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May 4th, 2012, 06:51
In Times Of Great Struggle
When the world pushes us to our knees,
We have found the best position for praying.
True happiness does not consist of living in a world
Where everything is already perfect and beautiful,
But grows from the ability to look
Beyond the imperfections of our world
And the ends of our noses towards the higher purpose of life.

Only then can the perfected and beautiful self
Be perceived that dwells deep within everybody’s core.
It makes no difference whether it’s already visible or not.
Even by the lowest and meanest,
It is merely waiting to be brought forth,
The same as in you and me.
Finding and developing is every soul’s
Highest potential and birthright.

Edited by Aquarius

From ‘Words & Prayers of Hope & Encouragement’ (http://www.raysofwisdom.com/index.cfm?articleID=690)

May 6th, 2013, 05:54
‘Endeavour to think kind and loving thoughts only and never forget your sense of humour. Nothing lightens your vibrations more quickly and easily than the ability to see the funny side of things, to laugh about them and have fun.’

From ‘The Wake-Up Call’ (http://www.raysofwisdom.com/index.cfm?articleID=948) – Part III

January 13th, 2014, 06:53
There is every reason why you should look forward to this New Year with hope and confidence. Rest assured that everything will work out perfectly in the end. Do not be disturbed unduly by what is presently still happening in your world. Know that all these things are necessary educational tools for the unfoldment of our Father/Mother’s grand design for the human race and its planet. Each event is vital for the completion of the lessons that have not yet been sufficiently grasped by your world.

Instead of worrying and getting upset, look up and get in touch with the power of the Highest that is waiting to come fully alive within each one of you. It alone can bring you and your world the peace and harmony so many of you are by now so deeply yearning for. Trust that eventually a united world will emerge and that there will then only be one government for all of you. Gradually, all of you will become ever more aware of the fact that it is impossible for anyone to live only unto themselves and that the same is also true for countries.

Do your best to establish the spirit of siblinghood and goodwill on the Earth by conducting your own life this way. Deep in your hearts and souls know that in principle there is nothing to fear from those who to this day insist on putting themselves outside of that which is good, right and true. In due course, in God’s time rather than you own, the inner eyes of all perpetrators against the Cosmic laws will be opened too. They will then realise the error of their ways and start to mend them, just the same as you once did. In the end, everything that is no longer of use and desirable on the Earth plane will be absorbed into the first principle of life, to be uplifted and transmuted into blessing and healing energies for all.

From ‘A Message Of Hope From The Lords Of Karma’ (http://www.raysofwisdom.com/index.cfm?articleID=1022)

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August 2nd, 2014, 06:51
The Courage To Live

To those who have tried and seemingly failed,
Reach out, Great White Spirit,
Father/Mother of the whole of Creation,
And bring them your comfort and love today;
Those whose hopes have been dimmed,
And whose faith has paled,
Lift into the radiance of the light of your Divine wisdom, I pray,
And help them to trust again.

To all who are frightened, reach out a hand.
To all who feel hurt and helpless, bring them a friend.
Baffled and blind, they fail to understand the true purpose of life,
Falsely believing that their dark and tangled earthly road is the end.

Touch with the flame of Your Heavenly fire all hope that has burned low
And rekindle the faith that has gone dead.
Help us, each one, to steadfastly walk,
Following Your guidance from deep within ourselves,
Waiting to light the way ahead for all human souls.

Those who are stumbling and falling by the wayside,
Help them to get up and move amongst their fellow beings,
With love in their hearts and with faith and courage to try –
Whenever it’s necessary, all over again.

Grace Noll Crowell
Edited by Aquarius

From ‘Words Of Wisdom, Hope & Encouragement’ (http://www.raysofwisdom.com/index.cfm?articleID=690)

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January 26th, 2015, 06:52
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January 26th, 2015, 06:53
Stepping Stones
Earth life has many stepping stones
That help us find our way,
Across its busy stream,
As we wade through it, day by day.

At times the waters rise and overflow,
And the future looks far from clear.
No way there seems to be across
And the stones all disappear.

Wait until the flow subsides
And the path is more clearly shown.
When we look ahead the future is bright,
And again we can see and use
Every single stone.


From ‘Words Of Hope & Encouragement’ (http://www.raysofwisdom.com/index.cfm?articleID=690)


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January 29th, 2015, 07:22
There’s Light At The End Of The Tunnel

There’s light at the end of the tunnel.
There’s calm at the end of the storm.
There’s rest at the end of life’s journey,
And a hearth that is welcome and warm.

There’s a Star on the top of the mountain,
You can touch when the last crag is scaled.
There’s a certain reward for the faithful,
At the point where they think they have failed.

There’s spring at the end of each winter
And behind the black cloud, there is blue.
There’s a song at the heart of all sorrow
And happiness waiting for you.

Patience Strong

From ‘Words Of Hope & Encouragement’ (http://www.raysofwisdom.com/index.cfm?articleID=690)

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March 6th, 2015, 07:01
Moving On

As every flower fades and youth must give way to old age,
So all wisdom and each virtue may be valid only in its day.
Nothing but our Highest Self stays with us forever.
At life’s calling the human soul must say farewell
And be ready for a new beginning.
Bravely and without sadness we need to
Enter into ever new learning, safe in the knowledge that
In the background of all life dwells the power of the Unseen,
To guide and protect us and help us to live,
Wherever our destiny may take us one day.

We are meant to move happily through space and time,
Without making our home in any one of them,
Because we know that our true home lies elsewhere.
The Spirit of the Divine never aims
To tie and restrict any of us; quite the opposite is true!
Step by step the Universe tries to lift us
Beyond the horizons of our present understanding.
If we are in danger of staying with one particular way of living
For too long, our spirit and soul stagnate and start to yearn for
Fresh learning through new adventures and further explorations.

The awareness that there is no death, that life is eternal,
Without beginning or end, helps us to
Give in more readily to the demands of life
When the time for moving on has come.
The hour of departure from the physical plane of life is eased and
We can enjoy our rebirth onto a different level of life,
Because we know that all it means is learning of a different kind.

The realisation that life’s call to the human soul
Will never end fills our heart and soul with good cheer.
It enables us to say good-bye willingly and happily,
Whenever the need arises, and go forward peacefully
To find rest and healing in the oneness with God.

‘Stufen’ by Hermann Hesse
Translated & adapted by Aquarius

From ‘Wisdom For Creating The Relationships Of Our Dreams’ (http://www.raysofwisdom.com/index.cfm?articleID=687)

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March 16th, 2015, 07:38
What Is Hope?

When things go wrong, as they sometime will,
The optimist thinks: ‘They’ll come right again!’,
While the pessimist grumbles: ‘It’ll only get worse!’
And as our thoughts and beliefs create our earthly reality,
Both forecasts duly come true.
Each one nodes sagely: ‘I told you so!’
That’s why when times are hard,
Positive thinkers say to themselves:
‘Things will get better and become easier again.’
And although this may take time,
They invariably do.

What then is hope?
It is not the closing of one’s eyes to
Difficulties, risks and possible failures,
But an inner trusting that:
If we fail now, we shall not do so forever.
If we get hurt, we shall be healed.
If we make mistakes, we shall learn something,
And that will eventually move us on to higher learning.

Hope is the awareness of our innermost soul that
Life is good and the power of love is the most powerful
Force in the whole of Creation that is capable
Of straightening all crooked corners and, if we but ask,
Helps us to make good and heal everything,
Especially our most difficult situations and relationships.

Hope is an inner knowing that in God’s time, not ours,
All things on the Earth plane will come right;
That our present existence can be likened to
A huge stage and that one of these days
We shall step in front of the curtain
Behind we have been acting for such a long time.
Like performers we shall then stand
In the world of light before a friendly audience
Of Angels and Masters, friends and helpers.

Every participant of the comedy of errors that is Earth life,
Eventually feels the need to nail the desires of their small self
To the cross of consciousness of the Earth.
At the end of their present lifetime,
Wise ones, who have willingly submitted themselves
To Saturn’s demands and shown the restraint of self-discipline
And self-mastery in all their relationships,
Have left behind good and healed ones only.
Life itself present them with a leaving certificate
That sets them free from the need of requiring
Further lessons on the Earth.

Like in earthly schools, their teachers,
In this case the Angels,
Move the wise ones on to increasingly elevated
Levels of existence and studies.
And that is how all human souls,
In the fullness of time, take their final bows.

United in friendship and love,
Smilingly we reach out for each other and, holding hands,
We enjoy the roar of applause that greets us,
Although in truth we are much more eager to see
Where the Angels now wish to lead us.

Having surrendered our small earthly self to our Highest Self,
In the shelter of God’s mighty wings,
In all Eternity we shall serenely venture forth,
Never to be frightened or lonely again.

‘I will abide in Thy tabernacle forever.
‘I will make my refuge the shadow of Thy wings.’
Psalm 61:4

Recommended Reading:

‘The Legend Of Pandora’s Box’ (http://www.raysofwisdom.com/index.cfm?articleID=1049)

From ‘Wisdom For Creating The Relationships Of Our Dreams’ (http://www.raysofwisdom.com/index.cfm?articleID=687)

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January 13th, 2017, 11:16
The Symbolism Of The Snakes

The two snakes of the Heracles legend represent the gifts bestowed upon the child by the masculine and feminine aspects of its Divine parents. Their presence reveals that Heracles, the same as you and me, although he has come into this world through earthly and therefore mortal people, he also possesses the powers of his Divine parents. We too contain them, although initially only as a potential and in seed form. Our hero killing the serpents in his infancy with his hands is a metaphor for the fact that in the early stages of our development the powers of wisdom and love are killed off and removed from our conscious awareness, shortly after each new entry into Earth life.

Each one of the Heracles/Hercules/Jesus stories is filled with symbolisms for humankind’s existence on the Earth plane. The two snakes are an essential part of the attempts to explain to us the duality of our Creator’s nature and our own. This duplicity consists of our higher and lower nature, Yin and Yang, masculine and feminine, positive and negative, darkness and light, and so forth. In each one of us the snakes are in need of being trained by us, until they have learnt to work together in peace and harmony, the same as they are doing in our Creator. When the snakes finally wind themselves around each other, all dualities and aspects of our nature have been healed into one harmoniously functioning unit. The Caduceus is a symbol of this process. In ancient Greece and Rome it was a herald’s wand around which two serpents were winding themselves.

This kind of staff was carried by the messenger of the Gods, Hermes in Greek mythology and Mercury in the Roman tradition. Their job was to bring the fire of the Gods in the form of the wisdom and knowledge of the Highest down to the Earth plane. Their aim was to alleviate the suffering caused by humankind’s darkness of ignorance. Mercury is the planetary ruler of Gemini, the Air sign responsible for the development of our earthly minds, as well as Virgo, the teaching and healing sign of zodiac. Adopted as the Western medical profession’s insignia in the early twentieth century, the Caduceus symbolises and honours the primordial origins of disease and the process of healing it.

The Caduceus is an ancient symbol which is traditionally associated with medicine and healing. It is also of significance in the fields of science and mathematics and their application to earthly life, as well as the evolution of human consciousness and serves as a model for the structure of the Universe. The word Caduceus comes from the Greek word ‘kerykeion’ and literally means Herald’s staff. In the days of yore a herald was a messenger sent by monarchs to convey some kind of proclamation. Their staff was thought to be a magical artefact or wand associated with wisdom and the ability to perform mystical actions. And so it is not surprising that this aspect of the staff is repeatedly shown in the scriptures of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It was once believed to be a symbol of power and the axis or pole by which the ancient messenger Gods travelled between Heaven and Earth.

From the way the youngster disposes of the snakes by sheer brutal force one could be tempted to deduct that none of the Great Mother’s wisdom would ever be at the disposal of her least evolved, youngest children of the Earth, symbolised by the crib. Heracles’ later heroic deeds, however, show us that in truth the Divine gifts are bestowed upon all God’s children of the Earth and were never given to any one of us in vain. Wherever we go, they never leave us. It’s just that for a long time they are merely at our disposal from the spiritual background of life. Whenever someone in distress asks for them, they are there and at all times ready to help in every possible way, but only in keeping with the predestined pathway our soul has chosen for this lifetime, which is known to them.

Our young hero’s killing of the snakes while he is still in his cradle represents our lesson during the earliest phases of our development, our spiritual infancy and childhood. Young children are known to still have a strong connection with the world of spirit, our true home. The knowledge of the intimate connection and relationship we have with this world and its inhabitants is usually shed as we grow up. This loss teaches us what a cold and lonely existence earthly life can be when we have been cut off from the conscious awareness of the spiritual sustenance we constantly receive from the background of life.

In truth it never really goes from any of us. Even when we are unaware of its presence, it is there for us nonetheless. For a long time we carry deep within our soul an uncertain feeling and a sense of having lost something very precious, without actually knowing what it is we are sorrowing for. This is the only way we can learn to appreciate the value of our unseen and utterly reliable support system. It ensures that, when we rediscover it, we shall never let go of it again. With immense generosity and love the Universe sends us out into the world to discover the powers of the hidden part of our being, so that through real life experiences they can grow and bring forth our inner strengths.

As life itself is the great teacher, the Universal Force in its infinite wisdom, within certain limits, lets us have what we desire from life, so that we can learn from the mistakes we are making along the way. In this process we evolve and grow through the wisdom and understanding, which even the slowest of learners gains in the course of however many lifetimes on the Earth plane their individual development may take. It’s the kind of teaching that on the Earth plane would be called ‘tough love’. At all times the Great Father/Mother of all life is constantly practising it in truly Cosmic proportions.

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‘Healing – The Sacred Marriage (http://www.raysofwisdom.com/index.cfm?articleID=84)’ From ‘Myths & Legends For The Aquarian Age’ (http://www.raysofwisdom.com/index.cfm?articleID=629)

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February 8th, 2017, 06:32
All Things Are Possible


With the help and the will of God and the Angels
All things are possible.
Any condition can be healed,
Crooked corners made straight
And mountains of false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions dissolved
Through a better understanding of our true nature.
If our minds can conceive that these things are possible
And we believe that this is so with all our hearts and souls,
It can and will be done.

Therefore, Father/Mother Creator,
Grant me the gift of your wisdom,
So that I may learn to choose wisely
And to work hand in hand with You and the Angels
For the Highest good and the greatest joy of all,
And never again for selfish purposes.

May Your will be my will,
Your inspiration guide me and flow through me
With Your sacred words and prayers,
So that all life unfolds in accordance with Your Great Plan.


* * *

March 1st, 2017, 08:10
From White Eagle’s Little Book Of Healing Comfort

Part C

Unbounded Freedom


‘The law of life is love and love is your true nature. You have been granted the gift of another lifetime to bring you closer to your ultimate goal of being like God and loving God’s way. The Jesus legend is a depiction of the simple, pure and holy lifepath of those who are striving for spiritual Mastership, and that it all of you. Such a lifetime on the Earth plane needs to be one of sacrifice and service, of loving and giving, but also of the ability to act in stern and strong ways. Learning to love God’s way does not mean being easy-going and soft. And when at times you have to grip situations with courage and determination, the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, and the Angels will show you how to go about it.’ *

‘Earthly life presents you with so many tests and trials that you sometimes feel as if you could not walk another step. You may find things easier to bear when you understand that every experience that comes your way is the fruit of seeds you have sown in other lifetimes on the physical plane. And it may comfort you to know that what’s happening to you is part of every human being’s earthly training. But each time you have solved a problem and successfully climbed over yet another hurdle of the hurts and disappointments that are an inevitable part of your earthly education, you have conquered something and gained a victory.

‘Although some of your successes seem hardly worth mentioning, even the smallest ones take you another step forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life that moves you into the freedom of no longer needing to take part in earthly life and of being released into the exploration and taking an active part in the higher levels of life. Although this is hard for you to imagine at present, it surely will come.’ *

* See links at the end of Part F.

From ‘A Collection Of My Favourite White Eagle Teachings’ (http://www.raysofwisdom.com/index.cfm?articleID=117)

* * *

March 13th, 2017, 09:04
Written With Love


Part of God’s Great design for all life
Is another, smaller plan for us and our world.
It is like a book that is filled with many chapters.
Each one of them represents a human lifetime
And there is a special chapter for every one of us.

God’s true nature and ours is love and
Each one of our earthly sojourns
Is similar to a story that,
Although it has been written with love,
Of necessity is filled with twists and turns,
And tells us about hopes and desires fulfilled
But also about frustrations and disappointments.
It reports joys as much as sorrows,
And many helloes as well as goodbyes.

It has to be so because every experience
Is meant to teach us something,
So that with the passing of time
We grow ever more heaven-tall and God-like.
As this takes many lifetimes to achieve,
None of the chapters ends
When the story of one of them is complete
And we move into the world of light.
There we have to wait patiently to be granted
Permission for a further earthly lifetime
That enables us to continue the work on our story.
By gradually shedding and leaving behind
The dark and evil aspects of our nature,
The highest and best that is also within us
Can come to the fore.
With the passing of time it takes over
Our whole being and nothing else remains.

The chapters of the God’s Great book have many pages.
One of them represents one lifetime.
There is one for every lifetime of the past that has been
Filled with the details of all our experiences.
There is also a page for our present lifetime and
The closer we come to our departure from it,
The less space to be filled in remains.
New pages are added for future lifetime,
As soon as one of them has passed
Its planning stage in the spirit world.
This continues until Earth life
Can offer no more learning and with that
Our earthly education is complete.

From ‘Words Of Hope & Encouragement’ (http://www.raysofwisdom.com/index.cfm?articleID=690)

* * *

May 28th, 2017, 14:58
Never Give Up


When cares threaten to overtake you
And you’re waiting for the sky to clear,
Remember that life is a series of changes,
And a brighter tomorrow is always near.

Each day is a brand new beginning,
And each one brings a beautiful dawn.
So, when you come to the end of your rope,
Tie a knot in the end and hang on,
Filled with hope.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

* * *

June 14th, 2017, 07:33
The Tale Of The Butterfly


Once upon a time, by the side of a dusty road in India sat an old beggar who was selling cocoons. He noticed that a young boy had been watching him for many days. Finally, he beckoned the boy and asked him: ‘Have you any idea of what beauty lies within my cocoons?’ When the boy shook his head, the old man continued: ‘Every one of them is the home of a beautiful butterfly. I will give you one, so you can watch how it happens. But you must be very careful and not handle the cocoon until the butterfly emerges.’

Enchanted with his gift, the boy hurried home to await the emergence of the butterfly. He laid the cocoon on the floor and while watching it became aware of a curious thing. The butterfly seemed to be beating its wings against the hard outer shell of its chrysalis. ‘The poor little thing will surely perish before it can break free from its prison,’ thought the boy. ‘I have to help it!’

And so he pried the cocoon open. Out flopped a soggy brown and ugly thing that quickly died. After a while, the boy met the beggar again and told him what had happened. ‘Ah yes,’ the old man said: ‘It is necessary for the creature to beat its growing wings against the walls of its cocoon, until they have grown strong enough to support it when it finally emerges as a butterfly. Through its struggling alone can the creature’s wings become durable enough to carry and support it. It dies when this is denied because its only chance of developing the necessary strength was taken from it.’

The butterfly is a symbol of transformation. The life cycle of each one of them represents a microcosm of the macrocosm of humankind’s individual and collective evolutionary process. May the walls of everyone’s cocoon be just thick enough – and no more – to support us in our struggle of breaking free from the mental prison of the false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions about our true nature that have kept us bound to the Earth plane for such a long take. May every one of us at long last take to our spiritual wings to aid our flight of growing and evolving into the beautiful beings we are truly meant to be.

The essence of a teaching from the White Eagle calendar August 2016: ‘Through limitation and suffering human souls emerge into the Divine light and life, just as a caterpillar moves from the chrysalis stage and transforms itself into a beautiful winged creature that enjoys dancing in the warmth and light of the Sun.’

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

From ‘War And Peace Between Nations’ (http://www.raysofwisdom.com/index.cfm?articleID=624)

* * *

June 30th, 2017, 14:45
The Power Of Being You


Trust the power of being you
And accept the responsibility for constantly striving
To give of the highest and best that is within you,
For that is the only way of being true to our real self.
Don’t be distracted by those you pass,
As you climb the spiritual mountain
And who would like to coax you down their road.

Do not listen to the shouts of anyone ahead,
Who thinks they know the way.
As pioneers of the Aquarian Age it is essential
That you follow your inner guidance,
As no-one else may be required to walk
Where you are meant to go
And bring down to Earth
The visions you have come to seek.

