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January 7th, 2013, 17:55
To my dearest Jim,

It has been 1 year tommorrow that you left us. I miss you so much that there are really no words. The last two months of your life were spent in the hospital the majority of which you were being helped with your breathing and your heart and kidneys were getting worse. I know in my head that you would not have wanted to live the way you would have had to if you survived - in a wheelchair paralyzed on one side and having people to help you do everything. That wasn't you.
I am so prould of you. I have learned over the past year the number of people's lives youtouched. everyone talks about you and how you influenced not only their careers but their lives.
I know you are with me, the kids and our precious grandaughter everyday and everywhere we go. I may have stopped believing in alot of things, but I do believe that Heather was born when she was and that she has your mannerisms and personality for a reason. I am thankful for that.
I still I am having a hard time dealing with all this (I know you know) and I know you would want me to start living again and get my act together. Please know I am trying.
I am grateful for the 32 years we were married and the 36 years we knew each other. There is no one else in this world I would have wanted to spend those years with. You gave me love, compassion, laughter, knew when and how to make me smile and gave us 2 wonderful children.
Some people live a lifetime and never get to experience the love we had. I don't know who I am without you,, but I know I will have to learn to go on.
My heart is broken and a huge hole has been left that will never be filled.

I will love you fovever,

January 8th, 2013, 04:29
hi sheryl that is a loving message to jim as you come to the year of his passing we have all been here together many times over this past year giving one another support and we will be thinking of you especially today
i know our loved ones in heaven are longing for the day when we find peace contentment and happiness in our lives again it's everything jim wishes for you he is a very special man and always will remain in your heart forever
i hope jims love and the precious memories you hold dear see you through the day and forever after and you continue to find comfort in your family and your precious grand daughter Heather
love hazelxx

January 8th, 2013, 07:45

thank you for your thoughts. because of you and everyone on this forum I have gotten through this year. this past week has been the hardest week of my life, but I know that somewhere inside of me there is the strength to go on in a positive manner and I am going to be alright eventually, I just have to dig really dip. People have said that I was always strong when Jim was alive and sick and we had alot to deal with and that I have been strong this past year. I just have to believe it myself. I think today will be a day for reflection on our lives together and really listen and remember all the things he taught me over the years we were together.

January 8th, 2013, 11:34
Dear sheryl what a beautiful letter to Jim, he must br so proud of you and always close to you.
I'm very proud of you too my friend, this journey has been do hard for you but you have stood strong all throughout. Its not easy love but it eill get easier for you . Wanted to say that I sm thinking of you along with all our friends on forum. We will remember with you you aren't alone.

Sending many hugs and love.

Chrissie. Xxx

January 8th, 2013, 13:27
Hello Sheryl
What a lovely letter , if my wife wrote a letter like that to me I would be so proud of her for being so brave your storey is nearly identical to mine so my heart goes out to you on your first year without your soul mate mine is 8 months
Now , thinking of you love mart x

January 8th, 2013, 16:48
Hi Sheryl, this indeed is a beautiful letter.
I've been thinking about you all day. I hope you have found some comfort in remembering all your happy, loving years together.
I too was married for 32 years; this is truely a blessing to have been with our soulmates, the love of our lives, for that long.
I think you are stronger than you've given yourself credit for. :)
Hugs - Elaine

January 8th, 2013, 20:10
Thank you all my dear friends for your support, thoughts and prayers. Again, I can't thank you for everything you have done for me over the past year and everything I know you will continue to do. After going through everything we have and will continue to go through I firmly believe we will be friends forever.

Love and Hugs,