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Steve Mattson
August 17th, 2012, 03:27
In loving memory of my beautiful wife, Lisa Ann Mattson 9-1-61 to 6-6-12 A message from my heart to your soul. Lisa, you are the love of my life, my partner, my best friend, my loving wife. With angels wings, you have departed. I miss you so and I am brokenhearted. When I'm alone and grasping for memories, I am blessed with visions of your loving smile and the warmth of your tender touch. I know you loved me very much. You were my very own angel and made life worth living. Then God called you home to be with Him in heaven. The love we shared will carry me for the rest of my days. My tears fuel the fire of love lost and I look forward to joining you in the Kingdom of heaven. You left far to soon, I have so much love left over. Our time together was cut short, but God does not make mistakes. I trust his promise and can only imagine the joy of sharing eternity with you and praising our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Thank you for loving me. Your loving husband, Steve.

August 17th, 2012, 04:20
hi steve your tribute to your loving wife lisa was very moving and not only touched my heart it reached my soul to feel the belief you have in Gods will to take her home to heaven as others read this it will give comfort and reassurance that our loved ones are all together with God in heaven
life here on earth can be short for some and lisa was only 51 and our hearts ache for them as we wish they could have stayed longer but as you said God does not make mistakes and this brings tears to my eyes it makes me think Gods reasons can't be questioned we will only know the answers when we are reunited with them one day
what a special person lisa is all she achieved in her life all she was and all the love she gave the memories will always be with you and those who love her
we can feel blessed they were part of our lives as we try to cope with our loss
we all on here understand your loss and will be here for you if you need us to talk to and offer the hand of friendship and compassion it's a bond between us all as we learn to cope without our loved ones
love hazelxx

August 17th, 2012, 12:35
Shalom in Yeshua Steve, I loved your post and tribute to your wife Lisa. You said that God does not make mistakes, and you are quite right. His plan for each and everyone of us is perfect, and Oh what joy when we go home!

May God bless you and give you his peace

August 17th, 2012, 17:55
hello dear steve, i have read and re-read your posts and just couldn't find the words to say. my friend i have wept with you today, i am so sorry for the passing of your dear wife, i wish i could find words to bring you peace and relief from the heartache. some of us here on forum are werer you are right now in your grief. one thing that has carried us through the darkness is our belief that we will one day be reunited with our loves and all this will be forgotten such will be the joy. hazel and i have talked about our loves, darren and giuls there still helping us, still praying for us..there are some who would say thats just wishful tthinking, but it isn't, they are waiting for us but they know that we all have things to complete in this realm till God calls us home. there earthly tents are asleep but they are very much alive in spirit and the love that we shared with them hasn't died either, now even more alive.

dear steve i have prayed today for you to be held in the arms of God when the pain is too great to carry, so can you allow Him to comfort you? He is there with you always, He held me for months every night otherwise i wouldn't have made it without Him. also dear friend we are here for you too, if you need to talk, please keep intouch. i will continue to pray for you and your family. please forgive me if i have caused you sadness.


Steve Mattson
August 18th, 2012, 20:54
Thank you all for your thoughtful messages. I am still having difficulty accepting the harsh reality. One never thinks about the possibility of losing that which means most in their lives until it is thrust upon them.
I know this will sound foolish but I still text messages to her phone, it almost seems like we can communicate like that. At least it makes me feel better for a moment.

Steve Mattson
August 18th, 2012, 21:06
Tomorrow will be my first birthday since you were welcomed to your heavenly home. Although family and friends will be delivering best wishes and I will enjoy their company, my heart will be breaking without you at my side. I celebrate the memory of your life and enduring love more than anything. I am just not the same without you at my side. Sadness can overwhelm me just coming home knowing you will not be there to greet me with a smile and a kiss. Even going to the grocery store, or passing a favorite restaurant, or watching one of your favorite television shows can bring tears to my eyes. So many common things that no one would ever think of can bring forth strong feelings of emptiness and a personal realization that the best days of life have come and gone. The life we shared is in the past-- Time rolls on but memories last! I believe that love transcends the boundaries between heaven and earth and our love remains in each other. Goodnight my love.

Steve Mattson
August 18th, 2012, 21:16

Omaha Husband Monday, July 16, 2012

Lisa, We have such great children and so many thoughtful, wonderful family members and friends who are giving me support and loving care that I am amazed at their capacity for compassion. Yet, I continue to feel so alone without you it is nearly unbearable. My heart has a huge void that will never heal. I feel hopelessly lost. Memories are a poor substitute, yet I cling to visions of the love we shared. I miss you and your loving ways, I miss everything about you. My days are empty and meaningless, my nights are consumed with sorrow, knowing I could have done so much more to comfort you. You will remain in my heart and mind until the end of time. Your loving husband, Steve.