Although in earthly life you may be alone in this adventure,
God and the Angels are constantly with you.
And there are also all others who are walking
The pathway of earthly life with you.
Even though your hands and theirs
May only be touching occasionally,
On the inner level all life is one and
All hearts, spirits and souls are constantly together
To experience this special lifetime
Of the glorious setting and rising of the Sun,
The death and rebirth of human consciousness.

The gift of any of our friendships will never be taken from us,
Wherever our road may take us,
Even into the world of light and Eternity.
Love alone can give any friendship
The wings for rising above our own selfish needs
And for lifting us and our world
Above and beyond the mundane things,
The toils and troubles, misery and suffering of earthly life
Onto the planes where the Highest and Brightest Light
Of the whole of Creation, the Christ Star, dwells.

Andy Murray
Edited by Aquarius

* * *

July 11th, 2017, 10:53


To the small earthly self life frequently is
A risky and scary business.
That’s why we usually dislike and resent any changes
The Universe has in store for us,
So that from our new experiences we may learn and grow.
While the personality, our small earthly self,
Detests the changes, our spirit and soul rejoice,
Because they understand that this is the only way
The lower self can re-discover its true higher nature.

Risks have to be taken so that our approach to life
And the way we perceive its purpose can transform itself.
We need to shed the deeply ingrained wrong thinking
And behaviour patterns, prejudices and false beliefs
That are creating the obstacles and difficulties in our lives.
We have to say goodbye to anything that has outlived
Its usefulness, including people and places.

It is true that life can be a risky thing, because
At times laughing can make us seem foolish,
Weeping come across as sentimentality,
Through reaching out for others
We become involved with them,
And showing our feelings may reveal
Too much of our true higher nature.
Hoping means risking despair.
Trying means risking failure and
Living brings the risk of dying.
So what?

Risks have to be taken.
The greatest hazard in life is risking nothing.
The one who risks nothing,
Does nothing, has nothing and is nothing.
Souls who hope that by not risking
They can somehow avoid earthly life’s
Suffering and sorrows are very much mistaken,
Because these things are necessary parts
Of every human being’s evolutionary pathway.
The only thing that can be achieved by risking nothing
Is avoiding precious opportunities for changing,
Learning and growing, loving and living.

Souls who allow themselves to remain enslaved and enchained
By their false beliefs, outdated opinions and prejudices
Forfeit the only freedom we truly have and that is
The spiritual freedom to believe and follow
That which our inner Highest Self tells us is true.
This gives us the courage to act upon the knowledge
That we are beings of love, who have come from love
And are returning to it.
This love alone can show us the way
Home into what we always have been
And forever will remain:
God’s beloved children of the Earth,
Immortal spirits and souls.

Only those who are willing to take the risk
Of owning up to this and conducting
Their lives in keeping with it,
Will ever learn to love the way our Creator loves us:
Unconditionally, wisely and free.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

* * *

July 12th, 2017, 14:41
Come To The Edge


‘Come to the edge,’ He said.
They said: ‘We are afraid.’
‘Come to the edge,’ He said.
They came . . .
He pushed them . . .
And they flew.

Guillaume Apollinaire 1880 – 1918
French poet, playwright, short story writer, novelist and art critic

Come to the edge.
We might fall.
Come to the edge.
It’s too high!

Come to the edge!
And they came.
And we pushed.
And they flew.

Christopher Logue 1926 – 2011
English poet associated with the British Poetry Revival

* * *

July 16th, 2017, 09:00
The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth


In St. Matthew 5:5 of the Jesus legend I told you: ‘Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth.’ This message to your world is as valid and true now, as it was when I first gave it to you. Many of you, My human children, are among the meek who are patiently and willingly beavering away in the background of life working on your own healing process. Even if nobody in your world has ever heard or seen them, every step of the way we, the Angels, Masters, friends and helpers and I are observing, guiding and protecting them and keeping them safe.

In spite of all that the only true meek ones your planet has ever known were never human souls, but the small creatures of the Earth. Since time immemorial, they have been her true inheritors, especially the worms and insects that crawl about on her, and the microbes and bacteria that are invisible to earthly eyes without a microscope. Pay your respects to the essential work these labourers are doing for and with Mother Earth and therefore also on your behalves. They do not expect anything in return and demand nothing apart from being allowed to pursue the lives they have been given without too much human interference. These creatures are the great recyclers of the Earth who were there long before any of you appeared on the scene. They will still be there and continuing with their work long after every last one of you, my beloved human children, has outgrown their need for spending further lifetimes in physicality.

Once more I remind you that there is no death. There is only one life that is constantly pushing forwards and upwards in vast evolutionary cycles. It will forever move you, your world and all worlds on to new and higher levels of existence, bringing new learning and understanding through fresh first hand experiences for every single one of you. Many by now are realising the dreamlike quality of life in physicality. They are right, it really is a dream and an illusion, but nonetheless it has to be dealt with in the appropriate manner by each one of you. Your earthly education can only be left behind when your thought and behaviour patterns prove to Me that your time for doing so has come.

Each one of you has been placed on the Earth to eventually wake up to the realisation that you yourselves are God. It was you who created the earthly dream world and simultaneously you are the dreamer and the dream. You and I are one. I dream My dreams and speak My sacred words and prayers through you. Those who listen intently enough can join them and consciously become one with Me. Humankind’s age-old yearning for a peaceful world to come is a manifestation of My vision in you. Although thus far it had to remain but a dream, now the time has come when hand in hand with the Angels and Me you will be making this dream into a reality.

The wars of your world have been and still are My teaching aids to show all of you the value of peace, so that when it finally comes you are sure to cherish, value and support it with all your might. Having known wars and all manner of other troubles and strife in the past, you will then sing My praises for having found true and lasting peace, within and without. From then onwards this is going to be your most treasured possession. You will safeguard it and make sure that no-one and nothing can ever disturb and upset it again. Unfortunately, this is the only way I could teach you, my human children of the Earth, the value of peace.

You are experience. You are life itself and you are life experiencing itself. Over the ages, through your prophets I told your world many times that earthly life is but a dream. Yet, for a long time you could not grasp that these words were trying to make it clear to you that in truth you are always in Eternity. The deep inner understanding this requires can only grow in human souls, each through their own first hand experiences and learning from them. But now that you are at last waking up to the realisation of your true nature, I beg of you not to delay putting into practice whatever wisdom you find until you have reached what you once used to think of as Eternity. Your work is on the earthly plane. This is your school and here you must learn.

Those who diligently pay attention to the education it can provide will never fail and whatever may befall them, they cannot lose. There are no losers in the whole of My Creation. As long as you learn willingly and apply your whole being to making the Earth a better place for everybody, you can be sure of counting among life’s winners. There is every reason why you should trust Me implicitly because it always has been a vital part of My great plan of life that good must prevail in the end. No matter how dire things may sometimes look on the surface of life, good will eventually triumph over every bit of evil that still exists in you and your world. My light is My knowledge and wisdom, your power and Mine. I share them with you to assist you with conquering every last shred of darkness within and without.

Rest assured that you, your true eternal Self, will never, never die – it cannot die. As I rise into your conscious awareness and gradually take over your whole being, you will discover that you yourself, each one of you, are the resurrection. You are the life, the way and the truth. Live it, take possession of it and endeavour to use whatever comes your way for the highest good of all life, for you yourselves are God and everything that is in your world and all worlds has been placed into your care and ultimately is your responsibility. The people you encounter in our earthly existence and also the things you require for your stays there were never meant for you to cling onto like grim death. Each one is a gift from Me. You borrow them for a certain predestined period only. I expect you to return them to Me in at least as good condition, ideally in an improved one, as you once received them.

For as long as your race has populated My beautiful planet Earth, I have allowed you free access to all lifeforms that share it with you. Now that you are evolving into spiritual adulthood, your hearts and souls are beginning to understand Mother Earth’s suffering and dilemmas. As a result, the wise ones among you are now willing to take better care of her and all life that is in her loving embrace. Having learnt from the mistakes of the past, these pioneers and pathfinders for the dawning of the Age of Aquarius are showing their love and respect to all of you by acting in ever more responsible ways. By living simply and modestly, they have left behind their role of one of Mother Earth treasures’ plunderers and are now playing the part of one of her guardians and safe-keepers.

Recommended Reading:
• ‘How Shall The Meek Inherit The Earth?’ (http://%20https://www.raysofwisdom.com/index.cfm?articleID=232)

From ‘The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World (http://www.raysofwisdom.com/index.cfm?articleID=631)’

* * *

August 22nd, 2017, 08:27
Not By Bread Alone


Although the human spirit is eternal and cannot be killed or harmed by anything or anyone, our souls can at times be so suppressed and unloved that they almost perish. It is not for nothing that the Jesus legend in St. Matthew 4:1-4 and St. Luke 4:1-4 both contain the identical warning – maybe for special emphasis: ‘Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan, and the Spirit carried him away into the wilderness for forty days, so that he might be tempted by the adversary. He did not eat anything in those days. When they were over, at last he became hungry. And the adversary said to him: ‘If you are the son of God, command this stone to become bread.’ Jesus answered: ‘It is not by bread alone that man can live, but by every word of God.’

The above words belong to a dialogue between Jesus and Satan, also known as the Tempter or the Devil. I see the legend of the whole life and times of the Master Jesus as a metaphor for humankind’s spirit self during its many sojourns through the wilderness of the Earth plane. Satan is a symbolism for the untamed desire nature of the earthly self, psychology calls this part ‘the id’. This part of our nature seeks to dominate at all costs and is in never ending pursuit of gratifying its own selfish wants.

The evolutionary pathway of our whole race demands from us, individually and collectively, complete mastery of the Earth plane. To achieve this, it is of the greatest importance that we become familiar with all parts of our nature, so that we can take charge of them and learn how to master and control them. This applies in particular to the desires and impulses of our lower earthly self – a formidable task if ever there was one. To get started, it’s crucial to become aware that we all contain a force that at times is quite capable of behaving like a wild creature on the loose, reacting to the slightest irritations by biting, kicking and thrashing in all directions.

Getting hold of and training this part of our nature is up to us, until in the end it turns into a docile work and saddle creature who willingly toils for us instead of against, the way it frequently did in the past. For as long as this force remains uncontrolled and left to its own devices it all too happily goes on the rampage and manages to create havoc for us in our lives. Each has to teach their own inner beast how to act like an amenable and enjoyable companion, so that it can eventually carry us – and our whole world with us – forwards and upwards into experiencing increasingly higher dimensions of life.

To return to Jesus and the wilderness, just for a moment, what about the number forty? The ancients considered figure to be a sacred one. This is how it found its way into some of the legends of our world, for example the ones of the Lord Buddha and the Master Jesus. The former, so we are told, meditated for forty days and nights and the latter spent the same amount of time in the wilderness.

Both the above quotes draw our attention to the fact, for extra emphasis twice over, to the most urgent factors for the survival of the human spirit and its soul during life in physicality. More important than anything else for the survival of the rigours and hardships that are an inevitable part of the winters of our earthly education is keeping in touch with our true home and our Creator, our Highest Self. To see us through the traumatic experiences that have to be endured, we are meant to draw on its support and strength. As through disuse any muscle, spiritual and physical alike, atrophies and loses its usefulness, clearly bread of the heavenly kind is of even greater significance than the earthly variety during our sojourns on this planet.

If we focus too much on the material plane and eventually get stuck there, our soul is in danger of dying from mal-nutrition. Souls can and do perish when their requirements are neglected for too long and they are denied access to the nourishment it draws from spiritual wisdom and truths that come from the source of our being. It makes no difference in what this may present itself or whatever belief system someone may follow. Any spirit whose soul has died, from its next lifetime onwards, has no option but to start from scratch and set about building itself a new soul.

The awareness that our thoughts and beliefs create our reality is useful here. Bearing in mind that even the worst offender has as much good in them as the greatest saint, it’s not hard to believe in them and their potential goodness. By never giving up hope that one day it will begin to surface and show, it is possible to help those who reveal their need for it through their behaviour. Let’s face it, the best relationships, i.e. the ones that help us grow in wisdom, tolerance and understanding of human nature, are by no means the ones that bring us together with people who already realise the importance of watching their words and actions carefully.

From ‘Astrology As A Lifehelp In Relationship Healing’ (http://www.raysofwisdom.com/index.cfm?articleID=628)

* * *

September 18th, 2017, 09:43
When The Sun Refuses To Shine


When the Sun refuses to shine on your day,
And you’re finding it hard to cope,
When you’re seeing more rain clouds
Than stars in the sky,
And you feel like giving up hope,

That’s the time when someone comes along
With a smile and a warm hug that says:
‘It’s okay – tomorrow will be a better day,
So, don’t give up now, for brighter moments
For you are surely on their way!’

Emily Matthews
Edited by Aquarius

* * *

September 23rd, 2017, 08:42
Stepping Stones


Earth life has many stepping stones
That help us find our way
Across its busy stream,
As we wade through it, day by day.

At times the waters rise and overflow,
And the future looks far from clear.
No way there seems to be across
And the stones all disappear.

Wait until the flow subsides
And the path is more clearly shown.
Once again you can see and use every stone.
When you then look ahead, the future is bright.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

* * *

September 24th, 2017, 08:31
Our Pathway Through Life


‘What we do as we move forward through our life can be compared to us laying down paving, as we absorb and apply various principles and shed our negative aspects and attitudes to replace them with new and positive ones. The path itself is, within general parameters, already set down before us but in setting the paving tiles in place by our efforts we are slowly, one by one, consolidating our path and giving it a definition. It may well be that at times we falter or take a step backwards, but the tiles remain in place and give us a firm footing when we tread there again. We never destroy what we have created in this way, even if we slide back a long way and return to it, tired and bruised but a lot wiser.’

From ‘The Milk Is White’ (https://sites.google.com/site/themilkiswhitethebook/)

* * *

November 27th, 2017, 10:51
There’s A Place For You Here


Even though at times you are overpowered
By feelings that this world is too painful
And difficult for you to cope with,
Don’t give in and go.
For now your place is here.

It’s okay to stop and rest.
If you need a break, it’s all right to say so.
Earthly life is neither a contest,
Nor a race or a performance.
It isn’t something one wins or loses.

You are here for more than grades,
Jobs and promotions,
More than keeping up
With those around you or
Merely just getting by.
It’s okay to slow down.

Earth life is not about status
Opinions or appearances.
There’s no need for faking anything,
Have the courage to be yourself
And feel your feelings,
They are there to tell you something and
Other people are geared just the same.

If your heart is broken,
It’s okay to say it is.
If you feel stuck, just say so.
If you can’t let go of something old,
For the time being,
That’s okay, too.

You are not alone in this world.
Beavering away behind its surface,
On the spiritual level of life,
Friends and helpers are beavering away,
Who are part of you and therefore know how you feel.
They are aware of your true value,
That you are much more than is visible
Of you on the surface of life.

The friends behind the scenes are
Waiting for you to ask for their help.
Because of freedom of will they can otherwise
Not come to you and show you the way.
It’s never too late for a new beginning
And you are never alone.
Whatever you truly need
And anything else that’s rightfully yours
Is sure to come to you,
In due course.
Just ask and see what happens.

There’s a place for every one of us here
And also in our other world,
But for a while that one can wait for you.
No matter how dire any situation may appear to be,
There is always a way forward and
Whenever you think you can’t carry on any longer,
You are ready to discover
That in truth no-one is ever alone.

On the inner level all life is one and
There is no separation between anything.
Everybody has a Higher Self, who has been waiting
For a long time to show us how to find our way.
We also have friends and helpers in the spirit world.
All we have to do is reach out and request their help.
Without asking nothing can reach us
From the higher levels of life.
For love’s sake don’t disappoint them!

Jamie Tworkowski
Edited by Aquarius

From ‘The Spiritual Aspects Of Depression And Suicide’ (http://www.raysofwisdom.com/index.cfm?articleID=627)

* * *

December 8th, 2017, 07:42
Dysfunctional Families


A friend of mine, who was born into a severely dysfunctional background, some time ago told me that she believes all families are bascially like that. I have to admit that at the time this took me a bit by surprise, but when I started to observe more closely the world around me and the way we all grow up, including myself, I had to admit that she was right. Not finding this a satisfactory state of affairs, I begun to wonder why this should be so. I am no longer prepared to accept such things as the status quo we jolly well have to put up with, whether we like it or not, the way I once used to do.

My life began to change profoundly when it dawned on me that we can and indeed are meant to change the things that are not to our liking and that, with the help and will of God and the Angels, who communicate with us through our inner guidance, all things are possible and crooked corners can be made straight. If we want to improve any kind of situation and resolve outstanding issues, at any time by day or night they are willing to show us the way. All we have to do is ask. Without it no help can reach us.

My observations of life confirm that just about every human family on the Earth plane appears to suffer from varying degrees of dysfunctionality. They have to be this way and that for several reasons. First in line are the karmic obligations we have towards each other and the outstanding issues which both parties, during their most recent stay in the spirit realm, agreed to shoulder and brought with them into their present lifetime. It was done in the hope of paying some of our karmic debts and resolving some of the outstanding issues.

To add to the problematic of their growing up years, each time human beings re-enter earthly life with a wrong perception of parent/child relationships. Expectations are deeply embedded in our spirits and souls and also an image of our true parents, the Great Father/Mother of all life. They are the perfect parents, kind, loving and understanding, all-protective, omniscient and omnipotent. Their relationship with us and ours with them is one of silent mutual understanding, the ideal one.

In every human encounter we are constantly seeking to re-establish the relationship with our Creator, who is both Mother and Father to us all, and of whose light we are a tiny spark at the beginning of our education as an earthling. Their kind of love and understanding is what we are always hoping to find some day in earthly life, in vain. Such ideal relationships take place on the highest levels of existence, where earthly personalities are no longer involved and therefore cannot clash with each other. Could this be the reason why, although we all dream of such relationships, they are practically impossible to achieve between two human beings?

Because of our faulty perception, we look to our human parents for the same kind of protection, knowledge and wisdom that our Divine Parents grant us. This is grossly unfair to those who are merely human and fallible, and on the Earth to learn, the same as we are. And because each one of us is a spark of the Divine, no matter which role has been allocated to anyone in their present lifetime, underneath we are all brothers and sisters, and that includes our parents as well as our children. There is a special reason why we find ourselves in these roles. In the animal kingdom, to which our lower earthly self belongs, new vehicles in the form of physical bodies for souls to reincarnate into, can only be created through a male and female of each species. This ensures their survival and that is why brothers and sisters temporarily find themselves in parent/child relationships.

Our world was created to be a school, in which each has been allocated its own space and time to grow and evolve into spiritual maturity. Life itself is the greatest University of all, where everybody has to study, sometimes as a parent and on other occasions as a child. In every relationship we are constantly acting as teacher and student, both at the same time. There is no such thing as a one-sided relationship and the Universal laws decree that everything in the whole of God’s Creation must balance. Because we are an integral part of it, we and our relationships also have to be balanced. It does not make one iota of difference whether we believe in God or not, and whether we enjoy this state of affairs or not. We are here to help each other grow and evolve, no more, no less.

Those who in this lifetime have come together as parents and children, the likelihood is that both parties involved are on a similar evolutionary level. This ensures the best possible results from the teaching and learning roles that have been allocated to the participants. There is every possibility that in future lifetimes the roles may be reversed, so that those who once were our parents will then be our children. This creates many karmic opportunities for all involved for learning one time at the giving end of a particular experience and then at its receiving one. If, for example, we have been good parents during one lifetime, it stands to reason that next time round we shall reincarnate through a couple that is capable of being good parents to us.

Whichever way all this works in our life, it is important always to remind ourselves that both parents and children are human and therefore fallible. The only reason why we all are here is to improve our character, and if that were no longer necessary, we would not be here. Whether we find ourselves in the role of parents or as children, we should never be afraid of making mistakes. Without them, there would neither be learning nor teaching of any kind. Clearly, a lifetime without mistakes would be a wasted one, but then that is highly unlikely ever to happen!

As soon as children have become adults in their own right and both parties have gained an understanding of how human relationships truly work, the time has come for letting go of the perception of parents and children. Because they lack the necessary understanding for the spiritual background of all life and human relationships in particular, many find it difficult to release each other once and for all from the ties that have been formed. But spiritually this is essential, because otherwise we shall never be able to release each other from the unhealthy child/parent role of mutual dependency and transmute our relationship into one total and unconditional love and friendship.

Recognising that the mistakes of the past were essential for those involved makes it easier to find forgiveness for ourselves and each other. Every single slip-up we make is an invaluable teaching aid in the earthly education every child of God has to attend. The watchful eyes of the wisdom and love of the true parents of both parties, our Mother/Father God, has always taken care of all our needs on the Earth plane. This will continue wherever else our education may take us, as we go forward and eventually move onto higher and highest levels of consciousness. Accepting these concepts as our truth can bring peace and healing into what must be the most fraught area of human relationships of all, our families.

