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August 11th, 2015, 08:26
i thought i would pass our dear friend tom fishermans view of heaven on here hoping it will give you comfort to read in your loss

Shalom in Yeshua.
I have been composing this thread for some time and want to share with you all what the Holy Scriptures and Ancient Sacred Writings say happens when someone dies. Everyone, passes into Sheol, the spirit world, regardless of whether they believe in God or not. God created all life and nobody can destroy life. It matters not how we die here on earth we still enter Sheol alive!Sheol is vast. Think of it as a skyscraper. At the top is what believers call heaven, and at the bottom is what is known as Hell. When we pass into Sheol the level we enter at is dependent on how we have lived our lives.
Sadly over the last two/three generations or so, it has become fashionable to deny the existence of God, yet when we lose a loved one we automatically assume quite wrongly that we all have a right to go to heaven, regardless of how we have lived our lives. I am sorry it doesn’t quite work like that.
What Holy Scripture tells us is that those amongst us who have lived ‘saintly’ lives enter Sheol at the higher levels. They are greeted by the angels and their deceased family/friends and are then educated and purified over a short period of time before entering heaven/paradise. These souls have one thing in common, they have kept one of the many covenants God has made with mankind, since creation. The first one was the Noah-ride covenant, then there was the covenant with Abraham, then the Mosaic covenant, then the covenant at Qumran, and then the Last supper. In addition to these covenants, God has appeared to and called his children in many other religions in the East all of which have followed his ‘laws’.

Those who have lived quite evil existences enter Sheol at the lower levels. There they are met by evil spirits, and there they feel the pain and hurt they have inflicted upon others during their lives. They can by the grace of God also reach higher levels if they started to repent before they died, but this depends on the individuals free will to repent or not.
Then there’s the rest of mankind. These can be divided into two groups. Believers and Atheists. There are many people, who believe in God, but don’t live a good life. They cheat, steal, kill etc. and there are those who don’t believe in God yet live good and kind lives. They all enter Sheol at a level equating to their lives deeds. Here they see good and bad spirits and other spirits at the same level as themselves. They can accept what the good spirits say to them repent and ascend to higher levels, or they can deny what’s happening to them and decide to stay where they are.
Sadly some will feel comfortable in their new surroundings and not progress any higher. The reason I say sadly is because when the Lord returns to the earth in the same way he ascended, Sheol and everyone in it will shortly afterward be no more. All we can do is pray for them. I do pray that most of the souls in Sheol are sensible enough to want to progress to the higher levels and are not persuaded otherwise.
Gods plan for us is perfect, those that know him, or get to know him in Sheol will live forever, and evil will be removed from this world and the next.
So what about the rest of us left here on earth? Well our fate is in our hands. We can believe in God and follow his commands and enter Sheol at the higher levels or we can carry on as we have been doing. The only problem with this approach is when Yeshua/Jesus returns to divide the sheep from the goats, correction in Sheol will not be an option!!

God bless you

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