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Martine September 7th, 2009 11:01

feeling alone
i'm new to this but felt that i neded to get in touch with some peole that feel the same as i do. that can maybe understand! i lost my husband to cancer in june. we were together 12 fantastic years, married for 8. We have two kids (5 & 2) and now having to cope on my own with them is becoming very difficult! I can't yet believe that my husband is gone. It feels like he's just away for work or something. Its too hard to believe that i've realy been left on my own! He was my everything. We never argued. I have to carry one the "daily routine"for the kids. Also have just started back at work (a few hours a day) and finding that difficult. Feels like nothing has changed. The same old routine. But thats not the case for me. My whole life has been turned up side down.

sue September 11th, 2009 16:55

my husband died on 1st aug. i have 2 kids 7 and 3 and feel the same that i have to carry on for them but i have no interest in life. he was my life and i want to be with him.

kate09 November 14th, 2009 05:21

Cancer is very harmful disease and many peoples died from this disease. I m sorry for heard about your loss. I know you feel alone but he is always with you in your soul. Is really terrible loss for you and never forgotten by you. Death is a painful tragedy and Its difficult to deal with this grief. My prayers and condolences for you.

Noahsoak November 15th, 2009 02:21

feeling alone
Martine, when my husband died and I went back to work - too soon I might add, but I thought what else would I do stay home and cry all day? Plus I was worried about me being the only one to support the family and just overwhelmed - anyway, the year before a coworkers husband had died from cancer - then my husbandwas killed, then another coworkers father had died - we were in the bathroom one day and she was standing at the sink and I knew she was going to start crying - I looked at her and we both started crying - and she said you know everybody is going about everything as if nothing is any different - and I just want to tell everyone "hey, could we just stop for a minute - I need just some time - everything is not ok - and we cried together because everything in our lives had just changed - for "not" the better - and another day - i was in the restroom and another coworker came in and she asked how i was doing - and i said not so good - and she said well, you know some of us aretrying to deal with things other people don't know about - she shared with me that her mother had committed suicide on christmas eve when she was a young teenager - she told me you know i have been smashed every christmas eve since - she told me this last christmas eve I was sober - and didn't drink anything - she told me her kids told her - hey your not so much fun this christmas - then in february following my husbands death in august - another coworkers 12 year old son was killed while sking on a weekend ski trip - i have seen close up how devasting grief is - but, I do know God gives us immeasurable strength to get through things we dont understand - and that is from hindsight - I miss my husband terribly, what i would do to spend just a little more time with him - just to tell him how much i loved him and how proud I was of him - but I can only hope he knew - that is one thing I have learned how important it is to let people you love how you feel - and also to just speak loving words no matter how trival they may seem - to people we come in contact with

God Bless you and give you heavenly perception to know what he is trying to show you in all of this

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