If there were no struggles, obstacles waiting to be overcome, hurdles to be climbed and issues resolved, it would be impossible for us to learn how to tap into and develop our inner resources and transform our weaknesses into strengths. This applies to every aspect of life, so that through growing in wisdom and understanding our consciousness expands and we fulfil the purpose of our earthly existence. As these things are the only key that can and does unlock all human suffering on the Earth, let’s join St. Francis of Assisi’s prayer: ‘O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled, as to console; to be understood, as to understand; to be loved, as to love.’

From ‘Astrology As A Lifehelp In Relationship Healing’ (http://www.raysofwisdom.com/index.cfm?articleID=628)

* * *

March 18th, 2018, 09:52
He Is My Brother


The road is long,
With many a winding turn
That leads us to who knows where
And God only knows when.
But I am strong,
Strong enough to carry him,
For he ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.

So on we go.
His welfare is of my concern.
No burden is he to bear.
We’ll get there,
I know.
He does not encumber me,
For he ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.

If I am laden at all,
It is with sadness
That everyone’s heart
Is not filled with the gladness
Of love for each other.

It’s a long, long road,
From which there is no return.
While we’re on the way there,
Why not share?
When I do, the load
Does not weigh me down at all,
For he ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.

He is my brother and she is my sister
And as on the inner level all life is one,
Their cross and pain are mine.
And when I hurt someone,
I do it to myself.
And that’s why I do whatever I can
To comfort my brothers and sisters
With the help of the gifts
The Great Father/Mother of all life
Has bestowed upon me.

The Hollies
Edited by Aquarius

Recommended Viewing:
• ‘He’s My Brother’ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oT57tjz9py8)

* * *

April 5th, 2018, 11:24
You Can Do It


You don’t need to be told:
‘Life’s not easy and some hills are hard to climb!’
You don’t need to be told:
‘Have patience, it’ll all come in good time!’

You’ve got enough determination
To see you through,
And if you muster the patience,
Good luck will come, too.

You may have to weather a storm or two,
But don’t put your plans on the shelf.
You’ll only get where you’re going
By believing in yourself.

So go on, give life your best shot.
Success will not pass you by,
If you remember that the only failures
Are those who never try.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

* * *

April 12th, 2018, 08:52
The Greatest Glory


Life is a gift, so make it count and never give up on what you believe in. Be brave and make mistakes, because they teach us more than our successes. Instead of feeling bad about them, it is better by far to appreciate our blunders for helping us to become better people and to acknowledge that our successes in life could only grow from what we learnt from our slip-ups.

The greatest glory is not in never falling,
But in rising again, each time we fall.
Confucius 551-479 BC

Therefore, only look down on someone when you are giving them a helping hand to get up.

* * *

April 14th, 2018, 08:16
The Courage To Live


O Great White Spirit,
Father/Mother of the whole of Creation,
Reach out to all who have tried and seemingly failed,
To bring them your comfort and love.
Those whose hopes have been dimmed,
And whose faith has paled,
Lift into the radiance of your Divine wisdom, I pray,
And help them to trust again.

To those who are frightened and lonely,
Feeling hurt and helpless,
Baffled and blind, failing to understand
Why they are in this life and falsely
Believing that this dark and tangled earthly road
Is all there is to their existence,
Bring them a ray of hope in the form of a friend,
Someone who understands.

Touch with the flame of Your Heavenly fire
All hope that has burned low
And rekindle the faith that has died.
Show each one of us,
Your beloved children of the Earth,
How to walk steadfastly,
Hand in hand with You and the Angels
Through following the guidance we receive
From the innermost core of our being,
Where You and they dwell.

O Great White Spirit,
Show us the way,
Ever onwards, forwards and upwards
On the evolutionary spiral of life.
Help the ones who are stumbling and falling by the wayside,
To awaken into the knowledge of their true nature
And a renewed understanding
Of the purpose and meaning of their life,
So they can begin to move among their fellow beings
With renewed love in their hearts.
Grant them the gift of enough faith and courage to try,
Whenever this becomes necessary,
All over again.

Grace Noll Crowell
Edited by Aquarius

* * *

April 20th, 2018, 08:38
Live Through The Winter


We have to endure dark and frosty winters,
If we wish to experience spring,
And the woods have to be cold and silent,
Before the skylark can take to its wing.

Plants have to be buried in darkness,
Before they can bud and then bloom,
And the sweetest, warmest sunshine
Comes after each storm and gloom.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

* * *

April 25th, 2018, 12:06
The Weaver


My life is but a weaving
Between my Creator and me.
I cannot choose the colours,
As S/He worketh steadily.

Oft-times S/He weaveth sorrow,
And I, in foolish pride,
Forget S/He sees the upper
And I the underside.

Not till the loom is silent
And the shuttles cease to fly,
Shall God unroll the canvas
And explain the reasons why

The dark threads are as needful
In the Weaver’s skilful hand,
As the threads of gold and silver
In the pattern S/He has planned.

S/He knows and loves and cares –
Nothing this truth can dim,
And S/He gives the best to those
Who leave the choice to Her/Him.

Created by Anon.
Adapted by Aquarius

* * *

May 5th, 2018, 06:38
The Lord’s Prayer

A Healing Mantra For The Aquarian Age

Part One


Say the following words quietly to yourself and pay attention to the feelings that rise within your innermost heart and soul:

Our Father/Mother, Thou art in Heaven . . .

Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, Thy Heaven is here on Earth with me, inside my own heart. God and Goddess, Thou art as much part of me as I am of Thee. Thy Spirit is nothing but love and dwells in me. The spirit of love knows no separation. Thou art The Eternal Light. All your characteristics are waiting to come alive in each one of us, merely waiting to be brought forth by us. Thy Divine spark of the Christ Spirit is now coming alive in me. Thou art the flame of pure love and the state of Heaven in my heart.

Hallowed be Thy name . . .

With my whole being I worship Thee, o holiest of holy Mother/Father, Lord and Lady, Master and Mistress, God of power and might and Goddess of wisdom and love. Heaven and Earth are filled with Thy glory. Thou art omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent and everything Thou hast brought into being is sacred. It includes me and with all my heart and soul I honour and worship Thee and Thy Creation. I bless Thy Holy Name. Deep within the silence of my heart I listen to its sound, the great AUM. It renews Thy light, life, and perfection within me, for I am Thy child.

Thy Kingdom come . . .

Whenever I reflect on Thee and speak Thy blessed name, Thy light in my heart grows more powerful and grows into a blazing flame that fills my whole being. It unites itself with the sacred fire of Mother Earth and Father Sun and that cleanses me and heals me by burning my weaknesses and impurities. My dark thoughts and feelings dissolve when I dwell on the splendour of Thy great love and devotion to me, until nothing but Thy shining purity of thoughts and feelings fill my whole being. By filling it with Thy light and beauty, I realise that Thy kingdom is coming alive in me and is here with me in earthly life.

Thy Will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven . . .

Thy will created me and brought me into being. With the passing of time Thy light and beauty has re-created me and that brings me ever closer to the perfection of wholeness. Please make me ever more like Thee, so that through me the world around me is blessed and healed and transforms itself into the new Earth. The more Thy light illuminates my whole being, the more I glorify and praise Thee and Thy sacred name. May the purity and perfection of the Christ Star, the symbol of Thy only born son/daughter, the Spirit of the Universal Christ, come alive in all human hearts. May its radiance grow ever stronger, until the whole of humankind reflects Thy Glory and through us blesses and heals all life.

Give us today our daily bread . . .

O Christ Spirit, Thou art the Star of all stars, the Light of all lights and I am a tiny spark of Thee. Thou has placed me in earthly life so that I should grow and evolve and in the fullness of time respond to Thy calling. The light in me is a reflection of Thine. With every passing day it shines in me more powerfully and visibly, doing its share of removing more of the darkness of ignorance of earthly life. As I consciously open my heart to Thee, my understanding of Thy wisdom and truth increases and with every breath I take Thou and I are growing a bit more into one.

The gifts Thou art bringing me are the bread that not only nourishes my heart and soul but through me that of those around me and ultimately our whole world. The sweetness of Thy Divine spirit is coming ever more alive in me and filling the cup of my love for Thee and my gratitude to overflowing. The pure flame of Thy Divine passion cleanses, purifies and heals every aspect of my being. All my human passions and earthly desires I surrender to Thee and pray that they should be transformed into blessing and healing energies for all life.

Having created us, Thou knowest better than anyone what rebellious creatures we are and how we hate to be lorded over. But as our whole being fills ever more with Thy love, we are willing and capable of fulfilling superhuman tasks as long as they comply with Thy will and wishes. Thou art the truly beloved of my heart and soul and that is much more than a Lord and Lady, Master and Mistress could ever hope to be. Thee I follow willingly and trustingly. And the power of Thy love, when it fills our whole being, provides us with wings to lift ourselves and those around us above the concerns of earthly life and helps us to view their importance from the right angle, that of the spirit.

And forgive us our trespasses,

As we forgive those who trespass against us . . .

By sharing the gifts you so generously bestowed upon me to all who accompany me on my pathway through life, I freely give of my love. Freely and willingly, I forgive every one who has ever hurt, harmed or wounded me. And I pray that Thou will help the ones whom I have caused pain, to forgive me, so that we may set each other free and our karmic slates be wiped clean and we are ready for the experiences of the Age of Aquarius. My soul rejoices at the knowledge that the Christ Spirit is part of all my siblings in the human family. May Thy glory and radiance, wisdom and power work through me to bring rest, healing and peace to the whole humankind. I pray that no shadow will ever again fall between Thee and us. Please help all of us to overcome our selfishness and transform our weaknesses into strengths. And with every day that passes, help me to love Thee more dearly and to see Thee more clearly in all that is in Thy Creation – totally and unconditionally, the way Thou lovest all of us.

- To be continued. -

* * *

May 5th, 2018, 06:39
The Lord’s Prayer

A Healing Mantra For The Aquarian Age

Part Two

Leave us not when we are in temptation,

But deliver us and our world from all evil.
Help us to uplift and transmute the greatest evil into the

Highest good and the greatest joy for all life,
In keeping with the will and wishes of Thy great plan.

Thou art the only one who knows what tests and trials my soul still needs to endure until the balance of my spiritual account has been restored to wipe out my failures and wrong-doings of previous lifetimes. I know that the obstacles I am still encountering are not punishments of some kind, but were created by my thoughts, words and actions of this lifetime and previous ones. I forgive myself for this and take responsibility for the things I am still struggling to resolve. I understand that any sickness of the human physical body and mind are indications of an underlying sickness of soul and spirit. Please help all of us to heal every aspect of our being.With every breath I take, I breathe in Thy light and breathe out Thy love for the blessing and healing of all of Creation. In this day and every day, grant me Thy help and guidance, in all I say and do. Please, give me Thy strength and courage so that I may triumphantly overcome the things that are still troubling me.

My whole being is crying for Thee to come to my rescue, to heal me and re-birth me into my true Divine nature, to once again be a fully conscious child of Thine, the way I once was and on the inner level of life never stopped being. Through the difficulties I am experiencing you are teaching me to take better care of myself in mind, body, spirit and soul. I thank Thee for this most gracious lesson.May these struggles help me to discover and release my latent healing abilities, so that Thou and the Angels can work through me. And when I have recovered sufficiently, grant me the grace to show others how they, with Thy help, can also heal themselves. As I have been helped, one of these days I shall be a way-finder for others who are suffering the way I once did, so that my life grows ever more into a blessing and a gift for our world and everything that is in it, in accordance with Thy great plan of life, will and wishes.

Grant me the gift of Thy strength and wisdom to rise above the desires and temptations of my small earthly self. Deliver me from the evil of the dark thoughts and feelings that try to keep me from reaching out for Thee and Thy goodness. By learning to fully trust Thee and Thy Divine guidance and protection, help me to shed my fears and doubts, so that I may follow in total trust wherever Thou leadest me. And whenever the feelings of my earthly self threaten to overwhelm me, knowing that they are not the work of the devil but that of my frightened earthly self, grant me the gift of Thy strength to say to this part of me: ‘It’s all right, calm down.’ Help me to rise above the lower aspects of my being and bring forth, from deep within me, my own Christ nature, so it can show me how to do that only that which is for the highest good and the greatest joy of all.

For Thine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory . . .

My life is one with Thee and it is my will that it shall be so, for ever more. Thou art the light within my spirit and soul that is now safely returning me into the oneness with Thee. Trusting that in all Eternity I shall be safe with Thee, I surrender my whole being unto Thy care. I pray that Thy will be my will and that my will be Thine, that Thy sacred words and prayers are ours, so that the great plan of life unfolds in keeping with Thy will and wishes rather than ours. Show all of us how to manifest Thy love, beauty and perfection that are also in us, although for many still in seed form. Help us to conduct our lives, now and forever in keeping with Thy Universal laws, so that our vibrations become ever more purified and be compatible with Thine.

Thou art the true Kingdom of our being and Thine is the power and the glory that is now coming alive in us and our world with the awakening of They Divine spark in ever more human hearts. May this continue until the healing power of Thy sacred love fills all our hearts and souls to overflowing. May it spread from there into the farthest and remotest corners of Creation, to finally return to Thee enriched with the wisdom and understanding all of us have gained thus far in the course of our evolutionary journey up the spiral of life and back into the oneness with Thee, our Creator.

O Great White Spirit, fountain of all Holiness, Thou art the source of all life, light and healing. May all human beings be restored and regenerated, giving and receiving love, breathing out and breathing in nothing but love and light, together with Thee. By making peace with Thee, beloved Father/Mother, the human spirit and soul enters into Thy light and is cleansed and healed. Our whole being comes to rest in Thee, our body relaxes and every cell and atom of it are restored and regenerated. And when one of us healing, all humankind, Mother Earth, and all of Creation are healing with us.

So it shall be – for ever and ever,

In Thy sacred and most holy name.

May the blessing and healing power of Thy love flow through us and everything that is in our world. Through all channels who are ready to serve you, may the power of Thy love flow for the healing of humankind’s emotional and spiritual wounds of all lifetimes. All these things I am asking in the sacred name of the Universal Christ. Thou art the highest Star, the brightest light, the greatest love and the highest mind in the whole of Creation.


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* * *

May 15th, 2018, 10:35
In Difficult Times


When we are going through difficult times
And everything seems to be against us,
If it seems as though we could not hang on
For another minute,
It’s best not to give up,
Because that could be the time
When the tide is ready to turn for us.

Harriet Beecher Stowe
Edited by Aquarius

* * *

May 25th, 2018, 15:01
No-One Is Without Value


The essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that reached me as the Lodge’s Monday Thought 25.3.2013: ‘Each one of you is a precious and unique being *, who is loved by the Great Father/Mother of all life, your true parents, far more than any of you can imagine. No human being is without value and each one of you is of the greatest importance as a manifestation of God, who is in the process of evolving into perfection, i.e. wholeness, and through whom the Divine forces in due course will be able to touch the lives of countless others. Your earthly minds are receiver and transmitter stations and potentially each one of you is a channel and reflector of God’s light. If in your minds you hold fast to the realisation of God’s light and life, it can shine through you into the whole of your world. In this way the power of God’s light can reach and illuminate everyone you get in touch with, as well as many others who are unknown to you.

‘The esoteric meaning of the surface words of the Jesus legend’s Easter and resurrection story is an allegory that describes the death and resurrection of humankind’s spiritual nature. At the beginning of your education as physical beings, your spirit consciousness is nailed to the cross of earthly life *. For wise higher reasons it has to die in that environment, but after having spent many lifetimes in it, the Divine spark in you stirs from its slumber. Slowly your spiritual nature rises from its grave, from your subconscious into your conscious awareness, so it can be resurrected by your earthly self. May the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, bless each one of you and through you renew and heal the heart and soul of humankind with Its loving breath of life.’

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* * *

June 2nd, 2018, 10:28
What Is Hope?


When things go wrong, as they sometime will,
The optimist thinks: ‘They’ll come right again!’
When times are hard, positive thinkers say:
‘They will get better and become easier again.’
But the pessimist grumbles: ‘It’ll only get worse!’
And although this may take a while,
Because our thoughts and beliefs create our earthly reality,
Such forecasts invariably come true.
And then, each one in keeping with their perception of life,
Nods sagely and says: ‘I told you so!’

But what is hope?
It is not the closing of one’s eyes to
Difficulties and obstacles, risks and possible failures.
It is an inner trusting that knows:
If I fail now, I shall not do so forever.
If I get hurt, I shall be healed.
If I make mistakes, I shall learn from them,
And when I’ve learnt enough,
I will be allowed to move on
To lessons of a different nature.
What could be better?

Hope is the awareness of our innermost self that
Life is good and that the power of love
Is the most powerful force in the whole of Creation
That can straighten crooked corners and move mountains.
If we but ask, this force at all times is willing
To guide us through our most traumatic encounters,
And to help us heal every aspect of our whole being
As well as all relationships,
Especially the most difficult ones.

Hope is an inner knowing,
A steadily increasing certainty
That in God’s time, not ours,
All things in earthly life will eventually
Be made good and come right.
Our present existence is like a great stage
And one fine day we are going to
Step in front of its curtain,
Behind which we for so long have been acting,
Into the world of light, our true home.
We shall be received by the friendly audience
Of the Angels and Masters,
And all other spirit friends and helpers,
To take our bow.

Earth life is a tragicomedy of errors in which
Every participant eventually feels the need
To nail the desires of their lower self to the
Cross of consciousness of the Earth.
Those who have matured into spiritual adulthood and
Willingly submit themselves to Saturn’s demands
Of practising the restraint of self-discipline
And self-mastery in all their relationships,
At the end of their present lifetime
Will only leave good and healed connections behind.
They are presented by God and the Angels
With a leaving certificate that shows that
Earth life can teach them no more.

The teachers, in this case the Angels and Masters
Of the higher and highest planes of existence,
Move these students of life on to lessons
Of an increasingly elevated nature.
And that’s how every one of us in the fullness of time
Is going to take their final bow
On this side of the veil of consciousness.

United in friendship and love at last
With those who walked this way before us,
We enjoy the applause that greets us
On the other side of the veil,
Eager to find out where
The Angels may wish to take us next.
And in the shelter of God’s mighty wings
We shall forever serenely venture forth,
Safe in the knowledge that we shall
Never be frightened or feeling lonely again.

‘I will abide in Thy tabernacle forever;
I will make my refuge the shadow of Thy wings.’
Psalm 61:4

* * *

June 12th, 2018, 06:56
Finding Peace


Now that the Age of Aquarius is with us,
Many are feeling an ever increasing desire
To be reunited with their Creator.
The wish of returning into the conscious awareness
Of our true reality is now coming true
And soon we shall have reached the point
When every human being is once more
Aware of their true nature and oneness with God,
In an existence without pain and suffering
Caused by divisions and boundaries.

Ever more of us are walking
Hand in hand with God and the Angels,
Paying attention to their Highest Self,
The living God within.
By following Its guidance and
Manifesting Its will and wishes
In our lives, instead of ours.
Listening to Its thoughts and ideas
And following Its instructions,
We are true to our real self.
In all our thoughts, words and actions
We take pride in doing that which
It tells us what is good and right.

The spirit of God and the Angels
At all times is at work in the background
Of every part of earthly life,
Supporting and encouraging us,
There’s no need to live in despair.
They never deny anyone their help.
All we have to do is ask.
And when we pray in thoughtful ways
For the highest good and the greatest joy of all,
We are true to our higher nature and
Are once again consciously walking
With God and the Angels,
Exploring the highest levels of life.

And that’s the only way we can find
The freedom and peace
Our spirits and souls are yearning for,
Whilst taking part in earthly life.

* * *

June 19th, 2018, 07:51
Sunshine And Rain


We wouldn’t enjoy the sunshine,
If we never had the rain.

We couldn’t appreciate good health,
If we never had a pain.

If we never shed a teardrop
And always wore a smile,

We’d all get tired of laughing,
When we’d done it for a while.

Everything serves a wise higher purpose,
The bitter as well as the sweet.

Both are required for teaching us
And making our lives complete.

Helen Steiner Rice
Edited by Aquarius

* * *

July 4th, 2018, 08:53
I Believe In Miracles


I believe in thoughts to share and feelings to discuss.
I believe in miracles, I believe in us.

I believe in sunny days, the cleansing touch of rain,
In special moments that form an endless chain.

