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IMU1111 April 16th, 2014 15:16

We Were Together Again
Hello my friends, it has been a very long time since I have posted on here. I am going through a moving process and college classes have been a toll on top of it.
However, I have recently had the most beautiful experience I have had to date followed by an intense experience and need to post it so that you to may also know. The Saturday before last (4/5/14) I was at a music show with several friends, dancing and having a good time. When I started experiencing hot and cold waves, not unpleasant in fact quite the opposite, almost like a cool summers night, it felt sooo good. Then there was this brilliant light, brighter than anything I had seen before but didn't hurt my eyes. I felt like we were all going somewhere. I didn't know where but I grabbed 1 of my friends from behind and said "its about time". When I realized he was not coming I let go of him, he turned around and said something to me, but just as he did I felt my body dying and watched it hit the floor. Just as I hit the ground I saw the boundaries between people dissolve into 1 and then I was there with my Alycia in the light, that had moved on from this reality in Dec 2012. I SAW HER, I TALKED TO HER, SHE WAS SO BEAUTIFUL... 2 of my friends were nurses and I heard them say "he is not breathing, he has no pulse, carry him out". From above I watched them carry my body out, coming back into and out of my body I kept saying "I Love Everyone, I'm with Alycia, I am dying, Its OK, Don't Worry". When they got me outside, I came back a final time and was stuck and I began to explained what happened. The security guards proceeded to accuse me of being on drugs (I do not even drink alcohol) and I became so upset that I was back in this world of illusionary pain and being made fun of that I lost control. I had this irrational need to get back inside the venue, back to where she was, and it took 5 300lb security guards restraining me (140lbs) to prevent me from getting back in. Their restraint resulted in a subdural hematoma (brain bleed) nearly needing brain surgery and I woke up in hospital following night. I am nearly recovered and back on my feet, I plan to return to school tomorrow.
I realize the irrational need to get back inside was most likely pent up emotions that I was not aware I was suppressing, because I try to give respect and face my emotions. It was almost like they were trying to keep me from her. But what was before that. I know what and who I saw and what she showed me. We bend light to give ourselves and illusion of separation from each other, to have corporeal forms. From our perspectives we can not see the interconectedness of all things, we are all 1. Our Loved Ones exist in the space between the light that we bend. All things are light but we collapse the light into solid objects from the visible light spectrum. I saw all of this. She showed me this so that I would know that its me who can't see her. There is no separation, if there is no separation then there is no need for these feelings of being alone. I also now know how I will pass on from this reality, not when, only how.. We are shrouded in darkness here, not in a negative way, it only blinds us from seeing all that is around us. There is more, I know it now more than ever. I am not concerned with being with her again because we have never separated from each other in the 1st place. I have not felt this good or been this happy in awhile. The pain is an illusion to keep us on path because it is so dark here we cannot see were we are going. Once we reach the next step, we will be able to see and this manifestation of pain will no longer be necessary. Embrace all that is LOVE and because we chose to feel this pain, we just forgot.

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Clarabelle May 3rd, 2014 08:25

I'm so glad for you that you've come to realise that death is not the end...I've read so much over the last couple of years which has convinced me of this also. So, grieving is only for a short time and we will see our loves again. Time on Earth is an instant, although it seems to be so long. All of a sudden, death isn't so final- our Spirit lives forever! I hope you can hold onto that thought and yet still enjoy life while you're here. Good luck, with love, Clare x

gumek May 3rd, 2014 16:47

hello imu, a message was sent to me from forum and so i had to join with clare to add some thing. first of all I'm so very happy for you that you were allowed to go through the vale to meet with your love, how glorious, how wonderful that God let you see through into that place which is our true home. we are spirits from that place and our present bodies are out earthly tents, some say we are trapped in them till we depart. i don't say die because we never die but go on into eternity. I'm very glad for you dear friend and now you can continue to live your life in abs peace in the knowledge that you will meet again.

sending lots of love, yes love is everything.

chrissie. xx

IMU1111 May 5th, 2014 19:22

Thank you for sharing your love with me. My world has been so much more clear and my mission accelerated since I was able to transcend this life briefly. The knowledge and understanding I obtained has given me strength to open myself up in new ways so that I might share all that I am and to express it fully so that everyone may know my love for them. I am not here for myself, I am here for all of you but through loving and helping all of you I am able to love myself and figure out who I am (same vice versa goes for all of you, its a paradox). Everything outside in this reality is a reflection of what is inside the heart and mind, along with how we treat ourselves. It is all the little things we do say or think that make up the bigger picture of our reality. It is hard for us to see all the connections.
The vale is something we have pulled over ourselves, we fold the light around ourselves so that we may experience separatism from each other, it is up to us to take the vale off, or unfold the light so that we may see. God has created us and has given us the power to create and so we have created or manifested this reality for ourselves. To unfold the light we need to show love in all instances and to everyone regardless of anything so that we may begin to see all the connections we have to each other. There cannot be any exceptions and this is why things are still as they are. It is difficult to fully explain the entirety of my experience in text or even words but in my search on the many many perspectives on the afterlife, past life regression, spirituality, science, and even religion there is a common theme and what I was shown validates very much. I have no doubts from what I have seen, there are to many synchronicities.

hazelharris May 6th, 2014 15:10

thankyou my friend for sharing this wonderful glimpse of heaven where we know all our loved ones are and is a place of so much joy love and happiness and one day we will all be reunited with them for eternity x

hazelharris July 29th, 2015 16:35

re posted x

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