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flowerchilde December 12th, 2007 22:00

young loss
I lost a good friend in a hunting accident years ago, when he was only 18. It was the first loss I ever experienced. We lived in a very small town, and many from the high school went to the funeral. His name was Larry, and he wasn't very popular or anything, but many mourned his death at so young.. He and his new brother in law were goofing around with guns, walking home from hunting, and that's another safety no no (of course). People always think they've removed all the bullets but it's not always true (I have an4 uncle who shot himself in the foot once, when I was very young).
- Yes, it's very sad and tragic when we lose people so young.

RoxyMoron December 16th, 2007 21:27

I's never a good idea to "joke around" with such volatile weapons or anything that can cause harm. The idea is usually centered around the thrill or possibility, but when it becomes reality, it's unbelievable and no one knows what to make of it. I hate that we sometimes have to make examples like this but hopefully it has taught people that you must be more careful and that anything can happen. So sorry to hear about him. It's never easy to deal with.

healing07 June 4th, 2009 02:07

I feel very sad for your loss. It is such a terrible tragedy and thanks for remind us about boat safety day. My friend also died last month while boating.

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