I believe in quiet nights and brilliant starlit skies,
In tender sights that stir all loving hearts.

I believe in positives and truths that form a plus,
In loving and sharing. I believe in us.

I believe in and trust God’s great plan of life and
A positive and beneficial outcome of all things.
I believe that goodness is in all human souls
And that it eventually shows,
No matter how long this may take in some.
I believe that we and all life have always rested safely in
The Great Father/Mother’s loving hands.
I believe that all is well and sure to come right in the end,
For each and every one of us and our world.

I believe in the ever increasing healing power
Of the love that is created when
The human and Divine aspects of life join forces.
I believe that this is bringing about
The greatest healing miracle ever,
Which is taking place right here and now,
For us and everything that shares Earth life with us.

I believe, nay, I know, feel and trust,
With all my heart and soul,
That this is the truth.

Bruce B. Wilmer
Edited by Aquarius

* * *

July 10th, 2018, 08:22
The Puzzle Of Life


Who and what am I?
So much more than the picture in my passport
Or my qualifications and titles,
And not the stories people tell about me.
I am not in the judgments of fingers that point at me
And I refuse to be put into boxes,
To be numbered or labelled.
I know that I am and yet,
I cannot be known by
Any knowledge of anybody’s mind,
Other than my own.

So, who am I and who are you?
We are spirit and soul and on the inner level of life
You and I we are one.
You are part of me as much as I am part of you,
And should you wish to meet and know the one we both truly are,
You have to ask your heart, instead of your head.
The former alone can recognise who both of us truly are.
It recognises one of its own kind and loves it.

I am an experience –
A feeling, a wave and a vibration.
I can be a tear or a smile,
A flower, a tree or a butterfly,
And at the same time the sea and the wide open sky,
Or the wind that caresses your hair.
I am what I love within me,
But also that of which I still am afraid.
Oh wonder, I am me and yet
I can be anything and anyone I want to be.

Do not tell me who I should be.
Never mind my limits, my scale or size,
Or who – in your eyes – I could be.
All I ask of you is that you
Love me the way I am,
As an experience that comes your way,
To bless your life and enrich it.

So, give me the freedom and the space to be myself.
And should you ever wish to know me,
Approach me with a smile and a hug
And I will instantly recognise you.
Share a caring word with me
And allow me to take your hand
To lead you to the place
And the experience where all is one,
For that alone is the true ‘me’
As well as the true ‘you’.

Edited by Aquarius

* * *

July 25th, 2018, 10:04
Prayer For Renewal Of Faith


O Universal Christ,
Light of all lights,
Star of all stars.
You are the Sun above and behind
The Sun in the sky above us.
Together with the Great Father/Mother of all life
You are the true Lord and Lady,
Master and Mistress
Of the whole of Creation.
Please draw us close to you
And renew our awareness of
Your sacred presence in our hearts,
So that through this the hope and faith
Of our whole world is renewed.

We are Your children and
The whole human race is
The work of Your hands.
Every one of us is
A sheep of Your flock.
Heal the hurt in us,
Comfort the pain in us,
Release us from our loneliness
And show us how we can change
Our weaknesses into strengths.

May the power of Your total and unconditional love
Fill our whole being and flow through us
Into everything we come into contact with,
To us bring the renewal of life
And strengthening of the
God-power within, which we and our world
Have been searching for such a long time.

May every one of Your children of the Earth
Be renewed in You,
Grow stronger in faith and
Be filled with joyful hope and trust.
Now that You are revealing yourself
As the true world teacher of the Aquarian Age,
Show us how we can do our share of
Making our world an ever
More beautiful and peaceful place
That is ruled by kindness and tolerance
Towards each other and where everyone rests safely
In the knowledge of Your protection and love.

Kindly walk before us and light the way
Up the spiritual mountain of life
For all Your children,
Hand in hand with Your servants,
The Angels and Masters of our other world,
And all other spirit friends and helpers.
May our whole being fill ever more
With Your Loving Spirit,
Enabling us to love You more dearly,
See You more clearly and
Become more like You and
At one with You,
With each passing day.


* * *

July 27th, 2018, 08:23
Peace Prayer


In the cold of an over-materialistic world,
Where many are feeling lost and lonely
I wish you warmth and joy from the knowledge that
These are the days of miracles and wonders,
When ever more of us are once more
Becoming aware of their true nature
And the reason for their being here.

I wish you courage and strength
To heal your own pain and that of others.
May it grow from a steadily increasing awareness that
The love and wisdom aspect of our Creator,
The Great Mother of all life,
Is manifesting herself everywhere in our world.

I wish you a sense of humour and the gift of smiling,
To help you overcome all your fears,
So you can show others how to do the same for themselves.
In the silence of your inner being may you
Be at one with the will and power of the Great Father.
The Father/Mother and their only born
Son/Daughter, the Christ Spirit,
Are as much part of us as we are part of them.
May their highest qualities reveal themselves
In our world through you and your life.

I wish for inner and outer peace in our world.
May it flow from the heart-mind of the Divine Trinity
Into the farthest, remotest corners of our world,
To bless and heal all its lifeforms.
And may the Mother’s wisdom and truth enter
Into every human heart and soul,
As that’s the only place where truth is known.

I wish that the creative fire
Of the ideas from the heartmind of God,
Lighten and warm everybody’s days,
So that Its dreams and visions can come true,
Through us and our world, and all worlds.
I wish for the renewal of hope, faith and trust in our world,
To assist every one of us with ascending the heights of
The spiritual mountain of Divine compassion.
I wish for God’s love to flow into every heart and soul,
So that we may all walk together hand in hand,
As one big family, peacefully and forever united.

Although this is still a dream,
I know in my heart of hearts
That one day it can and will come true,
Through all human souls, including you and me,
For when God’s love has at last come alive
In every human heart and soul,
Anything will be possible and achievable.

Above all I wish for the gift of understanding
To enter every human heart and with it
The ability to stop taking things literally,
When the true meaning of something is
Hidden behind its surface words.


* * *

July 30th, 2018, 06:13
The Age Of Aquarius


The Age of Aquarius * is the age of rebellion and revolution that will be bringing our world the long yearned for enlightenment and spiritual freedom. It started approx. 1900 AD and will continue until around 4,100 AD. Therefore, it has been with us for quite some time by now. Lo and behold! Humankind’s long awaited saviour and redeemer, promised of old, is at last in flesh appearing *. The spiritual rebirth of our race and our world is taking place right here and now and every one of us is taking part in it. It is happening in a highly surprising and much more beautiful way than anyone could ever have envisaged in past ages, even in their wildest dreams. The Christ spark is waking from its slumber, the Christ child is born and beginning to develop its Divine characteristics in increasing numbers of human hearts.

The deeper we move into the Aquarian Age, the more noticeable effect this is having on our world. And as the months and years go by, it can ever more easily be seen that the new age is by no means some kind of a fad or an airy-fairy notion that has sprung from the minds of the hippy movement. It is a concept that deserves to be taken seriously and demands the undivided attention, not merely of those who are already interested in their own spiritual progress and that of our whole world, but everybody. Ever more of us will be reaching the point of their spiritual development when spiritual wisdom and truth directly from the Source are going to flow into their hearts.

The equally long promised world teacher * is appearing in our midst and reveals him/herself as none other than the living God within, our inner teacher or in-tuition, who is the only reliable guru in the whole of Creation who knows the answers to any kind of question we may care to ask. Through the small still voice of our conscience this teacher has always tried to intuitively tell us right from wrong. The English poet Robert Browning, 1812-1889, knew about it when he wrote: ‘There is an inmost centre in us all, where truth abides in fullness.’

When all have become attuned to and are following the guidance of this, everyone’s own teacher, there will be peace in our world and no longer any need for religions. One after the other is in the process of disappearing for the simple reason that they have served the purpose they were created for and are no longer required. All my writings are insights and observations of the monumental changes this is bringing with it and how helpful new perspectives on all aspects of life are beginning to reveal themselves to us.

The collective consciousness of our race is opening up and everywhere there is an increasing awareness of the ‘facts of life’ about our true nature and eternal reality. The realisation that each one of us is an immortal and eternal Divine spark shows us that life is an absolute continuum and that there is no such thing as death. The limited perception of our earthly existence as a one-off thing is rapidly changing into the awareness that one cycle of life emerges from the previous one.

Guided and protected by God and the Angels, all life inexorably moves forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life *. We are moving with and every one of us is slowly but surely evolving into a more whole and beautiful being who yearns for reaching the experiences of the higher and highest levels of life. On our way there, everything that has outlived its usefulness in due course is removed and disappears.

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From ‘War And Peace Between Nations’ (https://www.raysofwisdom.com/index.cfm?articleID=624)

* * *

August 5th, 2018, 07:30
Tree Of Life Blossoms


• Nobody is worthy of our tears and those who are would never dream of making us weep.

• Don’t cry because something is over! Smile and give thanks that it has been.

• Just because someone does not love us the way we would like them to, does not mean they do not love us with all they have got.

• True friends are those who touch our hearts and souls each time they reach out for us and of whom we know that they would never do anything to hurt or harm us.

• The most painful way of missing someone is sitting by their side and knowing that things just cannot be between them and us.

• It’s not a good idea to frown, even when we are sad. Just think, there could be someone waiting to fall in love with our smile.

• Don’t waste time on those who are unwilling to spend theirs with you.

• To the world you may be just one more person, but to someone you could be the world.

• The Universal wisdom may want us to meet a few wrong people before getting in touch with the someone who is just right for us, so that when we finally encounter them we recognise them and are deeply grateful for it.

• There will always be people who let us down and willingly stick a knife into our back. Looking within for what the mistakes of the past were trying to teach us, we get in touch with our inner guidance and gradually learn to follow its advice in all encounters. That’s how we eventually get to implicitly trust the wise one within to show us who in earthly life is trustworthy and who is not and therefore best avoided.

• Considering that the law of life is evolution, instead of trying to get others to understand us, our development benefits more from making an effort to get to know ourselves and our inner motivations and then find ways of evolving into a better person.

• In all our endeavours, let’s not try too hard. The best things frequently come our way when we least expect them. Above all, never forget that whatever happens in our lives does so for a good and wise reason, which is that we should learn something from it and so grow in wisdom and understanding.

• Young and inexperienced souls frequently feel they always have to be doing something. But in truth the conservation of energy is of the greatest importance in our daily lives. Whenever things go wrong, we are tempted to rush hither and thither trying to put things right, maybe feeling that it does not really matter what we do, as long as we are doing something. Wise ones, however, know that the best way of reacting to difficult situations is by calmly and steadily making contact with the living God within, their inner connection with the eternal and everlasting source of life and strength. Any time of day or night it is ready to advise us about the best way of going about anything.

• Meditation can be practised every day by contemplating the beauty and wonder of God’s Creation and the wisdom and love that brought it into being and maintains it. In moments like that our own heart and soul are vibrating in harmony with the love and wisdom, peace and kindness for all life of the Great Father/Mother.

* * *

August 7th, 2018, 14:54


Every human being has the birthright to
Find a measure of happiness in earthly life.
But what is happiness?
For me it is knowing who I am,
Where I come from and am going to,
That my life fulfils a higher purpose
And this gives my life meaning and direction.

My happiness consists of the awareness
That every one of the trials and tribulations
I had to endure were not inflicted upon me
By an uncaring and vengeful fate,
A force over which I have no control,
That can neither be seen nor understood,
When in truth everything was caused by me,
Through negative thinking and behaviour patterns
Of previous lifetimes.

Knowing that there is a great plan of life and
A smaller plan within it for every human being,
That all these plans have always been
Unfolding as they should and
Forever will continue to do so;
That the things that ever happened in our world
Have always been but passing phases
Of Mother Earth’s evolution and ours;
And that a high and holy destiny.
Awaits every one of us and our world,
That is my happiness.
What more could anyone wish for?

* * *

August 12th, 2018, 10:15
You Are Special

Part One


Are you aware that every human being, each in their own way, is a priceless many-faceted jewel with its own unique set of gifts and qualities that represents a certain aspect of our true parents, the Great Father/Mother of all life? We are very special creatures with a high and holy destiny, who are loved totally and unconditionally by them. Just imagine, in the entire history of the whole of Creation there never has been or will be another one quite like us and who is irreplaceable.

Our eyes and hair, hands and handwriting, smiling and weeping, voice and mind are unique to us. No-one walks, talks, thinks, acts or even meditates exactly the way we do. Nobody can paint our brush strokes or has exactly the same taste as ours for food and clothing, music and dancing as well as other artistic endeavours. Nobody perceives things * quite the way we do and no-one can feel our feelings or think our thoughts. And there has never been someone who laughs exactly like we do, and the things that make us laugh or cry may have quite a different effect on someone else.

That’s because we are all different from everybody else who ever walked the Earth and each one of us is gifted in a particular way. Even if others pursue the same creative activities as we do, they still have their own way of expressing themselves within them. In the course of our evolutionary journey as individuals that lasts many lifetimes, every one of us develops their own set of abilities. Therefore, it’s quite likely that there will always be someone who is better at something than we are and therefore superior to us in at least one way. But this applies to every human being because the Great White Spirit, our Father/Mother Creator, has provided all of us, His/Her beloved children of the Earth, with a different set of talents.

Our set may already have taken many lifetimes to develop and we have been granted the gift of another one to provide us with many more opportunities for improving them some more. The whole range of our gifts produces a vibration and a sound that is uniquely our own. And the entire human race can be likened to a room filled with billions of musical instruments. Don’t be disturbed when you sometimes get a sneaking feeling that some instruments sound better than yours. This is intentional and due to the fact that every instrument is a unique creation and that ensures that no-one’s sound matches exactly anyone else’s. No matter how hard we may try to sound alike, it’s impossible.

Every human being is a tiny particle of a vast whole, for whose functioning the wellbeing of one is as important as anyone else’s. All of us are rare and precious in the eyes of the Great Father/Mother of all life, who holds a giant plan of life for the whole and a small one for each one of us within it. We were created in God’s image from the idea of the archetypal perfect son/daughter of God that exists in our Creator’s mind. In the course of many lifetimes we created the earthly personality that is ours. And whatever anyone imagines God to be, even the greatest sceptics are bound to admit that it’s impossible that we and our world appeared out of nothing and nowhere. *

Humankind is not some kind of a random and haphazard appearance or cosmic joke. Earth life is a school and we are spending time in it so that we may learn to love, appreciate and accept ourselves, just the way we are, because that’s how our Creator wants us to be. Everybody contains the seed of perfection and the only thing we have to do to achieve it, is integrate every aspect of our nature, our earthly mind and body as much as our spirit and soul. By constantly giving of the best that rises from within the very core of our own being, our nature’s Divine characteristics move ever more into the foreground of our consciousness and gradually take over.

Wherever we shall find ourselves, we can be sure that we are always at the right time in the right spot. We have been placed there to do our share of making our planet a happier, more peaceful and beautiful place for those around us, whilst not overlooking our own needs. Each one of us was created to fulfil one specific task in earthly life during our world’s transition from one age into another, which for some time has been taking place. One particular job is waiting to be done by all of us. It can only be carried out by us and therefore rightfully ours. To enable us to find it, it’s essential to pay attention to the guidance of wise one or the living God within. This part of us has the ability to reveal the right way of how to go about things through the world of our feelings and our natural inclinations.

We are in this life to dream our own dreams and pursue them and not those of others, no matter how dear they may be to those around us, even our parents or grandparents. Only by never imitating or copying others can we hope to be true to our real and highest nature and attend to our special assignment. We are sure to find it when we act in keeping with Its will and wishes, say a loud and clear ‘no’ to the drives and urges of our lower earthly nature and give of our best at all times. Hand in hand with God and the Angels can we then go full steam ahead with developing own unique and precious set of gifts to its highest potential and bring it to full flowering. The success we are dreaming of is sure to come our way if we are willing to work sufficiently hard. If this does not happen in our present lifetime, it will do so in a future one. So, why not get stuck into it, now?

- To be continued. -

* * *

August 12th, 2018, 10:16
You Are Special

Part Two

It’s a bit like applying for a job, but this time we shall be luckier than we have ever been before. Just imagine, out of the billions of potential applicants we alone have the right qualifications. What more could anyone ask for? However, the success that is our promise is not going to drop into our lap like manna from the Heavens. Wise ones know that insisting on living selfishly and treating life as an endless round of pleasure-seeking is not the right way to go about it. On the road to fulfilling their highest aspirations and hopes, ideals and dreams, they work for the good of the whole in keeping with the guidance they receive through the world of their innermost feelings.

Only a fool would deny that we are living in exciting times and to make the most of the opportunities they have in store for us, all we have to do is reach out for the guiding, helping and protecting hands of God and the Angels, the highest authorities in the whole of Creation. Persevering with our efforts is worthwhile, so that we don’t miss our chance for learning to walk once again in safety and peace on our beloved planet in the process of evolving into one of its healers, guardians and keepers. Each one of us is required to make their own contribution to the blessing and healing of Mother Earth and all her Kingdoms. These notes are part of mine.

All of us eventually have to learn how to take care of the welfare of our world, so that it slowly evolves into a better place for everybody and everything that shares it with us. This is by no means entirely unselfish, because although we are presently working for future generations, let us not forget that in coming lifetimes we may once again be walking amongst them in a different guise *. And if that does not make every small effort one of us makes worth while, then please tell me what is.

The following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in Stella Polaris December/January 2010. It came to me as a confirmation of the above which I had written a long time ago. ‘Each one of you has their own special part to play in bringing greater light, i.e. spiritual understanding to your world. When you manifest and express God’s love in your daily lives and hold communion with the Divine aspect of your being in the innermost sanctuary of your heart, you radiate this love and bring it to those around you. Your responsibility towards them gradually increases and so will the wisdom and knowledge you are given access to, intuitively or otherwise. God is as much part of you as you are part of God. Each one of you is destined to evolve into an instrument through which the blessing and healing power of the all-knowing infinite Divine spirit can flow into your world.’

However, God and the Angels do not allow anyone in search of self-aggrandisement and easy ways of accumulating vast amounts of money to get anywhere near the Christ Star’s white healing magic *. It is strictly out of bounds for people like this. Access will be denied to them until their Christ nature has taken over sufficiently to have cleansed their energies of the desires of their lower self. Genuinely aspiring lightbringers would never think of themselves as the greatest healers ever and present themselves in this way. Anyone who does this cannot take part in the healing power that constantly flows from the Highest Forces of life into everything in earthly life.

When wise ones think only of the good of others and aim to alleviate their pain and suffering, they are contributing to the transmutation of earthly life’s dense vibrations into higher and more heavenly ones. Anyone else who seriously longs for spiritual development and the unfoldment of their higher vision first needs to surrender their small earthly self’s desires to the will and wishes of the Divine forces. As soon as they selflessly offer themselves as channels for bringing comfort and healing to those who are sick in mind and body, spirit and soul, they are serving not merely the good of their present lifetime but all future ones.

That’s how each one of us freely and willingly will eventually be doing their share of helping God and the Angel to create a better and more spiritually advanced state of life for Mother Earth and every one of her children. To paraphrase the Jesus legend: ‘On my own I can do nothing. On my own I am nothing. The Great Father/Mother and their Angels are doing their work through me. I am but their humble servant and channel.’ In the fullness of time this will become the leitmotif of every human being.

* Recommended Reading:
• ‘The Great Plan Of Life Unfolds’ (https://www.raysofwisdom.com/index.cfm?articleID=624#patriarchy)
• ‘Our World Needs You’ (http://www.raysofwisdom.com/index.cfm?articleID=941)
• ‘Varying Perceptions Of Life – Why? (http://www.raysofwisdom.com/index.cfm?articleID=702)’
• ‘How Did Humankind Begin?’ (http://www.raysofwisdom.com/index.cfm?articleID=1484)
• ‘How Did Everything Begin?’ (http://www.raysofwisdom.com/index.cfm?articleID=1088)
• ‘We Are Our Own Ancestors And Descendants’ (https://www.raysofwisdom.com/index.cfm?articleID=65)
• ‘White Magic And Black Magic’ (http://www.raysofwisdom.com/index.cfm?articleID=1343)

* * *

August 16th, 2018, 07:43
Trust The Veiled Hand


Trust the veiled hand that leads
None by the path their earthly self would choose to go,
And always be prepared for change,
For the Universe’s law is ebb and flow.

Arabic Wisdom

Does that unseen hand sound to you somehow too menacing and threatening to be trusted, as it does to me? That’s why I prefer to think of it as the small still voice of the wise one within, our Highest Self, who speaks to us through the world of our feelings that rise from deep within the very core of our being. When we are in touch with this aspect of our nature and are willing to listen to it, it can tell us right from wrong, and truth from lie at any given moment.

