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jr_sci February 8th, 2008 00:47

Suicide Reasons
Can anybody here tell me Why people do suicides?Its very bad i know but must be running in their mind that they do suicide?

Ricardo February 9th, 2008 06:11

I think there can be a lot of answers to that question. From my understanding, I think many people find themselves in a state of depression, with no perceived way out of it.

I think it's a very broad subject, and I'm sure others here could shed more light on specific cases.

ginahunt3 February 14th, 2008 00:50

I don't want to sound unfeeling or cruel, but think suicide is the most selfish act anyone can commit. I have lost an 3 people I really cared about to suicide in the last 8 yrs. Nobody ever suspected anything & there weren't any notes with an explanation so their loved ones are left guessing for the rest of their lives. I always wonder if they think of what their actions will do to the ones who love them.

Ricardo February 24th, 2008 13:34

I remember talking to someone who'd attempted suicide, and I was surprised to hear that he said he didn't really know what he was doing at the time. So maybe it's often not a fully thought-out action.

I had a first cousin commit suicide, and I have no idea what he was thinking either.

ginahunt3 February 29th, 2008 00:09

Ricardo, suicide is not something that should be attempted without serious thought. You can't take it back. One of the people I knew who killed himself drove to a bridge, cut his wrists & then jumped to a Stop & Shop parking lot in broad daylight. It was actually recorded by the highway traffic cameras. By cutting his wrists & jumping, he made sure he was going to die. By the location he chose to do it, he made sure he would be found. I think that most people I who attempt suicide but don't actually succeed are just crying out for help. I'm sorry if I sound uncaring, I guess I am a little hurt from losing the people I cared about without any clues as to why & wondering if there were something I could have done.

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