August 20th, 2012, 02:22
Steve- your thoughts of Lisa are an inspiration. I am so sorry for your loss. It is such a consolation to realise that we will meet again and that the separation is only temporary, isn't it?

But behind your lovely messages I can empathise with your terrible pain and loneliness. You've come to the right place, where we're all suffering but offering each other so much love and support.

You put it so beautifully into words. I still send texts and emails, which only I can read.....

Sending you best wishes and prayers.

Love, Clare x

August 20th, 2012, 10:42
Steve.... your thoughts of Lisa are very inspirational . I am so sorry for your loss ... please accept my deepest condolences..

You have come to a place of Kindred Spirits... where you can read... write... rant.. rave.. and never be judged for it...

Steve there are many of us here that can related directly to the pain you feel in your heart... Please take comfort in knowing you are not alone here...

Please stop in and let us know how you are doing...

I wish you peace for your broken heart when the pain and anguish are raging..

Take care


August 21st, 2012, 14:46
hi steve how are you today i have been thinking of you and how you have been coping this grief with losing our loved ones is different for us all we seem to go through different phases at different times it's not exactly the same for everyone sometimes it's the awful journey some of us have had to face with and illness as well that takes a lot out of us and makes the grief harder to bare
lisa was the same age as darren and i never realised God would take them home so young is something i never thought would happen you say you could have done so much more for lisa it,s a natural thought as we look back but you know you did all you could when you love someone and they are ill we want superhuman powers to try and make everything alright but all we can ever do is show them our love and do our best to help them
you gave lisa love no greater gift can one give to another she felt blessed to have your love to have shared the joy in your lives with you the children and her family her life here was sort but what a beautiful life full of happiness she touched so many lives no one who knew her will ever forget her the memories of all she was will be carried in your hearts forever until the day comes when you will be reunited in heaven and will be together in everlasting joy and peace
love hazel

Steve Mattson
September 1st, 2012, 00:06
Happy birthday Lisa!
I miss you so very much.
Today, you are celebrating your first birthday in heaven, in the presence of God and all his angels, and surrounded by those you loved who passed before you. What a blessed reunion all of you are sharing.
You were, indeed, beautiful in an earthly sense, but more importantly, your real beauty came from deep within. Your ability to display unconditional love and share your heart with me made me proud to call you "mine”.
Sometimes, I sit on the patio late at night, under the stars and look up, pick out a glistening star, and think of you. As you were always my shining star, now, selfishly, I imagine you are still shining for only me.
I hope you cannot see the pain and despair I now must call my constant companion.
I am trying not to visit my anguish on the people that surround me with love and understanding, and they are many, but it is a struggle to suppress the raw emotion that continues to tear at my heart.
Your loving husband.

September 1st, 2012, 17:30
Hello Steve
I also lost my darling wife 4 months ago and am finding it hard , after 33 years together she was my soul mate and at 49 was to young to leave me after a 12 month battle with illness she was so brave , the day she died I died inside also .
I know the pain you are feeling
Thinking of you

September 1st, 2012, 17:57
hi steve a beautiful tribute to lisa on her birthday i hope today and every day you feel her love with you don't supress your emotions with your friends and family there is no need they love you and will understand
know we are here for you i will say a special prayer for you and lisa tonight

hi mart i will send you a pm
love hazel

Steve Mattson
November 22nd, 2012, 01:36
*To my beautiful wife, Lisa;
Every day starts and ends without you. In between are whispers of unfulfilled dreams and the harsh reality of your passing, but you are in my thoughts constantly. I have a picture of you in the stairway and give you a kiss almost every time I pass it, and without fail, every night on my way to bed. Thanksgiving is almost here. It will be another "first" without you. You always loved the holidays and it does't seem right that you are not here to share them with me. I know that is incredibly selfish on my part, but I can't help it. I am thankful that you are with God and enjoying His everlasting love in the company of His angels. The only solice I have is knowing that, one day soon, I will join you in front of Gods golden throne and finally be with you forever. No one could have loved me more completely and perfectly than you, and for that, I am eternally grateful. God brought us together once, and I look forward to Him doing that once again. I love you, I miss you, I am lost without you. You remain the "Light of my life" and the "Perfect wife". Your loving husband