Our Highest Self is the veiled hand the Arabic wisdom spoke of, during the Age of Pisces, the Age of blind faith and trust. Now that the Aquarian Age is with us, the waters of Divine wisdom and knowledge of Aquarius, the water-bearer, are pouring ever more powerfully into the hearts and minds of our race, to cleanse the river of our consciousness of its doubts and fears.

Now that we are gaining access to the wisdom and truth of the Great Father/Mother of all life, it is coming clearer with each passing day that the veiled hand never was something scary ‘out there’. The time has come for realising that God is an inner experience and that the hand that reaches out to every one of us is the living part of us that loves us totally and unconditionally, who has our best at heart and will never let us down or lead us astray. It knows the way of all things and keeps us safe. If we ask for its guidance, it will always show us which way is right or wrong for us at any given moment.

There is every reason why we should love and trust the veiled hand with the might of our whole being. As soon as Its love for us and our love for It come together and melt into each other, our fears begin to dissolve and we are learning to trust again. So, go with the flow and know that you are safe and always will be.
Recommended Reading:
• ‘The Labours Of Hercules’ (https://www.raysofwisdom.com/index.cfm?articleID=379)

* * *

August 19th, 2018, 06:34
About Pain


A woman spoke: ‘Tell us of pain!’
And the Prophet replied:
‘Your pain is but the breaking of the shell
That encloses your deeper understanding.
You have to know pain,
Even as the outer shell of any fruit has to break,
So that the seed it contains can begin to grow and emerge into the Sun.

If you could but open your heart to the wonder
And the miracle that is your life and all life,
So that you could see that they are contained in everything.
If you could do that, your pain would not seem less wondrous
Than your joy.
You would then be able to accept the seasons of your heart,
Both their coming and their going,
In the same way as the inevitability of the seasons
That pass over your fields.
And you would watch yourself, with serenity and wonder
Through the winters of any grief,
Knowing with certainty that spring and resurrection
Will surely follow.
And that even in the event of the death of your physical body
You can be sure to be granted the gift of another lifetime on the Earth,
For as long as you require it.

With the onset of wisdom, you will begin to recognise
That much of your pain is self-chosen and that
It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you,
Your Highest or God Self,
Is trying to heal your small, sick and wounded earthly self.
Understanding this you will be able to trust
The Divine Wisdom of your very own Heavenly physician,
And drink Its remedy in silence and tranquillity.

You will then rest safely in the knowledge that
Its hand is only seemingly hard and heavy,
And that in truth the cup that now burns your lips
Is given to you by the tender hand of the Unseen,
And that this cup has been fashioned from the clay,
Which the Great White Spirit, the potter of all life,
Is moistening with Its own sacred Father/Mother tears.’

From ‘The Prophet’ by Kahlil Gibran 1883-1931
Lebanese/American poet
Edited by Aquarius

Anne Morrow Lindbergh writes: ‘Go with the pain, let it take you... Open your palms and your body to the pain. It comes in waves like a tide, and you must be open as a vessel lying on the beach, letting it fill you up and then, retreating, leaving you empty and clear... With a deep breath – it has to be as deep as the pain – one reaches a kind of inner freedom from pain, as though the pain were not yours but your body’s. The spirit lays the body on the altar.’ That is how the indwelling spirit needs to nail its small self to the cross of its earthly experiences.

* * *

August 25th, 2018, 06:28
You’ll Never Walk Alone


Because God is as much part of us as we are part of God, the guidance and protection of our Divine parents never leaves any one of us and no soul is ever left unattended to in earthly life. Regardless of the fact that it frequently feels that way, we are never entirely alone. God and the Angels, as well as our guides and good shepherds in the world of light, our true home, are constantly with us. They watch over and tenderly guide every soul’s progress.

In the course of many lifetimes on the Earth our small lower self becomes ever more separated from our spirit and soul. For a long time our earthly existence can be likened to a dark box. But when in the hours of our deepest and darkest despair the earthly self at last reaches out for the helping hand of its Creator, small chinks begin to appear in our protective armour. They allow God and the Angels to enter into the consciousness of our earthly self. Through sudden flashes of inspiration that are capable of reaching down into the greatest depth of all human suffering, the Highest forces of life reveal their presence with new understanding that lights our way.

As St. Paul’s Letter to the Corinthians 1 – 10:13 states: ‘God is faithful. God will not suffer you to be tempted beyond your endurance, but will make a way for you to escape your temptation, so you may be able to bear it.’ And that is the kind of support the Divine provides for all Its children of the Earth, whether they as yet believe that there is a God – in Paul’s case: Jesus – or not.

Love is the law of life. It is God’s nature and having been created in the image of God, it’s also our true nature. The love of the Great Father/Mother of all life is of the kind that never forces us to do anything. It allows every one of its beloved children of the Earth and elsewhere to learn from their own experiences. Human parents are their representatives on the Earth plane and the wise ones amongst them follow the example of the Divine. If you are a parent, you know about the agony of standing by and watching your children struggling with the obstacles that come their way. You know full well that if they are to learn and grow, they have to work their way through them on their own. The best you can do for them is to remain as calm and emotionally detached as possible in the background, lovingly supporting them from there.

In the mind of the Universal Life Force, known to some as God, there has always been a plan in which every one of us has their allocated space. From the moment of our creation, God has known the way for us all and has been willing to reveal it to us, if we but ask. The wisdom and love of our Highest or God Self, the living God within, is at all times ready to guide us away from the temptations and desires of our lower earthly nature that are the true cause of all earthly suffering. Although God and the Angels do not interfere with us unnecessarily, help is available at any given moment. However, it will not come on its own but has to be asked for.

For as long as we are too proud to pray for their assistance, maybe because we are as yet too closed off spiritually and too short-sighted to know that this is so, in our human arrogance we may well think we can do everything on our own. It has to be learnt the hard way that we cannot! The first chink of light appears when we finally realise that we can no longer cope on our own, when there is no-one and nowhere left we can turn to, so that in the end we humbly go down on our knees and beg for help to come from someone somewhere. Lo and behold, it then appears and it may do so in many uprising ways, so we better watch out for the signals. It could come through a chance encounter, a book we pick up or someone recommends to us, a line a person speaks in the cinema or on TV, or maybe words of a song strike a chord inside us. It’s as if suddenly a tiny bell was tinkling within and you just know: ‘Ah yes, this is for me! Here is my answer!’

To every heartfelt request one of us sends out into the Universe, there is always a reply. And if our heart’s desire seems to be withheld from us, it will only be for a time and that for wise higher reasons, not as some kind of punishment. As these delays never happen to frustrate us, but to help our soul to grow in patience and wisdom, say your prayer and then go your way as quietly as you can. Don’t forget to keep on listening within and observing the world around you for signs and signals, for they surely will emerge and that almost certainly when you least expect them. The light of understanding in your consciousness will be switched on and you will be able to see the way ahead with ever increasing clarity.

And just when you feel you can’t face one more day,
A light comes from somewhere to show you the way.

Recommended Reading:
• ‘I Asked And I Was Given’ (https://www.raysofwisdom.com/index.cfm?articleID=1233)

From ‘Astrology As A Lifehelp On The Healing Journey’ (https://www.raysofwisdom.com/index.cfm?articleID=625)

* * *

September 3rd, 2018, 08:15
It's Never Too Late - Part Three

Doing Our Best


‘It is neither the critic who counts nor the people who point out how the strong person stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to those who are in the arena and although their faces are marred by dust, sweat and blood, they strive valiantly, erring and coming short again and again, because there is no effort without it. But still they are striving to do their best with enthusiasm and great devotion. These people are spending themselves in a worthy cause and at best in the end they will know the triumph of high achievement. At worst, should their endeavours fail, they have been doing something and dared greatly. Therefore, their place will never be with cold and timid souls who are unfamiliar with victory and defeat.’

And whenever we are working for a worthy cause and are doing our best, God and the Angels will be happy to do the rest. Help then frequently arrives from unexpected quarters.

Theodore Roosevelt
Edited by Aquarius

* * *

September 7th, 2018, 10:31
The Things That Really Matter


I grew up in the thirties, forties and fifties and had very practical parents. Everybody was an original recycle queen or king in those days, long before anyone had invented a name for this kind of thing. As a matter of fact, recycling was everybody’s way of life in those days. It certainly was in our house because my father was one of those fortunate ones who could turn his hand to anything, to fix and mend it. Both my parents have been in the world of light for many years, God bless them and keep them safe forever.

I look forward to meeting my parents again in the not too distant future. What a joy it will be to see them young again, the way they were in their best years in earthly life and because spirit is eternal, time- and ageless, everybody remains like that. Growing old and decaying only exists on the Earth plane. Once more having shed the roles we played in the comedy/drama of earthly life, which we are sure to have done in many previous lifetimes, once again we are merely beloved children of God. My parents will no longer be husband and wife and we shall not be coming together as mother, father and child. We shall be sister/brothers and good friends, each pursuing their own line of studies in the spirit realm.

But let’s stay with my early days for a while. Everybody fixed, mended and darned things then, be it curtain rods, radios and oven doors. Hems of dresses were let down or lifted, as the situation demanded. For as long as things were not easy to come by, people kept and treasured them and thought carefully before discarding anything. When things became available again after the war, the Western world grew increasingly wasteful and evolved into one-way-societies.

It seemed that wasting things were signs of affluence and throwing something away was easy, because you could easily get some more. But when my mother left the physical plane of life, I learnt that occasionally there just can’t be any more. Sometimes that which we care about most gets worn out and goes from us, never to return. This led me to the conclusion that, when we have people, animals and things in our lives we treasure, it’s best to love and care for them by trying to fix them when they are broken and healing when they are sick.

This is as true for old garments, appliances and houses, as it is for aging parents and grandparents, partners and other loved ones. We look after and care for them because we love them and that’s what they deserve. And because love is the law of life and the greatest power in the whole of Creation that cannot be destroyed by anything, we can actually keep some of that which we love forever. First in line are our loved ones and friends who have left earthly life behind and gone home into the world of light. Not much needs to change in any of our relationships with the people there, but don’t take my word for it. Just find a quiet space, light a candle, calm the outer mind and listen deep into your heart. You may hear the following message:

‘Life is eternal and the human spirit is immortal. In truth, there is no death and life consists of absolute and unbroken continuity. On the inner level all is one, and you always have been as much part of me as I am of you. Nothing needs to change between you and me, just because I have gone through the great transformation before you. If we both so wish, our relationship can remain the same it always was, and between you and me life can continue to be everything it has meant to us.

‘My departure from the physical plane was no accident. It was meant to happen exactly when it did. For your sake – not mine – make an effort to accept this, the way I have done. And don’t believe anyone who tries to tell you that because I am out of your sight, I should also be out of your mind. That can only happen, if that is what you want. And if you still yearn for me, the death of my physical body is going to present us with many opportunities for coming closer to each other than it was ever possible before, when we both still dwelled in physicality.’

The rest of this message you can find in
‘Death – Where Is Thy Sting?’

And do you know something? A long time ago I realised that continuing economic growth and more and more of everything is slowly but surely destroying our planet. Because as aspiring healer and lightworker I want no part in it, for many years I have been living very modestly. When I need something, I save until I can afford items of good quality that will last me a long time and when I no longer have any need for them, they can be recycled by passing them on to someone else. To my mind the main thing that truly matters is not only the survival of our beloved home planet, but its healing and recovery from the strain of having hosted us, humankind.

From ‘Words Of Wisdom & Healing From The Tree Of Life’ (https://www.raysofwisdom.com/index.cfm?articleID=660)

* * *

September 9th, 2018, 09:45
The Magic Bank Account


Imagine somewhere in our world there were a competition in which the main prize is a magic bank account into which every day a deposit of £86,400 is placed. You would be allowed to spend it in whichever way you wish, within certain limitations. They are as follows:

• You may only spend the money and none of it can be transferred into other accounts.

• Everything you did not spend in the course of each day is gone at the end of it.

• At the stroke of midnight every day the bank transfers another £86,400 into your account. Any time this can end without a warning, the account is closed and you do not receive another penny.

What would you do if that happened to you? As you could not possibly spend such a lot of money on yourself each day, maybe after purchasing anything you ever wanted you would do the same for all your loved ones, possibly even for people you just meet in the street and do not know. Might you wish to spend every penny because you could be sure that your account would be replenished every day?

Do I hear you say: ‘No need to think about that. It’s a silly game that could never happen in real life.’ Well, as a matter of fact it is not a game but something that really takes place every day and that for each one of us. The account is our life and the currency in it is time. We are all winners without ever becoming aware that this is the case. This is how it works:

• At the stroke of midnight every day we receive 86,400 seconds of time – free of charge, as a gift from the Universe.

• There is no need to worry about the state of our account, because it is constantly replenished. Yet, it can be closed any time and sometimes without warning. It is always today. The notion of yesterday is part of the illusion of earthly life and has gone forever. Tomorrow in truth never comes.

• Any remaining seconds when we go to sleep at night are still ours and can be spent, but only on ourselves. In dreamtime our spirit and soul goes home to the spirit realm and our energies are replenished after the stresses and strains of earthly life. If we ask for it before dropping off to sleep, we can find healing and peace with the Angels. Every second spent in dreamstate is by no means wasted. The times we spend there are very special and precious. The spirit world has always communicated with us through symbolisms and metaphors. Sometimes they appear in our dreams trying to help us find a better understanding of a situation.

So, what are you and I doing with the prize of 86,400 seconds received today? For many years I have been spending quite a portion of my daily quota on preparing this kind of thing for you, the members of my worldwide spiritual family. And if you gain something from my work and it helps you grow in wisdom and understanding of us and our world, I consider that part of my fortune well spent.

Come to think of it, aren’t the seconds we are given every day are worth a great deal more than the same amount in pounds? Are they not precious beyond compare because not all the money in our whole world can buy even a fraction of one of them back? Therefore, from now on let’s think at least for a moment about the gift we are receiving each day anew from the Universe and give thanks and praise for it and make an effort to enjoy as much as possible what’s left of our seconds. And as time passes much more quickly than we usually realise, it’s a good idea to take good care of ourselves and our loved ones, being happy and thankful for the time we are allowed to spend together.

May every one of your days, minutes and seconds be filled with a deep appreciation of the beauty and wonder of the Great Father/Mother’s Creation. Start spending your gift consciously and wisely and refuse to complain about growing old, as many never get to know the experience of so many seconds in their present lifetime.

Recommended Reading:
• ‘About Time’

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

* * *

September 17th, 2018, 08:07
The Impossible Dream


To dream the impossible dream.
To fight the unbeatable foe.
To bear with unbearable sorrow.
To run where the brave dare not go.

To right the unrightable wrong.
To love pure and chaste from afar.
To try when your arms are too weary –
To reach the unreachable Star.

This is my quest:
To follow that star.
No matter how hopeless, no matter how far.
To fight for the right, without question or pause.
To be willing to march into hell, for a heavenly cause.

And I know, if I’ll only be true to this glorious quest,
That my heart will be peaceful and calm,
When I’m laid to my rest...
And the world will be better for this.
That one man [soul],
Scorned and covered with scars,
Still strove, with his last ounce of courage –
To reach the unreachable star.

From ‘The Man of La Mancha’ (Don Quixote)
Joe Darion and Mitch Leigh

From ‘The Sun In Scorpio’ (https://www.raysofwisdom.com/index.cfm?articleID=593)

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

* * *

September 25th, 2018, 08:18
Memo From God


This is God speaking. Just a quick note to remind you that today, the same as every day, I am waiting to help you handle any kind of problem you may encounter, even though I am unwilling to do the work for you. If I did, you would not learn anything and your consciousness could not expand with wisdom and truth. That’s why I only assist those who are willing to help themselves. I am the wise one, the living God within you, who knows the answers to all your questions and knows the way that is right for you in any given moment. I cannot save and redeem anyone. You alone can do this and each has to do it for themselves, because you are responsible for yourself, every thought, word and action and ultimately also for the state of your world.

Nonetheless, whatever your endeavours may be, attend to them with a happy heart and let nothing spoil your day, as My Angels and I are constantly with you. We never leave you. We are as much part of you as you are of us. That’s why we could not desert you if we wanted to, which of course we do not. In your mind create yourself a spot called ‘something for God to attend to’. And whenever life confronts you with situations that you find too difficult or hard to handle on your own, place them into it and leave things to the Angels and Me. We attend to everything, but in My time and not yours. With our help any kind of problem can be overcome and resolved.

Once you have placed something into this spot, do not hold onto it by worrying about it. The way will be shown and the answers you are seeking will come to you intuitively. Suddenly you will know and everything comes clear in your mind. That’s how the Angels and I have always tried to communicate with you through the innermost world of your feelings, where we dwell. We are the small still voice of your conscience and from now on let us show you how to go about everything. This sets you free to focus on the many wondrous and magical things that are a natural part of your earthly existence.

If you decide to share this with your friends, I thank you for it. You could be touching their lives in ways you will never be aware of, for I work in mysterious and beautiful ways. And now, a blessed day to you, My beloved child of the Earth.

With love – God,
The Great Father/Mother of all life.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

* * *

September 27th, 2018, 06:34
Psychic Protection


Because of our inner connectedness we all react to each other from the subconscious level. That’s why psychic protection is of the greatest importance in all human relationships and especially when it comes to dealing with the people with whom we have difficult Karmic issues to resolve. Both parties are emotionally vulnerable and that leaves them wide open to psychic invasions by negative vibrations they are constantly giving out and receiving from each other.

Besides, the more our spiritual awareness increases, the higher our sensitivity to the detrimental psychic influences that emanate from those around us becomes. Therefore, whenever we have to work our way through hurtful or negative experiences or sense that we are somehow in danger of absorbing someone else’s negativity, we do well to protect our psychic space. If someone around us gives out negative vibrations, intentionally or otherwise, whether they originate from this level of life or any other, we need to protect ourselves.

The best advice I have ever come across was from the White Eagle group of spirit guides. They recommend that in such situations we fold our aura around us, similar to an Angel closing its wings. I find this most effective, in spite of the fact that I am aware that Angels are a great force and a power that only sometimes presents itself to us and our world in a form we can understand and connect with. Those who already are fortunate enough to be able to see Angels, perceive them as highly illumined beings. Great streams of radiant light emanate from their heads and shoulders that makes them look like wings, though in truth they consist of power and light. Moving by the power of thought, they have no need for wings, as we know them from our feathered friends.

Regardless of all that, psychic protection for me works best when I quietly say to myself in my mind: ‘Like an Angel folding its wings and like a flower closing its petals when the Sun goes down, I now close my aura around me. I am safe.’ These words not only provide me with psychic protection, they also call upon the Angels to stand by my side. I find it helpful to accompany this by making some corresponding movements with my hands and taking several deep breaths, breathing in the Great White Light of God and breathing out love. When we do this, no harmful influences can touch us because we are then enclosed in a protective shield of light created by our thoughts and actions.

To my mind, by rights everybody should always have the benefit of this kind of protection. I suggest practising it especially first thing in the morning and last thing at night, as well as any time in between when we psychically sense the need for it.

From ‘Astrology As A Lifehelp On The Healing Journey’ (https://www.raysofwisdom.com/index.cfm?articleID=625)

* * *

September 28th, 2018, 06:46
An Eagle’s Eye Vision


Below is a link for a video that allows us to take part of how, if only for a brief moment, an eagle really swooped down from a great height onto our world. With a camera strapped to its back, the bird descended from the highest point on the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. Minutes later it landed on the hand of its falconer, who was waiting on the ground.

Recommended Viewing:
•‘An Eagle’s Eye Vision’ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6g95E4VSfj0)

When you fly with the eagle in this video, you will notice that the closer the camera gets to the Earth, the clearer its life comes into focus. Could there be a better demonstration of how one all too easily gets caught in the illusion that Earth life is all there is to humankind’s existence?

But there comes a time for every human spirit and soul on the Earth plane, when it starts to grow spiritual wings and slowly gains a better understanding of the fact that our earthly existence is constantly unfolding against a spiritual backdrop. During this phase of our development we occasionally manage to lift ourselves above the conditions of Earth life on the wings of some kind of spiritual knowledge that comes our way – not perchance! For example, we might get hold of what the White Eagle group of spirit guides once gave us through Grace Cooke, their spiritual medium and co-founder of the White Eagle Lodge.

