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paulmot September 2nd, 2008 15:06

You have a choice
> We all suffer differently
> We each consider ourselves
> But for one minute consider another
> A wife,A sister,A Brother,A son,A daughter
> A big list I have created but more can be added
> So before you go ahead with your plan
> Check how many will be affected
> Your suffering is great
> Just as theirs will be
> You have a choice
> You may not think so
> But you have the power to decide
> Before you pass on your way
> Make sure there is no other way
> Remember you will always be dead
> But not always be so sad
> Life is so very real
> Guard yours with zeal

Rachele October 18th, 2008 22:37

Yes, well said and well written. So important to consider before making that final choice. A choice that is permanent, there is no going back. To know that feelings may not be permanent, they change day to day and in intensity. Also, remember the list of others who will be affected by your death. Some you love alot and some you may not even know that are touched by your life. People we come in contact with, sometimes even strangers in passing. If you need to talk to someone about thoughts or plans for suicide seek help immediately. There are hotlines, online suicide organizations, local emergency room etc. If you live in the United States, the toll free number is 1-800-273-8255.

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