Steve Mattson
December 6th, 2012, 00:21
It's almost Christmas, your very favorite time of year.
I remember how your eyes would sparkle as we looked at
all the lights as we drove throughout the neighborhoods.
And how beautifully you would smile when I asked you what you
wanted for Christmas. Although you never wanted much, I wish I
had given you more.
I miss watching you watch your favorite Christmas classics on
television, you always seemed to be watching them for the very first time.
It has been 6 months since you went from being the center of my universe to being
a memory of all things good locked in whatever is left of my heart.
People always ask me "How are you doing?" I just smile and say " I'm doing fine."
But there is no way to prepare for the grief associated with losing the love of your life.
We had a beautiful life together. Your dreams were my dreams, now, no dreams at all.
Our two hearts beat as one, now, one sad heart just missing you.
I like to imagine you surrounded by billowing clouds gilded by the brilliant light of Gods love.
And I will, once again, be complete when we are together again.
Sweetheart, I close by sending all my love. I miss you very much.
Your devoted husband, Steve.

December 6th, 2012, 05:40
hi steve i will light a candle for your lisa that will shine here for a while in her memory it's good people are asking how you are as many avoid asking what do we all say the same as you fine and you think to yourself have you a couple of hours to stand here with me and i will tell you exactly how i'm feeling but it's not what they expect with their question so we say fine and walk on with our heartache
you say at christmas lisa never wanted much you wish you had given her more rich people can shower their loved ones with cars diamonds etc and those with little a box of chocolates means just as much but above all these gifts to give your love is the most precious and valuable gift of all and this is what you gave lisa so never say you wish you could have given her more you gave her everything
i'm so glad in your faith you know you will see lisa again in heaven she loved you just the same and she would wish more than anything that you and all your family will find some happiness again especially at this time of the year that she loved so much
thinking of you love hazelxx

Steve Mattson
December 21st, 2012, 21:15
I ran across a great poem by an unknown author.
I would imagine that all those that have been received into the loving arms of Jesus would feel this way. It sends a beautiful message of joy and reassurance of the grace and miracle that is God's promise to all that seek his love and forgiveness. As for me, in my heart, I believe that somehow, Lisa led me to find this to help me get through the holidays.I want to share it with all those that loved her, as well as others that have lost their loved ones.

My First Christmas in Heaven

I see the countless Christmas trees around the world below,
With tiny lights like Heaven's stars reflecting in the snow,
The sight is so spectacular, please wipe away the tear,
For I am spending Christmas with Jesus Christ this year,
I hear the many Christmas songs that people hold so dear,
But the sound of music can't compare with the Christmas choir up here,
I have no words to tell you the joy their voices bring,
For it is beyond description to hear the angels sing,
I know how much you miss me, I see your painful heart,
But I am not so far away, we really aren't apart,
So be happy for me dear ones, you know I hold you dear,
And be glad I'm spending Christmas with Jesus Christ this year,
I send you each a special gift from my Heavenly home above,
I send you each a memory of my true undying love,
After all, love is the gift more precious than pure gold,
It was always most important in the stories Jesus told,
Please love and keep each other, as my Father said to do,
For I can't count the blessings or the Love He has for you,
So have a Merry Christmas and wipe away the tear,
Remember I'm spending Christmas with Jesus Christ this year.

December 22nd, 2012, 04:21
That's very nice Steve . It's a nice thought for all of us to think about

December 23rd, 2012, 09:32
Steve, thanks for all your posts here, and that Christmas poem is beautiful.
My story is similar to yours but I have yet to go through my wife's death, of which is looming over us. She and I have been married 30 years and this summer was diagnosed with the dreaded Big C. I am here to try and prepare, a widower in training if you will. My hope is to be prepare but in reality I know nothing will help much once she goes.

You and others here are an inspiration and I can only hope I can be as strong.

All the best to you and I hope your journey can find you at some sort of normalcy and peace soon.

Steve Mattson
January 1st, 2013, 05:14
My First New Year Without You.

Another first has come and gone.
My first New Year without sharing a sweet midnight kiss with you. How sad is that?
I miss you every moment of every day. My heart and mind continue to hold dear our love, and cherish the unbreakable bond that we shared. I thank God and you for sharing your life with me. I know we'll be together again, but for you, it will be like the blink of an eye, for me, it will be almost unbearable.
I love you, I miss you, I will keep you close to my heart forever.
Happy New Year!

