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January 18th, 2009, 12:22
‘A sorrow can be like a rainy day with Sunlight shining through. Sun through rain creates a rainbow, and so it is with human life! Look to the Sunlight of God, your [true] Father and Mother, knowing that they send you nothing but good, that your loved ones are in their care, and that God’s Love for them is greater than your own, in any case.’

‘We [your guides from the spirit world] say that in normal death, there are occasions when souls have to go through conditions of their physical body that brings them suffering. [None of our afflictions have been thrown upon us by a vengeful God; we ourselves caused them, either in this lifetime or another]. Through that suffering the soul is being healed and cleansed. However, when a normal death follows a life of kindliness and goodwill towards life, I assure you that it is a most beautiful experience. It is then a great initiation into God’s world and the consciousness of God’s love.’ From ‘Have no fear’ Stella Polaris Oct/Nov 2003.

‘We speak to you with all love, when we tell you that there is no death. Only a very thin veil divides you from those who have passed. They are still alive, even as when you knew them, only so much happier [because they are free!]. Because they have lost their physical body, you cannot see them. But the body they are now in is – in its own way – as real and solid as your own. Where they are now, they are seeing and learning that God is indeed a God of love. Their one great hope is that their friends and families may also be awakened to the realisation of the life of spirit, not only after the physical body has been shed, but whilst they are still taking part in the Earth life.

‘We would like to open your eyes to some of the beautiful things which we continually see in our world of spirit. When a soul is newly arrived here and is perhaps feeling a little strange, there comes to them a beam of light. It is a warm, golden ray of light, when they are being drawn close to the spirit of a loved one on the Earth. Then they know that their loved one is thinking of them with joy, and is saying to them: ‘I know that you are alive and that you are happy, and it is making me happy to know that you are happy. Go forward with your work, beloved friend, in your spirit life. I know that there is work for you to do.’ By thoughts like these, those on Earth can do so much for their loved ones, who have shed their physical body.

Words in square brackets have been added by me in the hope of further clarifying the meaning of White Eagle's wisdom

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