View Full Version : New Collection of Comfort for the Bereaved

March 10th, 2009, 07:31
Dear Friends,
It is with great joy that Rays of Wisdom announces the release of a collection of new items that has just been posted to ‘Comfort for the Bereaved’ as follows:

‘Afterglow’ (http://www.leportaildelabd.com/wisdom/bereaved.htm?AFTERGLOW=#afterglow)
‘If Only’ (http://www.leportaildelabd.com/wisdom/bereaved.htm?IF ONLY=#ifonly)
‘Longing’ (http://www.leportaildelabd.com/wisdom/bereaved.htm?LONGING=#longing)
‘The Golden Heart’ (http://www.leportaildelabd.com/wisdom/bereaved.htm?GOLDEN HEART=#goldenheart)
‘To Our Loved Ones In Spirit’ (http://www.leportaildelabd.com/wisdom/bereaved.htm?LOVED ONES IN SPIRIT=#lovedones)
‘Letting Go Of A Young One’ (http://www.leportaildelabd.com/wisdom/bereaved.htm?LETTING GO OF A YOUNG ONE=#youngone)
‘The Dream’ (http://www.leportaildelabd.com/wisdom/bereaved.htm?THE DREAM=#thedream)

With love and light,