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SammyD March 5th, 2015 11:38

Lost My Baby Boy to Cancer.
I had my little boy, Noah, when I was only eighteen. I was a single mother right from the start and although I dated a few guys, none of them stuck around for long once they realised I was a mum. That was okay though, Noah was the centre of my world and he was all I needed. On the 11th December 2013 Noah was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. Every moment with my baby boy was suddenly even more precious than usual and although he put up a good fight, he passed away on the 2nd of February, aged only four. Since then I've hardly been able to get out of bed and I don't know how I'm going to cope with this. I don't feel like I have a purpose anymore because he became my whole life. I need somebody to talk to or some sort of support. My parents have been great and so have my friends but I don't feel like I have anyone who understands what I'm going through, at least not out of the people around me.

hazelharris March 5th, 2015 18:46

hi sammyd i am so sad and sorry to hear of your very heartbreaking bereavement of your precious son noah my heart goes out to you My friend told me once that we are all born with a candle of life and some have long ones some short and noahs was sadly short but how he lit up the world while he was here that light will never fade it will always illuminate your life There is no way anyone can ease your terrible pain there are no magic words of comfort the grief has to be bourne and you have to cope in the best way you can and it will help if you lean on those who love you. some hospitals have grief councilling for those like yourself who has lost a child find out if there is one in your area where you might find support from other bereaved parents i know what it's like to feel in the pit of despair like your world has ended and through all the sadness all the tragedies i have gone through and friends on here have suffered we all in the end find our way out of this hell it takes time and many many tears.As time passes the pain gradually eases as we go through all the stages of grief until one day we realise we are able to cope and you will too even though at the moment it seems impossible .You gave Noah the most precious gift your love your still his mum and as an angel in heaven he feels the bond of love that binds you for eternity all pain and illness has gone he is at peace and happy.iam so sorry my words seem inadequate with such a sad loss i send you a hug to say i really care and pray you have the support you need talking to those who listen and understand your grief will help more than anything one day you will feel that life is worthwhile again just be kind to yourself and just do what your able to deal with each day love hazel xx

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