Steve Mattson
February 14th, 2013, 00:09
Happy Valentines Day!
I would give you my heart, but you have already taken it with you.
All the good things you have done in your life have meant a lot to me. I miss your loving ways and all the things you did to make me feel special. I can still feel your love and devotion surrounding me. You will forever be my one and only Valentine.
I will love you till the end of time.
Your husband, Steve

February 18th, 2013, 10:58
Steve M. as I read your post "my beautiful wife" and the many responses I can't tell you how sorry I am for your loss. I recently lost my wife on Feb 8th due to cancer. She wanted to live life and would do anything to survive. I am having a very difficult time with acceptance and her absence of being. Our stories are very similar, she meant the world to me. I have such a feeling of despair and loss. Am I grateful for our time together, absolutely it was the best. Here are some words to freinds the day after;

"Yesterday, Feb 8th at 1:15 p.m. the love of my life passed away. She fought a couragious and brutal 6 1/2 year battle with cancer and finally said it was time to let go... Her desire and will to live somehow overshadowed the effects of chemo, radiation and every other side affect of this vicious disease.
There simply are no words that decribe how I feel today, nothing justifies this type of pain for her loss. My heart is broken into pieces, she was everything to me...she was my "meaning" in life....we had plans! I find myself walking in cirlces looking for answers, looking for the strength....but this may take a very long time. I ask those who receive this to think about Deborah today....for she is a beautiful woman, mother, grandmother, and friend to many and should not be forgotten. Deborah Dietz... I will Love and Cherish you forever and ever....let it be known".

I pray for faith to know she is truely in comfort in the heavens above.

February 18th, 2013, 11:14
Steve M. as I read your post "my beautiful wife" and the many responses I can't tell you how sorry I am for your loss. I recently lost my wife on Feb 8th due to cancer. She wanted to live life and would do anything to survive. I am having a very difficult time with acceptance and her absence of being. Our stories are very similar, she meant the world to me. I have such a feeling of despair and loss. Am I grateful for our time together, absolutely it was the best. Here are some words to freinds the day after;

"Yesterday, Feb 8th at 1:15 p.m. the love of my life passed away. She fought a couragious and brutal 6 1/2 year battle with cancer and finally said it was time to let go... Her desire and will to live somehow overshadowed the effects of chemo, radiation and every other side affect of this vicious disease.
There simply are no words that decribe how I feel today, nothing justifies this type of pain for her loss. My heart is broken into pieces, she was everything to me...she was my "meaning" in life....we had plans! I find myself walking in cirlces looking for answers, looking for the strength....but this may take a very long time. I ask those who receive this to think about Deborah today....for she is a beautiful woman, mother, grandmother, and friend to many and should not be forgotten. Deborah Dietz... I will Love and Cherish you forever and ever....let it be known".

I pray for faith to know she is truely in comfort in the heavens above.

hello dear eddie, so very sorry for your loss of your dear wife. so many of us here on forum have lost our loves to this vile cancer and stand with you in your pain and heartache. we are at different points on our journeys of this terrible unwanted even t in our lives and are here to help eachother as b est we can. it always hurts so much to see another friend with a broken heart on here but i offer a sad welcome to you my friend, if you need to talk we are here for you.

warm regards

chrissie, xx

Steve Mattson
May 11th, 2013, 22:54
Happy Mothers Day Lisa

Yet another holiday I can't share with you. I never stop thinking of all the wonderful moments we shared. All the kids love and miss you, but I'm sure you are very aware of that. You were always a great mom and raised the best children. They were very lucky to have you, as was I.
My love for you is as strong as ever. I miss you a lot.

Steve Mattson
May 27th, 2013, 00:21
Memorial Day 2013

It is my first Memorial Day without you by my side. You were always a comfort to me and others as we visited the grave sites of our relatives together to honor their lives and to celebrate their memories. As for me, every day since your passing has been a memorial day. I will never be the same without you and memories of your loving ways are all I have left. You were the best wife anyone could ask for. No one could ever take your place, nor would I want them to. I got an entire lifetime of love and devotion from you in our time together. I cherish your love every single day. I miss you so much.
Thank you for sharing your life and love with me.
You are still the light of my life.
I will love you until and throughout eternity.

Steve Mattson
June 6th, 2013, 00:00
Angel For One Year.
Lisa my darling;
You have been gone one year now, seems like yesterday and at the same time, forever.
You are still alive in my heart and mind. Every breath I take, every smile, every heartache, every moment, include you. You are with me always.
In the air that I breathe, in my dreams, in every part of my being,
l know you are still by my side.
I miss your tender touch, your warm caresses, your beautiful smile. Everything about you.
Family and friends constantly surround me but no one really knows the depth of my loss.
It's like I'm wandering aimlessly amid many familiar places and faces and, at the same time, lonely and hopelessly lost.
Gone from this earth and my side, but never, ever forgotten, forever indelibly etched in my mind.
Until we are reunited by God's grace, you will remain my one true love.
I will always love you!
Love me.

June 6th, 2013, 06:54
Those are beautiful words and is what I feel and say on a daily basis. Thank you for putting it down on paper.