With a bit of luck – or rather if the time is right for this to happen – the knowledge we are finding captures our imagination and opens our inner vision a bit, maybe for the first time in our present lifetime, and we begin to perceive that there are realms of existence that lie beyond the realities of Earth life. And it dawns on us that a wise higher purpose lies behind everything that happens in our world. Nothing does so perchance or by accident but is part of our Creator’s great evolutionary plan of life, in which even the most horrendous events have purpose and meaning.

We are delighted to get an inkling of the fact that great things are in store for humankind and its forever continuing development, which eventually will take us onto the higher and highest levels of life. But no-one is meant to stop at this point. In the long run it is not sufficient to fly on other people’s wings, because each one of us is destined to evolve into a seeker of wisdom and truth, a bringer of light – spiritual wisdom – in their own right. Our own spiritual wings can only grow through adding our insights and findings to those that are already available, never by merely reading someone else’s.

The knowledge all of us together are gathering alone can help us, individually and collectively, to develop the skill of flying ever onwards and upwards into the higher and highest realms of life. To assist us with fulfilling this task, the information required for the building of our new and peaceful world is flowing ever more forcefully directly from the Source of our being into the human heart and soul of those who are ready to receive it. This is how our Highest or God Self, in whom we are all one, increasingly takes over the role of acting as humankind’s sole teacher and guide.

The eagle is the symbol of the Great White Spirit. The more highly evolved we become, the more this eagle’s mighty wings can lift not only ourselves but our whole world above the temporary realities of Earth life, to perceive those of the higher and highest levels of life and become with them. When we share the knowledge we find on our inner journeys of discovery with those who are ready to receive it and understand, they too can benefit and see the greater picture of life with ever increasing clarity of inner vision.

For me, more than the shadow of a doubt has always hung over messages received through spiritual mediumship. And it’s good to know that there is none of this when fresh parts of God’s sacred wisdom and truth flow into our own heart. In the final analysis, every human heart is part of the Universe’s great heart, the seat of all wisdom, knowledge and truth, and the source of all creative ideas. These things are much easier accessed when our only desire is to serve the highest good and the greatest joy of all, in accordance with God’s will and wishes, in keeping with our inner guidance.

We are in this life to learn how to love wisely, the way God loves us, totally and unconditionally. Every one of our thoughts, words and deeds eventually becomes an expression of our love and respect for humankind, our whole world and everything that shares it with us. This is only surpassed by our devotion to our Creator, the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life. To Him/Her we give thanks and praise for bringing everything into being and for nurturing and maintaining it by day and night.

As soon as we have reached a sufficiently high evolutionary level, that is all our heart and soul desire to do. Love is the key for unlocking the mysteries of all life. Love understands all and therefore forgives all. Yet, because it understands there really is nothing to forgive. In God’s time, not ours, love has the power to make all crooked corners straight and ugly people and things beautiful – mentally, physically, spiritually and metaphorically speaking.

From ‘Astrology As A Lifehelp On The Healing Journey’ (https://www.raysofwisdom.com/index.cfm?articleID=625)

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October 1st, 2018, 06:59
Come Fly With Me


The German philologist, philosopher, cultural critic, poet and composer Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, 1844-1900, was a devout Christian. In ‘Thus Spake Zarathustra’, first published 1883-1885, he wrote what were to become his most famous words: ‘God is dead.’ However, as most people these days do not know, he did not stop there but continued: ‘God remains dead. And we have killed him. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers? What was holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet owned has bled to death under our knives: who will wipe this blood off us? What water is there for us to clean ourselves? What festivals of atonement, what sacred games shall we have to invent? Is not the greatness of this deed too great for us? Must we ourselves not become Gods simply to appear worthy of it?’

In Nietzsche’s time it was too early to discover that in truth each and every one of us is young God in the making and that the Jesus story is one of the many educational tools of the Highest and therefore should not be taken literally. If this were not the case, it would not bear thinking about what kind of a monstrous Karmic debt our race would have created by murdering Jesus. As on the inner level of life we are all one huge monad, this liability would now be lying at our collective doorstep demanding redemption.

To protect us against such a fate, the infinite wisdom and love of our Father/Mother Creator decided to present our world with a legend that depicts of what a spiritual Master’s pathway through Earth life should consist. The tale was given in this form, so that in due course each one for themselves – with the help of their inner guidance – should be able to come to the conclusion that in truth the Jesus story is a myth and not something that actually took place in the realities of Earth life.

One of the main lessons this tale teaches us at the present level of our race’s spiritual development is that, if one insists on focussing too much on the messenger and loses too much time over discussing whether he ever existed on the Earth plane or not, one is in danger of never finding and understanding the essence of what the myth is and always has been trying to bring us.

In ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’
the voice of Judas Iscariot complains:

‘Every time I look at you
I don’t understand,
Why you let the things you did
Get so out of hand,
You’d have managed better,
If you’d had it planned.
Now why’d you choose such a backward time
And such a strange land?’

If Jesus had ever existed, he would have been a highly evolved Master soul, an elevated and noble being who would never dream of making empty promises, which are impossible to keep when the going gets tough on the Earth plane for his followers. Isn’t this in itself sufficient proof that he only ever existed as a legend and a symbol to show us the goodness and kindness, the fair and just behaviour and thinking, which every one of us, as a child of the Highest, is required to develop in the course of bringing forth and developing our own Christ nature?

This aspect of humankind’s nature has been waiting long enough to come alive in ever more of us. It awakens as soon as we reach a sufficiently high evolutionary level. However, before it can do this in any one of us, we have to imbibe the lessons that familiarise us and our world with the lower and lowest human characteristics. Whether we like the thought of it or not, they are ours, the same as everybody else’s. Only when this part of our education has been attended to satisfactorily can our higher nature slowly begin to push through the inner gates of our consciousness. The more we endeavour to express its qualities in all our encounters, the more our own noble birth as offspring of the Highest and young God in the making reveals itself.

As Nietzsche put it: ‘And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.’ Can you hear the music I am making and are you dancing? Are you flying by any chance? On another occasion Nietzsche said: ‘You have your way and I have mine. As for the right, correct and only way, it does not exist.’ However, when it comes to our kind of flying, I do believe it does. As no-one can do this on a legend’s borrowed wings, in the end everybody has to grow their own and learn how to fly on those of God’s sacred wisdom and truth.To my astonishment a friend recently asked me whether my writings were some kind of a religion. To me, the freedom of the Aquarian Age means no longer needing religious organisations with their long outdated dogmata and creeds. In my world you can walk hand in hand with God and the Angels and/or fly on the mighty wings of the Great White Eagle, the Divine Spirit. They are waiting to help you find your own truth, while partaking in some of that which they have for many years been giving to our world through me.

I for one am glad and deeply grateful that the Angels are in charge of us and our world, and not we – humankind. Approximately six thousand years of patriarchy have been a mock run and a demonstration of what happens when the reins are placed into human hands. I shudder at the thought of what would have happened to us and our poor planet, if the patriarchy had continued. There is no doubt in my mind that all of this experience has been part of our Creator’s great plan of life.

My writings represent the plane of life where I have been dwelling for quite some time by now. They are my way of bringing a small piece of Heaven down to the Earth, for all to share who are ready to spend some of their precious time with me. In his poem ‘Die Teilung Der Welt – The Diving Of The World’ Friedrich Schiller, 1759-1805, wrote:
‘What shall I do?’ said Zeus, ‘the world I have given away,
The autumn, the hunting, the market are no longer mine.
Yet, if you want to live in My Heaven with Me,
Whenever thou comest, it shall be open unto thee.’

The same is true for Rays of Wisdom, an outer reflection and manifestation of my inner Heaven. Its door is always open and all are welcome at any time of day and night. So, come and help yourself to anything you like – it’s yours to take.
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God bless and happy and safe flying, always.
With love and light,

From ‘Astrology As A Lifehelp On The Healing Journey’
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October 9th, 2018, 07:05
The Tale Of The Pebbles

For Every Problem There Is A Solution


Many years ago in a small Chinese village a farmer owed a large sum of money to the local moneylender, a thoroughly unpleasant man who fancied his beautiful daughter. When the farmer fell behind with his payments, the lender called in the loan and demanded that the whole remaining sum should be paid at once. As the farmer could not possibly do this, the lender proposed that if he could marry the farmer’s daughter, he would consider the debt as paid in full.

The farmer and his daughter were so horrified that they could not accept this offer. So the cunning lender asked: ‘How about allowing providence to decide the matter for us? If I place a black pebble and a white pebble into an empty money bag, your daughter needs to pick one of them.

• If she picks the black pebble, she will become my wife and your debt will be paid in full.
• If she picks the white pebble she does not need to marry me, but your debt will still be fully redeemed.
• If she refuses to pick a pebble, you have to go to jail.’

The three people were standing on a pebble strewn path in the farmer’s field and whilst explaining what he had in mind, the moneylender picked two pebbles from the ground. Ah, but the girl was a sharp-eyed one, she noticed that the lender had chosen two black pebbles. Putting them into his bag, he turned to her and asked her to pick one of them.

The situation is a dire one. Imagine you are the daughter. What are you going to do? Or if you had to advise her, what would you tell her? It seems she has three options:

1. She refuses to take a pebble and her father goes to jail.
2. She speaks up and reveals that two black pebbles are in the bag and therefore exposes the money-lender as a cheat.
3. She picks one of the black pebbles and sacrifices herself to release her father from his debt and save him from imprisonment.

Hesitating for a moment and listening within for her inner guidance, she knew intuitively what she had to do. She put her hand into the moneybag and drew out a pebble without actually looking at it. Seemingly sunk in thought, she fumbled with it for a moment and as if by accident dropped the stone onto the path, where it was immediately lost among the other pebbles. ‘Oh, how clumsy of me!’ she exclaimed. ‘Please, forgive me. But never mind, if you look into your bag at the remaining pebble, you will know which one I picked.’

As the pebble had been a black one and if the lender had been an honest man, it would have been safe to assume that the girl had chosen the white pebble. She knew that to save face, particularly important in China, the moneylender would rather die than admit his dishonesty. This is how the an apparently impossible situation as if by magic changed into a highly advantageous one.

The tale of the two pebbles is an old one and belongs to the realm of fables. Earlier interpretations connected it with the art of lateral thinking which, by definition is the solving of problems through an indirect and creative approach, using reasoning that is not immediately obvious and involving ideas that may not be obtainable by using only traditional step-by-step logic. In my view the pebble story has nothing to do with this kind of thinking and everything with intuitive knowledge and inner guidance. Could this perchance be what lateral thinking really is?

Come to think of it, it seems to me that whenever we do think laterally, it is our Highest Self who makes us work in order to practise and develop the skills of our earthly minds more fully. It is doing this by guiding us step by step through the field of knowledge that is familiar to us, until in the end – for a long time unbeknown to us, with Its help – we come to some surprising conclusions that may lead us into finding some quite unique and ingenious solutions for the problem in hand.

Be that as it may, I perceive the tale as an allegory for showing us how, with the help and the will of God and the Angels, solutions can always be found, even for the most difficult and complex problems. All we have to do is pay attention to our inner guidance, for that is the way our Highest Self communicates with us. Its protection and guidance is there for each one of us at all times, ready and waiting to be called upon. No matter how learned any small earthly self believes itself to be, genuine wisdom of the kind that appears in this tale has its origin in the wise one within. That is the only one in the whole of Creation who knows the answers to all our questions and can intuitively provide us with solutions for every one of our problems.

Therefore, let’s start each new day resting safely in the knowledge that by listening within we shall never be lost and always be finding our way. May each remaining day, week, month and year of our present lifetime be filled with positive thinking and sound decisions. And may the living God within grant all of us the intuitive wisdom that lifts our thinking above the boxes of our world.

From ‘Universal Guidance From The Environment’


* * *

October 25th, 2018, 06:51
Living Wisely And In Hope


Everything in the whole of Creation is in relationship with everything else. And if we long for peace in our world, we have to start with ourselves and seriously work on creating peaceful and harmonious relationships with everyone who comes into our orbit. This applies as much to national and international relationships between the peoples of our world as to our individual connections. And if we wish to draw more loving relationships towards us, we first have to become a kinder and more loving person ourselves. In this section you are going to find many ideas and tips that will help you to build happier and more harmonious relationships, in fact the relationships of your dreams that quite literally will last forever.

The same is required for the healing of the relationship with ourselves, the most difficult one of all, and also with God *. The latter is aided by an increasing understanding of the Universal laws, God’s laws, that one of the main laws of life is evolution and that nothing in the whole of Creation is ever withdrawn or wasted. Everything is recycled time and again and slowly but surely evolves into an ever higher and more beautiful life-form. As we ourselves move onwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life, we too evolve into a higher and more beautiful manifestation of life and begin to notice how this is happening not only to all life and lifeforms of our world *, but throughout the whole of Creation.

All life in the whole of Creation is subject to the Universal laws – naturally are also at work in human relationships. The same as we ourselves do, our relationships grow from the smallest and most primitive beginnings into ever more sophisticated forms. As always, nothing can manifest itself in the world around us that we did not first create on the inner level of our being. And the things we long for because they are still missing in our daily lives, like the peace and harmony of well balanced relationships, can only come about in this manner. The ideal world of our dreams with happy and mutually satisfying relationships cannot happen on their own. We have to do our share of making such visions a reality in earthly life by conducting our lives accordingly and so bring the Heavens down to the Earth.

Good relationships never did just happen or fall from the Heavens. * They have to be created by us and worked on, sometimes very hard. Everybody who comes into our life is a gift from the Universe to assist us with getting to know ourselves and the qualities that are in us and ultimately to teach us how to conduct our lives with great care and learn how to love wisely. This requires the setting of boundaries. Within them we sometimes need to be firm and insist on that which our inner guidance through the world of our feelings and our heart tells us is right for us at any given moment. At the same time we need to be willing to bend before the wind of life by listening to others and trying to accommodate their needs whenever a compromise can smooth the way forward.

As love is our true nature and the first law of the Universe, may our soul’s longing and yearning for more love and peace in our lives be our vision and guiding star. Wisdom and love, patience and tolerance, tact and diplomacy in equal proportions are the most essential ingredients required for creating good relationships and transmuting even the most difficult ones into friendships that will be with us forever. During lifetimes in Libra, the sign of relationships, marriage and partnerships, ruled by Venus, the above named qualities are the gifts that can be developed. They are by no means automatically bestowed upon anyone. But even those who are in the process of learning to handle the Venusian energies by being born into the two signs ruled by this planet, earthy Taurus and airy Libra, remain dynamic beings who can only attract into their lives that which they themselves are. *

Whatever characteristics we have developed in previous lifetimes, we bring with us into our next one, thus complying with the evolutionary law of life which demands that we work on and improve them. And because our Highest Spirit Self is pulling us, that’s what all human beings are instinctively aiming to do at all times, even though it may not always look like that on the surface of life. The Sun in our birthchart shows in which direction our Highest or God Self will be pulling us throughout the whole of our present lifetime. The Sun’s sign and house position provide pointers to our main life lessons, as well as the qualities that are waiting to be developed and integrated into our character on our soul’s slow and gradual way back into the wholeness and perfection that is in God.

As sparks of the Christ Spirit, the spiritual Sun beyond the Sun in the sky above us, and integral parts of Its light, each one of us without exception is walking this evolutionary pathway. At all times, the Great Father/Mother of all life in this way is inexorably drawing each one of us forwards and upwards, inviting, calling and coaxing us to come home and be at one with Him/Her again, the way we once were. *

Aquarius is the sign in which the highest human hopes, dreams and aspirations can be made a reality in earthly life. Now that its age is with us, the dream of a better and more peaceful world is beginning to come within the reach of humankind’s vision of the future. Knowing that today’s thoughts are creating the realities of tomorrow, I visualise the new Earth as a place where all live and work together harmoniously and in which hunger and starvation, warfare and violence of any kind, sickness and pain, and even death will no longer be known.

The memory of such a world is deeply imprinted in every human soul, because we once emerged from such a place. However, there were long periods when we were still unaware of our true nature, the presence of the Universal laws and the creative power of thought. * In our role as co-creators with God and with the help of the thinking and behaviour patterns of bygone days and ages each one of us did their share of creating our world the way it is at present. That’s why all of us are offered sufficient opportunities for making good and redeeming ourselves. *

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From ‘Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing’ (http://www.raysofwisdom.com/index.cfm?topicID=186)

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November 6th, 2018, 08:26
What Is Hope?


When things go wrong, as they sometime will,
The optimist thinks: ‘They’ll come right again!’
When times are hard, positive thinkers say:
‘They will get better and become easier again.’
But the pessimist grumbles: ‘It’ll only get worse!’
And although this may take a while,
Because our thoughts and beliefs create our earthly reality,
Such forecasts invariably come true.
And then, each one in keeping with their perception of life,
Nods sagely and says: ‘I told you so!’

But what is hope?
It is not the closing of one’s eyes to
Difficulties and obstacles, risks and possible failures.
It is an inner trusting that knows:
If I fail now, I shall not do so forever.
If I get hurt, I shall be healed.
If I make mistakes, I shall learn from them,
And when I’ve learnt enough,
I will be allowed to move on
To lessons of a different nature.
What could be better?

Hope is the awareness of our innermost self that
Life is good and that the power of love
Is the most powerful force in the whole of Creation
That can straighten crooked corners and move mountains.
If we but ask, this force at all times is willing
To guide us through our most traumatic encounters,
And to help us heal every aspect of our whole being
As well as all relationships,
Especially the most difficult ones.

Hope is an inner knowing,
A steadily increasing certainty
That in God’s time, not ours,
All things in earthly life will eventually
Be made good and come right.
Our present existence is like a great stage
And one fine day we are going to
Step in front of its curtain,
Behind which we for so long have been acting,
Into the world of light, our true home.
We shall be received by the friendly audience
Of the Angels and Masters,
And all other spirit friends and helpers,
To take our bow.

Earth life is a tragicomedy of errors in which
Every participant eventually feels the need
To nail the desires of their lower self to the
Cross of consciousness of the Earth.
Those who have matured into spiritual adulthood and
Willingly submit themselves to Saturn’s demands
Of practising the restraint of self-discipline
And self-mastery in all their relationships,
At the end of their present lifetime
Will only leave good and healed connections behind.
They are presented by God and the Angels
With a leaving certificate that shows that
Earth life can teach them no more.

The teachers, in this case the Angels and Masters
Of the higher and highest planes of existence,
Move these students of life on to lessons
Of an increasingly elevated nature.
And that’s how every one of us in the fullness of time
Is going to take their final bow
On this side of the veil of consciousness.

United in friendship and love at last
With those who walked this way before us,
We enjoy the applause that greets us
On the other side of the veil,
Eager to find out where
The Angels may wish to take us next.
And in the shelter of God’s mighty wings
We shall forever serenely venture forth,
Safe in the knowledge that we shall
Never be frightened or feeling lonely again.

‘I will abide in Thy tabernacle forever;
I will make my refuge the shadow of Thy wings.’
Psalm 61:4

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* * *

November 8th, 2018, 08:25
Moving On


As every flower must fade and youth give way to old age,
So all wisdom and virtues may be valid only in their day.
Nothing but our Highest Self stays with us forever.
At life’s calling the small earthly self has to say farewell
And be ready for another new beginning.

Bravely and without sadness fresh learning can be tackled
With the knowledge that in the spiritual background
Of our earthly existence the power of the Unseen,
Even though it is invisible to earthly eyes,
Has always ruled supreme and forever will do so.
This means that wherever our evolutionary pathway
May still wish to take us,
We shall be guided and protected by
The wise ones in charge of us,
Who will encourage us and help us to live.

Knowing that the Earth is not our true home.
Allows our spirit and soul to roam freely and happily
Through space and time,
Without any shadow of a doubt that
The loving arms of the Great Father/Mother of all life
Are surrounding us and keeping us safe.
These parents do not wish to restrict any of
Its children of the Earth and tie them forever
To such a lowly existence,
When quite the opposite is true.

A high and holy destiny awaits each and every one of us.
Step by step the Universe has always been trying to lift us
Beyond the horizons of our understanding.
And whenever someone stays with one particular
Way of living for too long,
Their spirit and soul stagnate and begin to yearn for
Different kinds of learning.
This, however, can only be found
In new adventures and explorations.

The awareness that there really is no death,
That life is eternal and without beginning or end,
Makes it easier to respond to life’s demands,
When our time for moving on
Into different dimensions of life has come.
It turns the hour of our departure from the physical plane of life
Into an occasion of gladness and enjoyment about
Our rebirth into the world of light and
The approach of studies of a more elevated kind.

