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Smile loss of child

I am placing this thread on this page today for anyone who may read the above that were placed here some years back. I want all you dear ones who have lost a child through miscarraige to know something that I pray will bring hope and joy to ya hearts. Ilost a child many years ago now, I always knew in my heart that she is a daughter. When my hubby went home last year to the Lord, I had a dream one night and I was allowed to see her in my dream, she has grown to adulthood, she has my blue eyes and she stood with my husband and my parents sending love to me. Please be assured of this all my broken hearted sisters, your babes are safe with God and they have never and will never know pain or sickness and they are eagerly awaiting to one day meet with you, you will be able to tell them everything and be together forever.

I don't know who will read this, if at all, but if you are one that has found this today or whenever, then it is for you. I can't hug you, whoever you are, but I send to you now much love and Hugs.xxxx

chrissie (gumek.
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