June 9th, 2013, 16:52

Such a beautiful and loving tribute to your wife. Thank you for sharing it with us. I am so sorry for the difficult year you have been through. My husband hasn't been gone for even three months yet, but it feels so much longer. I can't imagine making it through a full year of this pain and loss. You describe the loneliness and feeling of being lost well.

Yours words have given me some comfort to know that the pain won't lessen the love I will always feel for my husband. Your wife sounds like an amazing woman.

Sending you a hug of support,

Steve Mattson
June 21st, 2013, 00:35
Happy Anniversary Lisa

Twenty two years ago today, my life became complete.
Not only my did you agree to become my wife, but my entire world. You were always loving, supportive, a great mother, and a partner, but you were also my best friend. I thank God for our time together and the love we shared. It was magnificent.
Then on June 6th, 2012 my world came crashing down. You were gone. Since then, I continue to spiral downward. I now know what "alone" truly means. Not alone physically, I still see family and friends often, but the saddest thing is a lonely heart. Our two hearts, intertwined, beating for each other. What a beautiful feeling that was. The only feeling left is one of hope, hope that we are reunited in the Kingdom of God soon. I love you and miss you so very much.
Love me.

June 21st, 2013, 17:09
Steve I am so sorry for your loss. I too had a loss last year i lost my husband - my best friend. i totally understand the depth of your loss and lonely heart. There are some days that I just don't know how I will be able to go on without him.
Try to find a glimmer of happiness in the memories of all those wonderful years you had together, Sending you hugs -Grace

Steve Mattson
August 11th, 2013, 01:23

Another birthday without you, here is my birthday wish, a sad refrain of lost love.

Just once more, I would love to have you call and interrupt me at work only to hear you say that you just called to say "I love you", nothing more.
Just once more, hearing you ask "What would you like to have for dinner?"
Just once more having you call with a list of what you want me to pick up at the grocery store.
Just once more having you ask me to help you re-pot your plants or help with something around the house.
I wish that I could, just once more, see you smile or hear you laugh.
Just once more, to feel the love when your touch would comfort me.
I am saddened knowing there will be no more hugs, no more kisses, no more special moments, no more whispers of the dreams we dared to share.
I'm sorry for all the times I would say "just a minute", or "not now" or "can I call you right back?"
I am heartbroken knowing that "just once more" can never again be in this lifetime but that "once again" is possible through the sacrifice and love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. When the time is right, God will reunite us "just once more."
I love you forevermore, love me.

Steve Mattson
September 1st, 2013, 00:02
Happy Birthday Lisa,
I can't begin to tell you how much I miss you, just as much today as on your last birthday.
I don't need a special day to remind me of what you mean to me, I am certain you can still feel the love, as I do, but time goes by so slowly without you. Not a single day goes by that I don't think about you. You will remain in my heart and on my mind until God calls me home to be reunited with you. I love you and I really miss you a lot. Love me.

September 9th, 2013, 15:06
Steve, I know your pain and my story is at the link in my signature.

I've always said my wife wanted me happy when she was here and now that she's gone, wherever she is she still wants me happy. From the time I lost her I tried to do things that make me happy. I had some success and even though the pain is still with me I know I have a duty to her and myself to try and move on, to be happy once again. It may never be the same type of happiness but it can be happiness.

I always advise people to see a Psychiatrist and if advised by them, try anti depressants at least for awhile. If I hadnt have done that several months back I'd still be stuck, as the doc put it. I was on them for one month only.

Many of the things I did in those first few months and even now, felt like I had been led into them by something or someone. I like to think it is my wife helping me out. We must be open to those sort of things, to allow ourselves to follow those signs and signals, to let ourselves enter into those unfamiliar situations. Many times I have done that and been rewarded with happiness and healing.

On top of the things I did for my happiness early on, I recently met someone who is very understanding of my situation. She has become a very good friend and has helped the healing of my heart and soul. This has also been good for me but doing something like that is different for everyone. I found that a new friend who knew nothing of my past, didnt know my wife and our relationship was something I needed.

I wish you luck in your new life and remember that anything this hard cannot be done alone. It's not a sign of weakness to seek help, it's a sign of strength.