But even before it comes to this,
The realisation that in truth life’s call
For all human beings will never end
Fills our whole being with good cheer.
It enables us to cheerfully say good-bye,
Whenever the need for it arises.
Having found healing and peace
In the conscious awareness of
Our oneness with God, the Angels and all life,
Willingly and peacefully we shall
Forever move forwards and upwards
On the evolutionary spiral of life.

‘Stufen’ by Hermann Hesse
Freely translated by Aquarius

* * *

November 21st, 2018, 07:33
Peace Prayer


In the cold of an over-materialistic world,
Where many are feeling lost and lonely
I wish you warmth and joy from the knowledge that
These are the days of miracles and wonders,
When ever more of us are once more
Becoming aware of their true nature
And the reason for their being here.

I wish you courage and strength
To heal your own pain and that of others.
May it grow from a steadily increasing awareness that
The love and wisdom aspect of our Creator,
The Great Mother of all life,
Is manifesting herself everywhere in our world.

I wish you a sense of humour and the gift of smiling,
To help you overcome all your fears,
So you can show others how to do the same for themselves.
In the silence of your inner being may you
Be at one with the will and power of the Great Father.
The Father/Mother and their only born
Son/Daughter, the Christ Spirit,
Are as much part of us as we are part of them.
May their highest qualities reveal themselves
In our world through you and your life.

I wish for inner and outer peace in our world.
May it flow from the heart-mind of the Divine Trinity
Into the farthest, remotest corners of our world,
To bless and heal all its lifeforms.
And may the Mother’s wisdom and truth enter
Into every human heart and soul,
As that’s the only place where truth is known.

I wish that the creative fire
Of the ideas from the heartmind of God,
Lighten and warm everybody’s days,
So that Its dreams and visions can come true,
Through us and our world, and all worlds.
I wish for the renewal of hope, faith and trust in our world,
To assist every one of us with ascending the heights of
The spiritual mountain of Divine compassion.
I wish for God’s love to flow into every heart and soul,
So that we may all walk together hand in hand,
As one big family, peacefully and forever united.

Although this is still a dream,
I know in my heart of hearts
That one day it can and will come true,
Through all human souls, including you and me,
For when God’s love has at last come alive
In every human heart and soul,
Anything will be possible and achievable.

Above all I wish for the gift of understanding
To enter every human heart and with it
The ability to stop taking things literally,
When the true meaning of something is
Hidden behind its surface words.


* * *

November 22nd, 2018, 08:07
A Prayer For You


I said a prayer for you today.
God and the Angels must have heard,
Cos’ I felt the answer in my heart,
Although no-one spoke a word.
I asked for neither wealth nor fame
I knew you wouldn’t mind,
But prayed for treasures
Of a far more precious kind.

I asked that they be with you
By night as well as by day,
With blessings of good health and cheer,
And friends to share your way.
Yet most of all, I requested happiness for you
In all things, great and small.
And it was for God’s never ceasing love and care
That I prayed most of all.

God be with you and keep you safe, always.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

* * *

December 2nd, 2018, 08:12
A Little Hug


Whenever you’re feeling sad
And things just won’t go right,
When your usual happy smile
Has vanished out of sight,
Look at this little hug from me.

Keep it for the times you feel lost and lonely,
To remind you there’s someone who loves you
And really cares about you and your wellbeing,
Especially spiritually,
And that’s me.

With love – Aquarius

* * *

January 22nd, 2019, 07:05
An Angel In Disguise


A very sad looking little girl was sitting all by herself in a park. None of the passers-by ever stopped and wanted to know the reason for her sadness. Dressed in a worn pink dress, barefoot and dirty, she just sat and watched them all go by. She never tried to speak to anyone and no-one ever even offered her a: ‘Hello!’

One day I decided to walk through the park, just to see whether the girl was still there. She was, in the very spot where she had previously been and she still had the same look in her eyes. I felt so sorry for her that I walked over to her, because apart from everything else I felt that a place like this, filled with people of all manner of intentions is not a place for a small child to sit on its own.

Getting closer, I saw that the girl had a humpback. Maybe that was the reason why people usually just passed by without attempting to speak to her. To this day, deformities seem to be considered as some kind of a blow to society and Heaven help those who are willing to assist those who are different in some way from what is thought of as the norm. I caught myself staring at the little stranger a bit too intently and in response she lowered her eyes.

I smiled to show that I meant her no harm, that I had come to chat with her and if possible help her. So I said: ‘Hello.’

She seemed to be shocked. Staring into my eyes, she replied with a quiet: ‘Hi!’ When I responded with a smile, she shyly smiled back. We talked until darkness fell and everybody else had gone home, and in the end I asked her why she was so sad.

‘Because I’m different,’ she said.

‘That you are!’ I replied with a smile.

This seemed to make her even sadder and with a nod she responded: ‘I know.’

‘My dear girl,’ I said, ‘you are so sweet and innocent that you remind me of an Angel.’

With a smile she slowly got to her feet and said: ‘Really?’

‘I believe you are like a little Guardian Angel who has been sent to watch over all the people walking by.’

She nodded and opened the back of her dress, from which a pair of beautiful wings emerged. Spreading them she added with a twinkle in her eye: ‘That’s what I am! I am your Guardian Angel.’

I was speechless, as surely I was seeing things.

‘As for once you thought of someone other than yourself, my job here is done,’ the girl said.

Getting to my feet, I uttered: ‘Please tell me why did no-one else stop to help you when you are an Angel?’

With a smile she replied: ‘Because you are the only one who could see me!’

When I had recovered from my surprise, I wanted to take another look at the Angel, but it had vanished. Yet, the incident left a profound impression on me and changed my life completely.

So, next time when you think you are utterly alone in this world, remind yourself that in truth none of us is ever entirely on their own. God and the Angels are part of us and we are part of them. They could not leave us if they wanted to, which of course they don’t. They are constantly with us and watching over every step we walk. The value of any friendship can only be measured by our hearts and especially the one with them. And every person who is our friend in earthly life is one of the Earth Angels and an Angel in disguise, because each in their own unique way is doing their share of making our world a kinder, more loving and beautiful place.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

* * *

February 14th, 2019, 07:23
What Happens In Heaven When We Pray?


The other night in dreamtime I went to Heaven. One of the Angels welcomed me and showed me round. When I asked what happens here when we pray, it replied: ‘No prayer is ever unheard or unanswered. It’s just that after being filtered through the receiver station of the Akashic Records on one of the highest levels of life, where they are constantly arriving. They are then checked by the group of Angels known as the Lords of Karma, who are in charge of the records, and the answer sometimes has to be a downright ‘No!’ or something quite different and unexpected. Because the law of life is love and evolution, these Angels decide about the nature of the gift that should be given. The outcome depends on which lessons are likely to be most beneficial for the applicant’s present spiritual development.

This information is passed on to the Angel and its helpers in the first section of a department of the heavenly workshop which we are about to enter, so we can take a closer look at it. ‘This is the Receiving Section where the Lords’ responses to every one of the petitions that reached God are sorted,’ my Angel said. It was an extremely busy place with an Angel as supervisor and a great many spirit guides and helpers, who were following the instructions of the Lords. Each one is passed on to the relevant group of spirit guides and the Angel in charge of it, there are a great many, to be made a reality in earthly life.

Our next stop was the Packaging and Delivery Department. The Angel continued: ‘This is where every gift that has been asked for by anyone in earthly life is processed. Whatever has been granted is produced here and then despatched to the recipient.’ And because the hierarchy of the Angels is in charge of providing for the true needs of every human being, everybody in this section was working extremely hard. I had never seen such a busy place before!

But what a contrast, when we reached a door at the end of the department. We entered a very small room where, to my greatest surprise, only one Angel was sitting and doing nothing. ‘This is the Acknowledgment Section,’ my Angel friend murmured, obviously very embarrassed.

‘Why isn’t anyone working here?’ I asked.

‘Ah, it’s sad,’ sighed the Angel. ‘When people have received the things they asked for, very few have the presence of mind and good manners to thank us for it in acknowledgment.’

Never having given much thought to it myself, I queried: ‘What is the right way of acknowledging God’s blessings?’

‘It’s very simple,’ said the Angel. ‘It takes only a moment to quietly say: ‘Thank you, Great Spirit, Father/Mother Creator and the Angels for taking such good care of me and my loved ones.’

‘But what are the blessings we should give thanks for?’ I queried.

‘First of all give thanks and praise to your Creator for the gift of your life and everything that’s in it. For example, if there is food on your table, in your larder and/or refrigerator, and if you have clothes on your back, a roof overhead and a place for sleeping, maybe even a comfortable bed, you are richer than seventy-five percent of your spiritual siblings in earthly life. If you have money in the bank, in your wallet and maybe a bit of spare cash somewhere, you are among the top eight percent of the world’s wealthy, and if you can read this on your own computer, you are part of the one percent who can do so.’

‘If you woke up this morning in a reasonable state of health rather than being ill, you are more blessed than the many who will not live to see another day on the Earth. If you have never experienced the fears of having to take part in a battle, the loneliness of imprisonment, the agony of torture or the hunger pangs of starvation, you are ahead of about seven hundred million people in your world. If you can attend church services without having to be afraid of harassment, arrest, torture or death, you are more blessed than three billion others in your world. And if you can hold up your head and smile, you are not the norm but an exception compared to the millions who live in doubt and despair in your world.’

‘I see what you mean and would like to do better in future,’ I said. But where does one start?’

The Angel replied: ‘If you have received this message and can read it, you just received a double blessing because someone loves you enough to have sent it to you. On top of that you are more blessed than over two billion people in your world who cannot see and/or read at all. Yet, that’s by no means all. When this appears before you, you are blessed many times over. For starters, someone on your behalf gave unselfishly of themselves and their most precious resource in earthly life: time. Unstintingly, they are giving it and sharing their skills to serve as our channel for writing this and bringing it to you. All of that is done without asking anything in return other than that you should find a better understanding of what happens on the higher and highest levels whenever someone prays on the earthly plane of life.

The next blessing is that their gift is coming to you with the help and will of God and us, the Angelic hosts. Without them nothing happens in the whole of Creation. And finally, when you are reading this, you are closer to God’s heart than you ever thought possible. This closeness to God’s heart brings about healing miracles and they are constantly happening through the energies of the Universe’s white healing magic. I suggest you begin by giving thanks for all of that.’

Great Spirit, Father/Mother Creator of all life,
May all who read this find rest, peace and healing in You.
Thank you for each one of them being part of my life.

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Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

From ‘Leaving Addictions Behind’

(https://www.booksie.com/575661-leaving-addictions-behind)* * *

February 18th, 2019, 07:09
On The Wings Of Prayer

Just close your eyes, open your heart
And pray that your cares and worries should depart.
Surrender your whole being to Great Father/Mother above,
So they can hold you secure in Their love.

Earthly life has become more and more involved.
There are many problems that on our own can’t be solved.
Yet, God merely asks us to do our best,
Then the Angels can take over and do the rest.

So, next time you feel discouraged and blue,
Know that one door is always open for you
And that’s the one of the house of prayer.
Your Highest Self is waiting for you there.

It’s a place that’s no further away
Than any quiet spot where you can pray.
Make your whole being a temple when God is there,
So you can place yourself into His/Her loving care.

God is part of us and we are part of God,
That’s why every prayer is heard and responded to.
It’s just that sometimes the answer has to be: ‘No!’
But any burden that’s too heavy for us alone to bear,
Can be made lighter on the wings of prayer.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

* * *

February 19th, 2019, 06:34
The Power Of Prayer - Part One


The Great Father/Mother of all life, who is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, is the one who brought us into being. With the help and the will of this authority and the Angels all things are possible, any condition can be healed, crooked corners made straight and mountains of unfaith changed into mountains of faith. Our prayers have an important part to play in this. They are an extremely potent force and it is advisable that we proceed with great care when asking for something.

Why should this be so and how should we go about communicating safely? It is because God and the Angels are as much part of us as we are of them. Therefore, all our prayers are heard and replied to. It’s just that sometimes for our own good and protection the answer has to be: ‘No!’ But if we insist on asking for selfish and personal things, the Universe may wish to teach us a lesson or two by responding to our request in ways that are not at all to our liking.

Thought is the creative force of the Universe and the most powerful force in the whole of Creation. Thoughts are creative energy and prayers are form of using them that is supercharged with this energy. By learning to use its inherent power correctly, mountains really can be moved. This teaching was given in the Bible to remind humankind that the connection between those on the Earth plane and the Divine Universal Power never ceased to exist. We were to know that at all times it can be tapped into and asked for its help, even – or maybe especially – for the most difficult tasks which on the surface of things may appear well nigh impossible.

As children of the Highest, we are co-creators with God and young Gods in the making. Every characteristic and power that is in God is also in us. Becoming aware of these things opens our inner doors wide to taking charge of ourselves and our lives. This knowledge lays the tool in everybody’s hands for positively and constructively influencing the flow of our destiny. It can be done by praying for what we think we need or desire, be it for our own personal development and healing or that of the people around us. Ultimately this can be extended to the whole of the human race and our world.

The most effective prayers are based on the realisation that in order to create or change something, anything, the first step towards achieving our aim is putting it forward as a clear idea, a concept and/or a vision of that which we wish to bring into being. We need to have a clear and concise awareness of what we are going to ask for. And when we do, the receiver/transmitter station of our earthly mind should be fully focussed on connecting with the frequencies of the Source’s Universal intelligence.

All human beings without exception have been created so that during their earthly lifetimes they should keep growing in wisdom and understanding. As each one can do this only through their own experiences, no-one can live our lives for us. Through this, with the passing of time, spiritually we slowly but surely evolve into responsible adult beings who are capable of thinking for themselves, willing to practise self-discipline and self-mastery, and who know how to give and receive love wisely. Although this is often hard to believe, at all times we are walking the path we ourselves chose before entering into our present lifetime. It was done hand in hand with the wise ones in charge of us, for they are familiar with everyone’s past, present and future. Every part of it has been outlined in the great book of life at the moment of our conception in the womb of the Great Mother.

The wise ones know exactly where during our next lifetime we shall find further experiences of a consciousness expanding nature that help our spiritual development to progress. In the course of each subsequent earthly sojourn God’s sacred wisdom and truth is brought ever closer to the conscious awareness of our small earthly selves. And just like the accomplishments of our children delight us in earthly life, it pleases the Great Father/Mother when another one of Its children of the Earth at long last develops the ability to think and behave in responsible, positive and constructive ways in all situations and encounters.

When one finally learns about the Great White Spirit, the Source of our being, and begins to understand the way it works throughout the whole of Creation and the role it plays in every human life, it becomes easy to truly love and respect it as the highest authority in the whole of Creation. It is then no longer hard to see that we and our world have always rested safely in Its splendour with its loving care and protection for all Its creatures, and forever will do so. Knowing these things the will of our small earthly self has no problem with surrendering itself and its desires to the will of the Highest.

Now we can see for ourselves that it could never have been Jesus as the lamb of God who would one day wipe away our own and all of humankind’s sins of the world. We alone can play this part, everybody for themselves. We have to become the lamb God and the more we do this and surrender our whole being, the more the sins, i.e. the drives and urges of our small self fade into the background of our consciousness. They gradually lose their hold on us, dying and breathing their last until one fine day they have gone from us for good.

The image of the emaciated corps of Jesus on the cross is a symbolism for this lower part of our being. The cross is the oldest symbol for Earth life known to humankind. And for a long time all human beings remain nailed to this cross, but eventually our true nature and origin dawns on us. As the scales fall from our eyes, our hopes and aspirations begin to reach for higher ideals. We dream of a world that is at peace, where all live together in harmony and with goodwill for each other. When we do our best to make a contribution to such a world, our Christ nature grows and expands.

From ‘Healers And Healing’

(https://www.raysofwisdom.com/index.cfm?articleID=623)* * *

February 20th, 2019, 07:38
The Power Of Prayer - Part Two

Section 1


In the fullness of time each one of us will be able to safely lift ourselves and those around us above the vale of misery and tears of Earth life, with its boarded up horizons and its narrow field of vision. We are here to learn to fly on the wings of the spiritual wisdom and truth that is waiting to come to every heart and soul directly from the Source, through the intervention of everyone’s own inner guidance, the living God within. Every one of us in their own right eventually reaches the developmental point when our own life’s experiences have taught us that all our true needs will always be met, without us having to ask for anything.

The only thing we then want to do is lifting our siblings in the family of humankind and our whole world and everything that shares it with us, on the spiritual wings we have grown through the knowledge we have found along the pathway of our life, into the radiance of the Christ Star in the heartmind of God, praying for forgiveness and that healing and peace may come to all of us at last.

The Lord’s Prayer of the Jesus legend is one of the finest examples of how we should ideally pray. Not just something to be said over and over again without thoughts or feelings, like some kind of a prayer mill, but focussed and with our minds fully on the one we are communicating with. When the Jesus story was given to our world we were not yet to know that the figure of the man on the cross was but a legend and a symbolism for the many initiations each one of us has to undergo in the course of their earthly education.

For all awakened ones the time has come for praying with a deep inner conviction that our words are not only heard, but that they have the power to perform miracles, whenever one is genuinely required. Possibilities are opening for those who know the right way of projecting their thoughts and wishes into the Universe. Wise ones bear in mind that on the inner level of life all is one and there is no separation between anything, and that although each prayer comes from one of us personally, it is also part of and affects the collective consciousness of our race, as well as the whole of Creation.

As far as it is practicable and possible, the Universe has always allowed each one of us to manifest whatever our heart truly desires. But, now that we are growing into spiritual adulthood, we need to come to terms with the Universal laws – God’s laws. They decree that everything must return to its source, including every one of our thoughts, words and actions. Each one inevitably has to eventually find its way back to us. As touched upon earlier, that’s why we need to be extra careful when we desire something. Should we fail to choose wisely, there is every likelihood that the Universal Force decides to teach us the glorious lesson of being more cautious in future by manifesting the object(s) of our desire in unpleasant and unwanted ways.

Here are some suggestions about how to pray the right way:

1. Have a clear idea of what you are going to pray for. When you are ready, set aside a period of quiet time. Prepare your body by being still and making yourself comfortable.

2. Let go of all other thoughts and concerns and tell your conscious mind to give you a break. Ask your Highest Self, the living God within, for its guidance and protection and to show you how to make wise decisions and requests only. Then call upon the Angels to draw close and show you how to proceed.

3. Visualise the object, event, desire, healing, better relationship, whatever it is you truly want, clearly and picture it as if it already existed in the realities of Earth life. Let no negative thoughts go with this visualisation – you have to believe and accept that what you are asking for is really necessary for your spiritual development and that of our world.

4. When you have made the connection and put your request forward, go about your life as usual and rest safely in the knowledge that the necessary changes will soon appear in your life.

5. Realise that if what you have prayed for is inappropriate for you or for those on whose behalf you are asking, it will be modified by the Angels into something that will benefit the recipient. In other words, you cannot place a curse or a bad wish onto someone when connecting with the Source of our being. Should anyone try to do it all the same, the request will be changed into something that is helpful for the recipient. Wise ones take great care not to do anything disparaging and hurtful to anyone because they know that this would inevitably rebound on them.

6. When praying for healing, instead of asking for it in selfish ways, wise ones ask that it should be for the highest good and the greatest joy of all, and for the blessing and healing of our whole world. This they do because they know that what is done for one is done for all. Therefore, when their world is healing, they are healing with it.

7. The Universe knows all our true needs and is ready to fulfil them at any given time. At the end of your prayer acknowledge the power and wisdom of the Highest with something like: ‘May my wish be granted only if it serves Thy great plan of life and my predestined pathway within it. Thy will, Great Spirit, not mine be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.’

8. Thank our Creator, in whatever form you worship Him/Her, and the Angels who are serving around the throne of God, the Christ circle, for providing that which you need and that it may be forthcoming in ways that you cannot imagine with your limited earthly field of vision.

- To be continued. -

* * *

February 20th, 2019, 07:39
The Power Of Prayer - Part Two

Section 2

The Jesus legend tells us in St. John 14:6: ‘I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’ To this day many believe that he was a historical figure, who once walked in our midst and who one day will reappear in our world to save and redeem those who are following him, while according to the church’s creeds, all non-believers will go to hellfire and eternal damnation. Wise ones know that the esoteric meaning behind the surface words of above quote is NOT that the only ones who can get to the Father – whichever way the Bible interprets this concept – are those who believe in the existence of Jesus and flock to Christianity’s churches to declare their following for him.

The only way of getting in touch with and becoming one again with the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born son, the Universal Christ, for all human souls on the Earth plane is by bringing forth and developing their own Christ consciousness. For a long time it slumbers in seed form in every heart, but eventually each one of us reaches the evolutionary point when we are ready for leaving literalism behind. The more we become aware of our true nature and origin, the easier it becomes to recognise the esoteric truths that are hiding behind the story of the Master’s life and death.

