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May 12th, 2012, 15:33
This is new to me, not sure how this "Thread" works?
I lost my husband six months ago and I really don't know how I'm surviving his death? I asked my son and his family to move in with me because (I discovered) I can't live alone. I seem to get very angry with myself for having to ask my son to move in with me. Everyone keeps telling me it's a big mistake, I should learn to live alone.
I ask you, what am I suppose to do when I can't stand being alone?
My husband was my best friend, I suppose I thought I didn't need anyone else, come to find out I do need women friends in my life. I've tried making friends with ladies (widows) who are about my age but I'm finding it very hard to do. They seem to have their own clicks and don't have room for me. This happened to me in the church I'm attending.
I seem to have better luck making friends with younger women whom I could be their Mother's.
I'm just very lonely, and long for someone to talk too.
Any suggestions out there?

May 12th, 2012, 18:30
hi sorry to hear of your loss it's very hard to be alone and i can understand you wanting your family with you to help you in coming to terms with your loss you said it's hard to make friends and the people around you are clicky are you trying too hard just gradually let people find out who you are without expecting too much from them and as they get to know you better gradually they may become your friends. it doesn't matter what age they are just because someone is about the same age as you doesn't automatically mean you have a lot in common all people all ages from wherever they have come from you can be good friends with but it doesn't happen overnight. what interests do you have think about the things that you like to do and perhaps join a club i know when you are grieving for your husband it's hard to think of any thing as you feel so sad but you are lonely and one way you can get some respite from the despair is to do different things so you can meet people who will want and deserve your friendship thinking of you hazel