Steve Mattson
June 21st, 2014, 00:17
We were married 23 years ago today. I never thought I would be growing old without you. The last two years were spent missing you.The time we shared together were the happiest of my life. And I want you to know that nothing made me happier than being your husband. My biggest fear is that you didn't know how proud I am of you and how much you mean to me. Sometimes when I take Tyke to the park, I find myself sitting in the grass and watching him play while imagining you next to me with your head on my shoulder. Precious moments are re-lived almost daily. I treasure the memories of our time together.
I believe God can provide a purity of memory and will highlight the positive aspects of a lost love, thus leaving those left behind, nothing but thoughts worthy of remembering...... if that is what their heart chooses. That is very comforting and just one of His many miracles. His wisdom and compassion validates everything and most importantly, our love for each other. In my heart, we will be together forever.
I loved you.
I love you.
I'm ALWAYS going to love you.
So very much. Happy Anniversary!
Love, me.

June 21st, 2014, 12:05
steve that is so beautiful some people search all their lives and never find such a love as this you are so blessed and i know one day you will be reunited for eternity xxx

Steve Mattson
June 21st, 2014, 12:26
Thank you for your kind words. You have been supportive many times and it is appreciated. I think you are a very kind and loving person. Hope you are doing well.

June 21st, 2014, 13:24
thankyou steve i am ok and it gave me so much joy to hear from you even though many friends on the forum have been able to move on and it's a wonderful thing when that happens i never forget any of my friends on here and each year at christmas i will say a prayer for everyone and all our loved ones in heaven last year you were not forgotten and i lit my candle of love for Lisa i do hope you are coping i know for those of us who grieve time goes on but it all seems like yesterday but in time a peace comes because we know we will be with them for eternity what a wonderful love you two share xxx

Steve Mattson
August 11th, 2014, 00:10
Lisa, today is my third birthday without you. Another year, another milestone, another painful reminder of our love story and how much I miss you still.
Lisa, my beautiful wife, you taught me how to love without compromise, without question, unconditionally and unforgettably.
As I continue to languish over losing you, and my mind tries to envision days past, I have come to realize that REAL love stories never truly have an ending.......the next chapter will be written when God chooses to call me home. Until then, I will continue to count the special moments and memories that are locked forever in my heart. I remain devoted to you and always will.

August 11th, 2014, 00:31
I so understand your pain. You had a life mate as did I. It is so beautiful that you write such lovely things about her. Never let that die. Blessings to you and your wife.

Steve Mattson
September 1st, 2014, 00:05
Happy Birthday Lisa

My heart and my thoughts are with you on this, your third birthday in Heaven. I miss you so very much. I miss our two hearts growing older together. I miss sharing our thoughts, our hopes, and our visions of what life's dreams could become as we approached and embraced the realization that we were on the downhill side of life. By that I mean it's easier to coast downhill than it is to pedal uphill. We didn't always have it easy but it was always easier because of you and knowing I had your complete love and support in all things. Your love continues to be a guiding light. I know you are with me and when God chooses we will be together once again though the grace and sacrifice of His son, Jesus Christ.
Love never dies, it only continues to grow. Love, Me

Steve Mattson
September 1st, 2014, 00:19
Happy Birthday Mommy!
I sure do miss you! You are the best mommy I ever had, all my friends wanted you to be their mom too!. Daddy's pretty nice to me but you were always my favorite. I loved going bye bye car with you. I miss that a lot. You're more fun than Daddy is.......... but he tries. I loved going with you on walks and to the park and all that other fun stuff. You always hugged on me and snuggled all the time. Wish you would do it again! None of my friends could believe how lucky I am. Daddy crys a lot, I wonder why? He never talks to me much about you anymore but he always kisses your picture every night. Sometimes I look around and wonder where you are. It almost seems like you're here but I just can't find you. Sometimes I get scared that I will not ever find you. I won't give up on you, don't give up on me, I'll keep on looking. You always told me I was the very best dog in the world of dogs. You are the very best Mommy in the whole world of Mommies.
Your loving dog, Tyke Eric Mattson

Steve Mattson
September 1st, 2014, 01:46
A shadow of joy flickered in your eye; it is me. I told you I wouldn't leave.

My memories and my thoughts are imbedded deep in your heart,
and I still love you.

Do not for one moment think that you have been abandoned.

I am in the Light.

In the corner, in the hall, the car, the yard ~
these are the places I stay with you.

My spirit rises every time you pray for me,
and my energy comes closer to you.
Love does not diminish; it grows stronger.

I am the feather that finds you in the yard,
the dimmed light that grows brighter in your mind, I place our memories
out for you to see.

We lived in our special way,
a way that now has its focus changed.

I still crave your understanding
and long for the many words of prayer
and good fortune for my soul.

I am in the Light.

As you struggle to adjust without me, I watch silently. Sometimes I summon up all the strength of my new home to make you notice me.

Impressed by your grief,
I try to impress my love deeper into your consciousness.

You should know that the fountain of youth does exist.
My soul is now healthy.
Your love sends me new found energy.
I am adjusting to my new home.

