he needed to go to the hospitalif it got this high.

After that I was to go to PA I live in NC to go get David but David was to have a gasteric bypass for his weight we waited for a while but then david decided to do that here in NC but it would take some time so we thought to give David enough time April 15th I would go get him to live with me but on April 2, 2012 I had a knock at the door, Two officers were there it was 7:27 I just look at the clock because I had My second husband's grand kid to get the PRE K bus anyhow I went to the door and they asked who I was then gave me a piece of paper I said OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED they said they couodn't tell me anything and to call the number I looked down at the number it was 215 area code where my son and father lived I went to the phone ad called I explained I have my son and father living in Levittown athe officer ( I think it was a officer said there was a early morning fire so I think dad left something on the burner then he said it was around 1:23 am dad isn't up then then he said DAVID IS DEAD i coudln't think it was like the air was gone and I couoldn't breath like being punched in the stomach I just sceemed I don't know how long I did this but I got my self calm enough to ask about my father he was n the hospital on life support so I took the grand kid to her mothers call her mother and said she needs to come get her kids I have to go to PA and told what happened
I called my husbands co worker forgetting he was coming from SC but I told him on the second call what happened and off I went my husband tried to turn me around but I told him I can't I have to go. When I got to PA I stayed with a friend for two nights then with kin the next day we planed the services the grave and then a memorial David had so many people 91 and I let them get up and tell of what it was like knowing and being friends with him then the 7th we took dad of life support

For the firstr 6 mons I woke thinging it was a nightmare thinking it was not true then after the end of the year I thought if David was somewhere he would of called me he called to tell me the dogs he saw at a pet store and what he did with his friends but the call is not going to come he was what every parent wanted thier kid to be he was helpful to all helped anyone gave his last dollar and never thinking of if he had no cash he watched out for people and animals had a heart of gold I can't see why someone like David was took it is now almost two years and I still go to PA as I have each year the pnly thing now I go to a cemetary to see my family
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