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September 30th, 2009, 05:01
I asked God: ‘My loved ones are my safety;
Why do you take them from me?
Why do they have to leave me and die?
Can’t you make them stay?’
God replied: ‘My dear child, understand that
Those I take from you are not dead; they are not even asleep.
Learn from their passing the invaluable lesson
That true security can only be found in Me,
Never in the people who walk with you
Or your earthly possessions.
Rejoice, my child, and revel in the knowledge
That there is no death and that no-one ever dies.
There is only transformation and a moving on
To different levels of existence; that is all!

Know that love is eternal;
And remember that love conquers all – even death.
When the Angel of Death carries one of your loved ones
Into your other world, nothing needs to change between the two of you.
That which you have been to each other in this lifetime,
You can continue to be, if you so wish.
But know that this is for better or for worse;
Therefore, let it be for better, My child.
None of your relationships finish when death calls.
Strive to resolve your difficult ones, for they too continue.

Whatever you leave behind unfinished in this lifetime
Has to be completed in another;
Where you have sinned, you will have to make good,
And any wounds you have given or received must
Be healed by you, in future ones.
Until all the Karmic chains and shackles you have created
Between you and any other soul have been dissolved
By forgiveness and love for each other,
You will not be allowed to move onto higher levels of experience.

But no matter how difficult anything you have to face may be,
I will always be there to guide and help you.
So, go in peace, My child, and rest securely in the knowledge
That you and your loved ones always have been
And forever will be safe with Me.
You are eternal beings and your learning will always continue.
Send them as many loving thoughts as you like,
But then let them go and give them the freedom to attend to
The lessons that are now waiting for them, as you must attend to yours.
To help you grow in understanding,
New experiences are waiting for both of you.

From ‘I Asked God’ (http://www.leportaildelabd.com/wisdom/prayers.htm?ASKEDGOD=#god)

‘Words & Prayers of Comfort & Healing’ (http://www.leportaildelabd.com/wisdom/prayers.htm?WORDS&PRAYERSOFCOMFORT=#prayersand)

With love and light,

November 14th, 2009, 03:52
Loved ones are our safety and this is really nice post. But death is the law of nature, everyone going to heaven one day. We are nothing against his power. So he take our loved ones from us.