I am with you and I am in the Light.

Please don't feel bad that you can't see me.
I am with you wherever you go.
I protect you, just as you protected me so many times.

Talk to me and somehow I will find a way to answer you.

Husband, Wife, Father, Mother, son or daughter, it makes no difference.
I see you with my new eyes.

I am learning to help wherever you are, wherever I am needed.
This can be done because I am in the Light.

When you feel despair, reach out, I will be there.

My love for you truly does transcend from my home in Heaven to your earthly home.

Finish your life with the enthusiasm and zest that you had when we were together in the physical sense.

You owe this to me, but more importantly,
you owe it to yourself.
Life continues for both of us.

I am with you because I love you
and one day, we will be together in the light.

-- Author Unknown

September 1st, 2014, 07:26
hi steve beautiful messages you have left here today and i read so many sad words on this site although it seems very quiet just lately but i have to say your messages have moved me to tears today may God bless you and all your family and i send tyke a special hug your beloved wife will always feel your love in heaven especially today on her birthday i know she is always with you xxxxx

Steve Mattson
September 1st, 2014, 09:23
I always see a heartfelt reply from you and it is always a positive one.
I don't know why it makes me feel better to put my thoughts into words, but
it does. It may just be a selfish way to express my loss and continuing emotional upheaval.
After reading some of your many replies to so many people on this sight, I am beginning to think that you, Hazel Harris, just might be an angel!
Once again, thank you Hazel!
Steve (and Tyke)

Steve Mattson
December 25th, 2014, 00:32
Merry Christmas Sweetheart!
This makes three Christmas' that you have been gone. Three Christmas' of missing your child-like smiles, three Christmas' of missing the absolute sparkle in those beautiful eyes that came as we did our Christmas shopping for family and friends. Three Christmas' of wishing I could still share the joy in your heart during your favorite holiday season. You are, as always, in my thoughts and prayers daily. I really, really miss you! Neither one of us perfect, but together a perfect match. I look forward to our heavenly reunion so very much. I love you, love me!

December 25th, 2014, 15:53
i lit a candle to all our loved ones in heaven i'm sure the lights tonight across the world shine in heaven none of them are ever forgotten by us and that love that binds us is ever felt from heaven to earth we both pass this third year without our loved one but the spirit of them is always beside us thinking of you my dear friend we are both blessed to have such a loved one in our lives who now are angels watching over us xx

Steve Mattson
December 26th, 2014, 02:44
Hi Hazel,
I am always happy to see your responses to the many people visiting this site. You have a real gift for helping people understand and cope with the grief they are trying to deal with. You are like a safe port in a storm. I know you always have such wonderful, positive things to relay. I hope you are doing well and have a wonderful New Year. You and your lost love are in my thoughts often. May the Lord bless and keep you strong.

Steve Mattson
January 1st, 2015, 00:19
This is the 3rd New Years Eve without you waiting to exchange a midnight kiss with me to ring in the new year. I really, really miss that. I miss a lot of stuff because of all the stuff I never missed being your husband. You made my life exciting, fun, and complete. I am still looking forward to joining you in Heaven. I love you always and forever. Your Husband.

Steve Mattson
February 14th, 2015, 23:47
Happy Valentines Day Lisa
I love you and miss you a lot.
You are in the arms of angels, the
hands of God and in my heart.
Love, Me

Steve Mattson
April 5th, 2015, 23:08
Happy Easter Lisa,
What a joy it must be to share the holiday with
Jesus! I can't even imagine it.
I love you and miss you a lot. Someday we'll be together again,
of that I am sure.
Love, me.

Steve Mattson
June 6th, 2015, 01:33
My darling Lisa;
I know that you know how much I miss you. I am sure you must be able to feel it even though you have left me for a far better place. The nights are far too long and I am so cold here without you. Sometimes I think of you and imagine you walking into the room and I can't help but smile. Sometimes I find myself just staring into the nothingness of my life without you and the many times I just neglected to tell you how much you mean to me. You were always the best part of me, and the best part of you lives deep within my heart. I look forward to the day that angels lead me to the Light and we can walk hand in hand forever.

June 6th, 2015, 14:15
my dear friend steve we all sit and reflect on our life we easily fall into the past into our dreams where all was well and our loved ones were there sharing their life with us and compare it to the life we now have this life that we didn't choose . i know more than anything when i read your posts that there is nothing for you to feel sorry about because you feel you neglected to express to Lisa how much she meant to you LOVE GIVEN IS ALWAYS FELT none of us go through our lives constantly telling our partner how much we love them it is given in all the millions of actions the sharing the being there for one another in good times and bad so many blessings of a life shared Words are easy to say but it's our deeds of love that are always felt in our hearts thats why Lisa knew how much she was loved I hope you are able to look into the nothingness and see it hides hope and a future beyond all this sadness i know some days it does descend like a fog it hides all the joy that is still there i hope you are able to see the sun shining through and be all that Lisa wishes for you and thats to be happy again x

Steve Mattson
June 6th, 2016, 00:39
Four years seems like forever.

Lisa, I miss you as much today as in all the years past.
You are irreplaceable and unforgettable in the most loving ways. Love is eternal, our bond cannot be severed. I will love you with all my heart forever. I continue to rely on God's promise and look forward to what awaits us as we are reunited at Heavens gate.
Love, Me

Steve Mattson
June 21st, 2016, 00:36
My Darling,
It was 25 years ago today that you became my wife. You made my life complete. Your hopes and dreams became mine, your love and devotion made all things possible, you were always focused on the things that made life better for not only us but for our children and your heart was always open to anyone that needed a caring and understanding ear.
You have been in the Hands of God since June 6, 2012. I am grateful for the time we had together. We made many wonderful memories since we met and were married. It is those memories that have sustained my sanity. We will be together again at a time God chooses, but until that day comes, your spirit surrounds me with the sweet scent of your love. You continue to reside in my heart and I in yours. True and endless love has provided a bridge between your soul and my heart. I loved you then, I love you now, and will until time ceases to exist and we are finally reunited through the Grace of God.
Love, Me

June 21st, 2016, 13:22
your loving words to Lisa always moves me Steve congratulations to you both in heaven and earth on your silver wedding anniversary.Your love for one another is so powerful no time or distance can break that bond of love and is felt from heaven and earth and ebbs and flows like the oc
ean back and forth to one another x

Steve Mattson
June 21st, 2016, 14:36
Hi Hazel;
I hope you are well and that everything is going fine
in your life. I remember saying that I thought you must
be an angel because of your heartfelt replys to everyone that needs to hear that someone truly cares. My opinion has not changed.
Many blessings for your kindness. You have a good heart and wish you only the best.

Steve Mattson
November 23rd, 2017, 00:42
Happy Thanksgiving Lisa.
You remain the irreplaceable love of my life and I am truly thankful for the years we were able to share that remarkable, unmistakable, unbreakable bond between our two hearts. I will love you until we are reunited in Heaven and rekindle our love story. Love me.

Steve Mattson
December 25th, 2017, 00:41
Merry Christmas Lisa! This will be my sixth Christmas without you by my side. I know you are having the best Christmas' one could possibly imagine. This is also the season that I most loved watching* your beautiful smile as you made sure everything was going to be perfect for everyone. You were a wonderful wife, mother, and my best friend. I miss you so much! God loves us and will reunite us when the time is right. I love you, love me!

Steve Mattson
June 5th, 2018, 23:57
Lisa, today marks six years since you passed on to be in your heavenly home.
You took my heart and my dreams with you
and left me with a lifetime of beautiful memories.
Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,
Love leaves a memory no one can steal.
When I'm feeling down, I look up and there you are. I miss you so much and I will love you forever.
Love me

Steve Mattson
June 21st, 2018, 22:00
Today is our 27th Anniversary. I miss sharing the happiness of this day with you. I remember what a beautiful bride you were and thinking how lucky I was. You remain embedded in my heart. I really miss you and will love you forever.
Love me

Steve Mattson
September 1st, 2018, 12:22
Happy Birthday Lisa!

I love you and I miss you a lot. You're still the one and always will be in my thoughts and in my heart.

Love me

September 3rd, 2018, 16:47
so much love sent to Lisa in heaven i know she embraces your words of love Steve and returns her love back to you.The thread that binds you together for eternity will never be broken its power holds you both forever close x

Steve Mattson
December 25th, 2018, 00:10
It's your favorite time of year again Lisa!
Christmas always made you very happy. I know it's extra special now for you.
What we had was truly a gift from God.
I am so blessed to have been a part of your life. I feel lucky to have had you choose me. Though I cannot touch you... I can feel you.
Then, now, and forever.
Love, me. 💔💞

Steve Mattson
June 6th, 2019, 00:12
Lisa, today marks 7 years since you were welcomed into your Heavenly home.
*Loneliness is an ever present reminder of the devastation I have felt since that day.
Although your loss shredded my dreams of growing old together with the love of my life, you remain in my heart and in my thoughts* and I rely on the knowledge that we will be united once again in the Kingdom of the Lord.
I found a song about a visiting angel that stirs fond memories of our journey through life.