Believing that every word of this tale is true and should be understood literally never could assist anyone with progressing on the evolutionary spiral of life. Quite the opposite is true! Convictions of this nature have for a long provided a highly effective barrier against humankind’s conscious reunion with God. It has been the Piscean Age’s instrument for keeping us away from prematurely attempting to reconnect with our Source, as this has been predestined to take place during the Aquarian Age and that for ever increasing numbers of us.

In our communications with the highest levels of life there is no need to be afraid of anything. Our Creator and the Angels surrounding His/Her throne are all love. And because we are part of God, whether we are as yet aware of this or not, at all times each one of us has always been enfolded and nurtured by the love of God’s heart, from which our spirit once emerged. As soon as we start looking for God everywhere and especially in the people around us, in whom the God part is often difficult to see, with the right kind of approach by us it may be possible to kindle their inner light and love, so that the living God within them becomes more visible.

The following is the essence of ‘The Healing Power Of Love’ from the White Eagle publication ‘The Still Voice’. This excellent little book contains many ideas for attuning ourselves meditatively to the Highest: ‘There are many methods of healing but only one true source from which all healing flows and that is the Divine love, the foundation and origin of all life. At the head of the healing ray is the Christ Spirit in the form of the Christ Star. It is the Greatest Light and the Highest Star of the whole of Creation, whose Light comes to all who truly call. No request for Its help goes unanswered, because true prayers set up a vibration in human souls that goes from their hearts straight to the Source of their being. And if you are seeking healing, the ministering Angels take you where you need to be.

‘Pure and true prayer comes from anyone who humbly kneels before our Creator on the highest levels of life. This needs to be done in total surrender of your will to the will of God. Asking for Its guidance and protection, pray: ‘Thy will be done on the Earth as it is in Heaven. Thy will be done in my physical body. Thy will be done in my whole being.’ There is no need to hesitate, as God’s will is always for something good. Rest assured that it is God’s will that the body of each one of His/Her children of the Earth should be healthy and holy, i.e. whole with all parts integrated and functioning harmoniously as one, so that the beauty and splendour of your earthly existence can be enjoyed instead of suffering from its miseries and tears.

‘We, your Masters and guides in the spirit world pray that your hearts and minds may be filled with the love and wisdom of the Great Mother, who is guiding you into the state of being that is right for you now.’

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From ‘Healers And Healing’ (https://www.raysofwisdom.com/index.cfm?articleID=623)

* * *

April 15th, 2019, 07:45
We Are Our Own Ancestors And Descendants


What a lot of pious talk there is on the Earth plane about the need for leaving our world in a fit state for our children and children’s children. As always there is a great deal more to this issue than meets the eye. I agree that it is the highest time that we all get our act together and do our share of taking better care of our beautiful planet. Ever more of us need to wake up to the fact that the main purpose of our earthly existence is that, when the time for doing so has come, we should each do our share of making our world into a better and more peaceful place, not just for humankind but for every one of its lifeforms. We are by no means alone with this task, God and the Angels are ready to help us with it, if we but ask.

I believe that this is just as vital for us ourselves as it is for those who come through us, our children and everybody else who will ever walk behind us. Let me explain why this should be so. As you know by now, I do not share the view that life is a one-off thing. I do believe – nay, more than that, I know – that each one of us has been before, not just once or twice but a great many times. We are placed in earthly life to grow and evolve in the course of many lifetimes from spiritual infancy, toddlerhood and adolescence into adulthood. Earth life is an educational institute and in order to reach this goal, we reappear however many lifetimes this development may take for each individual spirit and soul. Every reincarnation into Earth life brings fresh opportunities for paying some of the karmic debts we incurred in previous lifetimes, as well as creating new ones.

In some of our lifetimes we reincarnate as a woman and on other occasions as a man. And as we move along, we make many mistakes. This too is good and right, as in this way we are constantly learning something through our own experiences, and that helps our consciousness to expand. That’s how one small step after another, we grow in wisdom and understanding. Unaware of what we are doing, we are playing the role of our own forebears and in case we require further lifetimes on the Earth, on each occasion we return as one of our own descendants. And unless sufficient numbers of us do their share of making our world into a more peaceful and beautiful place right here and now, in future lifetimes we shall be newly confronted with the mess we ourselves once helped to make of our planet. How about that for a mind-boggling concept?

Let’s take a moment and join those who are in search of their roots. This takes us into the innermost core of life and the moment of our creation, when our spirit first came forth as a seed in the form of a thought from the heart-mind of God. One can only marvel at what has become of us in the meantime. There is no doubt in my mind that the person we are at present is the result of everything that happened to us from that moment onwards. All of it has been helping us towards growing ever more into the conscious awareness of our roots and origin as children of the Divine. Yet, in spite of the fact that on the outer level of life during each lifetime we appeared in a different guise, on the inner plane we remained the same. One cannot help marvelling that you were always you and I was me, and that is what we shall be forever.

Should our evolutionary program demand further sojourns through earthly life, we shall be appearing as the offspring of the one we presently are. Therefore, it stands to reason that any improvements we now make to our character and also our world are as much on behalf of ourselves as of our children’s children. This highlights the urgency of seriously getting to work on ourselves as well as finding satisfactory solutions for the issues that to this day are facing us and our world.

We live in extraordinary times of Mother Earth’s transformation and the homecoming of our race into the conscious awareness of God’s true nature and our own. And so it is not surprising that many are feeling the urge of finding and reconnecting with their roots. For a long time we keep on reincarnating through the same family groups. But eventually we reach the point when we have become sufficiently evolved for the superconscious faculties of our nature begin to unfold and our inner and outer horizons start to broaden. And so, with the help of the wise ones in charge of us, we decide to be born into other cultures and civilisations, to become familiar with their customs, outlook on life and religious/spiritual aspirations.

For these souls it would be futile to search for their origins on the outer level of life. They know that everybody’s true roots belong to the inner dimensions and therefore can only be found through journeying inwards. In this way we reconnect with our Highest or God Self, and through this becoming aware of our oneness with God and all life.

In contrast to them, young and inexperienced souls during their early lifetimes on the Earth plane are likely to misinterpret any of the promptings they receive from their inner being. They cannot help themselves because so far their earthly self has not yet discovered that there is such a thing as a spirit and a soul as well as an inner home, and that they too have these things. This is why one finds people in many countries of our world who are busily digging in the archives of earthly life for their roots. More highly evolved souls smile at their efforts. They can see no point in the ordinary type of genealogical research, because they are already consciously walking the highway that takes all of us together up the spiritual mountain and eventually – each one on their own – home into the final reunion with God.

Now that you are aware that you have been your own ancestor, I would like to challenge you to take a good look at your family tree. When you consider the ancestral line-up in front of you, bear in mind that in some of your lifetimes you yourself could either have been an eminent person or a particularly ill-fated and unfortunate one. Should you be in danger of shedding crocodile tears and feeling your heart melting with compassion for those through whose line you reincarnated, and before your ego swells with pride for having come through such an illustrious family, think of the part you must have played in its saga.

It is necessary to find forgiveness and feel compassion for ourselves and the many ordeals each one of us has to work their way through on their way to becoming the one we are today. To provide humankind with a well balanced educational program, it is for wise higher purposes that all human souls occasionally require lifetimes on the Earth plane when wretchedly difficult and traumatic situations have to be coped with. But we can trust the Universe’s wisdom and love that it will see to it that such times are balanced by successful, prosperous and happy ones.

Understanding this, each one of us, without exception, has every reason to rejoice and be thankful for all our own experiences and everybody else’s. The time has come for making our peace and praising the Highest for the gift of life, for guiding and protecting us and keeping us safe by day and by night, and the many things it is constantly providing for each one of us. And that undoubtedly will continue forever.

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From ‘Healers And Healing’

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April 25th, 2019, 10:17
Peace Be With You


May Divine peace fill your whole being,
within and without, today and forever.

May you be able to love and accept yourself,
just the way you are.

May you trust that you are always in the right place.

May you be aware of the infinite possibilities that
have their origin in trusting the basic goodness of your existence
and its Creator, the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
who constantly provides for all of everyone’s needs,
including yours.

May you use the gifts the Universe has bestowed upon you
for doing your share of making our world into
a more beautiful and peaceful place
for everything that shares it with us.

May you be able to give the full measure of the love
that is the most important part of your being,
to everything that comes your way.

May your soul enjoy the freedom of singing and dancing,
Praising and loving whatever comes your way,
every moment of each day and week, month and year
of your present lifetime
and whatever waits for you beyond.

And may God and the Angels bless you and keep you safe,
now and forever.


* * *

June 7th, 2019, 07:44
Health Healing Prayer


Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
Please help us to love You more dearly and
To see You more clearly in all that is.
Show us new ways of understanding,
So that with every passing day our faith and trust grows
In Your infinite wisdom and love that,
For a long time unbeknown to us,
Has always been trying to guide us,
Not as a force outside of ourselves
But from within the very core of our own being.

In the conscious awareness that
We are Your children and that You
Are as much part of us as we are of You,
Forgive us the trespasses of all past lifetimes
And grant us the gift of healing for us,
Our world and everything within it.
May every last shred of the darkness
Of the doubts and fears, sickness and pain
Of all our past lifetimes be absorbed
Into radiance of the white healing magic
Of the Christ Star’s eternal light.
May it shine from our hearts and souls
As it does from the heart of the Universal Christ,
Your only born Son/Daughter.
And may this continue until
All traces of dis-ease have gone from our world.

You are the voice of wisdom in everyone’s heart,
The wise one and living God within,
Who tells us that fear is the underlying cause of cancer,
The fear of life and the unknown.
Help us to restore our race’s faith and trust
In the life you have created for us,
And provide us with some kind of evidence that
There really is a great plan of life in which
Our world and every one of us has
Their allocated space and role to play,
And that all is well with both.

May the awakening of Your love and wisdom
In the hearts of ever more human beings
Uplift and transmute all fears and anxieties of our world
Into blessing, healing and harmonising energies
For the whole of Creation,
Until nothing but these feelings are
Flowing from our grateful and loving hearts
Into its farthest and remotest corners.
Through a better understanding of the processes
Of creation and life in general,
And humankind’s role in Your great plan of life,
Help us to know – not merely believe –
That the gift of life you are bestowing upon each one of us,
Each day anew, truly is most holy and precious one.

In the name of love we ask these things from you,
On behalf of Mother Earth and all her kingdoms,
Especially that of the human race.
We ask this not only for those who are dwelling
On this plane of life, but also for those who are
Resting and recuperating
From earthly life’s stresses and strains,
On the other side of the veil of consciousness
That to this day separates our two worlds.
May that veil also soon be gone for good.


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From ‘All Conditions Can Be Healed’ (https://www.raysofwisdom.com/index.cfm?articleID=625#all-conditions)

* * *


June 19th, 2019, 06:11
Saint Theresa’s Prayer

May there be peace within you, today and always.
May you trust God that you are exactly who you are
And where you are meant to be.
May you not forget the infinite possibilities that exist in God
And may you use every one of your gifts
For the greatest joy and the highest good of all,
Never for selfish purposes.

May this help you to pass all your love
To anyone who is in need of it.
And may you forever rest safely in the knowledge
That you are a beloved child of God,
The Great Father/Mother of all life
And their only born Son/Daughter,
The Universal Christ.

Peace be with you.


Saint Theresa
Edited by Aquarius

* * *

July 17th, 2019, 08:14
Make Me Brave For Life


Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
Make me brave for the life You have given me.
Help me to straighten after pain,
The way trees do after each rain,

Like grass that’s been blown down,
Let me rise from sorrow with an inner vision
That’s opened and knows
That Your ways are always wise.

When life brings blinding things,
Help me to remain focussed on
Looking forwards and upwards,
Never back,

Safe in the knowledge that behind
The darkness of humankind’s earthly existence
Your light has always been waiting
To eventually reveal our true nature to us,
The part of our being that’s only interested in
That which is good, right and beautiful.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

* * *

July 22nd, 2019, 08:01
Forgiveness Prayer


O Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
I ask for Your forgiveness for myself and all humankind.
Please, help me to forgive all those who ever hurt and wounded me,
In thoughts, words and deeds, consciously and unconsciously,
In this lifetime and all others.
I forgive each one of them.

Help me also to forgive myself for everything I have ever done
To hurt and wound others, in thoughts, words and deeds,
Consciously and unconsciously,
In this lifetime and all others.
I ask each one of them to forgive me.

Please help me to forgive myself for the occasions when,
During the long spell of being ignorant of my true nature
And the higher purpose and meaning of my life,
I harmed myself through thoughts, words and deeds,
Consciously and unconsciously, in this lifetime and all others.
I forgive myself for this.
Will you please forgive me, too?

Through the forgiveness we are projecting
With Your assistance into our world
And are receiving from others,
The chains and shackles of Karma dissolve
And fall from us.
We are setting each other free,
So that hand in hand with You and the Angels
Each one of us can evolve into
The master of the vessel of their own being,
Life and destiny.
In the name of love I ask this for myself
And on behalf of all humankind.


Use this prayer twice daily for thirty days,
but then only when bad feelings against someone
are rising from deep within you.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

* * *

July 31st, 2019, 08:30
Let Nothing Trouble You


Every event in earthly life is but a passing phase,
Because all life, including your own,
Is constantly evolving and changing.
Even God does this.
As God is with you and part of you,
Evolving and changing with you,
Guiding you from within the very core of your being,
Let nothing trouble and frighten you.

God takes care of everyone’s true needs at all times.
That’s why in truth no-one ever lacks anything,
And with patience you can attain anything
You have ever striven for.

Those who seek freedom from the limitations
Of their earthly existence,
Need to get in touch and bring forth
The Divine power within them
And use it for the highest good of our whole world.
In this way they are calling into action
The creative Universal forces.
In due course they return, with rich treasures added,
Whatever is sent out to the sender’s own life.

That does not mean they cannot ask for help.
Whenever they feel lonely, fearful and in need of it.
But they have to ask for it, the same as everybody else,
For it will not come automatically to anyone
From the spiritual level of life.

* * *

August 17th, 2019, 07:41
Prayer For Healing And Peace


O Holy Trinity of the Great White Spirit, Mother/Father of all life, and Your only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ, joy fills our hearts and souls that the dark night of the soul for humankind has almost run its course and is definitely drawing to its close, now that the Aquarian Age is with us. As we now know, on the inner level all is one and what any one of us does affects all life and lifeforms everywhere. The whole of Your Creation must be rejoicing and celebrating with us, because the troublesome energies of our world have been disturbing their vibrations for a very long time.

Having become aware that the powers that are in You are also in us, we want to make good where we once sinned and redeem ourselves. That’s why we ask You and the Angels and Masters around Your throne, and their helpers on the lower levels of the spirit world, to show us what kind of a contribution we can make towards the healing of each other, our world and everything that is in it, and also every aspect of our own being. You are the living God, the wise one within. Teach us intuitively the wise use of all Your powers, especially the one of infinite wisdom and love, never for selfish purposes but only for bringing peace and healing to wherever it is needed in all worlds and beings throughout the whole of Your Creation.

May Your will be our will and Your sacred words with their blessing and healing power be ours. May they flow from our hearts and souls into the soul of every individual human being, on this and the other side of the veil that separates our two worlds. And may they continue from there into the collective soul of our race and world and ultimately the soul of the whole of Creation. May the Divine spark in ever more human hearts and souls wake from its slumber and may this continue until Your loving Spirit has been fully born in our world and takes charge of it. For this purpose may Your prayers and ours join forces and harmoniously work together, so that our world once again finds peace the way it did during other golden ages of the past.

Please help ever more of us to become aware that every human being’s true nature is love, the same as Yours, and that love is the law of life. Teach us how to love wisely, the way You have always loved us. From love we have come and through the gift of the knowledge You are now allowing us access to, we are now returning into the conscious awareness of our oneness with You and all life. Help us to use the gifts and powers you have bestowed upon us wisely, with love and respect for the highest good of all in this world and all other worlds, now and forever. As Your children, we ask these things from You in the name of love, Your name and also ours. We welcome You, the living loving Spirit onto the Earth. Amen

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August 26th, 2019, 08:09
In The Healing Temple Of The Sun

A Meditation


Become aware of your breathing. Deeply and slowly breathe into your abdomen and watch yourself growing ever more peaceful. Feel your mind and body calming down.

Now imagine you and I are standing on the shores of a lake whose water is perfectly still. The light that reflects in it at first makes it look like the softest of mother-of-pearl, but on closer inspection we notice that the colours are gently moving and mingling, in ever-changing hues. We become aware that we are not alone because an Angel has joined us, introduces itself as the guardian and keeper of the lake. It is a healing lake and if we wish to find the healing we are seeking, it helps to slowly and deeply breathe in the love of God and take it into our hearts. Following this advice, we notice that white wings of healing light are lovingly wrapping themselves around us.

The Angel points out to us that the lake consists of pools of water in different colours and that each colour has its own healing qualities. Green is for cleansing, a gentle blue for peace and relaxation, golden yellow for hope and vitality, amethyst for opening up humankind’s higher consciousness and so forth. The Angels tell us that it can tell by the look of people which pool is best for them. One after the other, it takes us by the hand and walks with us into the water we need. It feels refreshing and deeply cleansing. Floating on top of it, we notice how easily it carries us. Every movement we make is peaceful and effortless, making us feel loved, held and protected by the arms of our Divine Father/Mother.

In the East the rosy light of dawn is rising and a brightly shining Star shines above us. Our Angel explains that it’s Venus, the planet of love and peace, beauty and harmony, appearing here as the Morning Star and an omen for the beginning of a new phase in the development of the whole of Creation, including us and our world. A new day is also dawning at this moment and everything is so peaceful and still that our whole being opens to the beauty around us. As the Sun rises above the horizon, its light unites itself with that of the Morning Star. Together they cast a path of golden healing light across the water, which at first is quite narrow but soon widens into a kind of golden highway. The Angel lifts us out of the water, takes our hand and together we walk along this highway, straight into the heart of the Sun. The Sun draws us ever closer and our hearts joyously respond to its pull and so we quite happily leave behind the water of the lake shimmering below.

As we come closer to the Sun, a circular temple comes into view. Transparent and filled with light, it looks as if it had been built of the finest alabaster. Tall pillars rise heavenwards. Up seven steps our Angel guides us, towards a golden arch at the entrance to the temple whose huge pillars make us feel tiny but not insignificant. It is hard to tell what these constructions are made of and whether they could be the Archangels themselves. Our Angel tells us that this is the Universal Temple of the Sun. As we enter, we become aware of the unity of all life, of God’s love that fills every cell and atom of the whole of Creation, holds them together and manipulates them with the power of sheer will. We feel our oneness with the Divine forces of life and that we too are a part of the Cosmic Order.

We feel drawn deeper into the centre of the temple and find ourselves gazing towards its domed roof. We feel the blazing light and warmth of a huge Star that pours its blessings into a large gathering of angelic and human healers and servers in white robes. All together we are silently waiting for the arrival of the Great Healer. The light of the Star grows ever brighter and more intense, and we sense that the presence of the Lord/Lady most high, the Universal Christ Spirit, is approaching. A ray of light flows directly from the Star into every heart and we feel our hearts opening wide and overflowing with the love and worship for our Creator.

The Universal Christ is the great healer of all life. Emerging from the light of the Star, S/He slowly takes on the human form the Angels talked about in the legend of the beloved Master Jesus. His depiction was created as a channel and vehicle through which the Christ Spirit could communicate with us and our world. At first, it seems that the Sun is shining through this being. But no, the Christ is the Sun of all Suns, the light of life itself. S/He is the light.

After a while we notice a white couch in the middle of the temple. Ministering Angels are placing one sleeping patient after another on it and each one is blessed by the Great Healer. We are part of the group of healers and helpers and through being here are accepted by everybody into the brotherhood of the temple, who act as one. Love and light are filling our whole being and flowing from our hearts. Together with the Christ we focus on the new patients that are constantly arriving. Acting as channels of the Christ’s healing energies, we fill them with it and bless them. While we are doing this, we sense how something inside us is healing too and that the whole of Creation is healing with us. Here in the heart of the Eternal Sun Temple, outside earthly space and time all is one and we realise the meaning of ‘All for one, and one for all’.

The patients remain asleep and after each one has received their healing, the Angels take them to small individual sanctuaries to continue their rest. Countless numbers of them are dotted around the garden that surrounds the temple and each cubicle is glowing softly with the relevant healing colours. Our Angel explains that, when the patients have rested sufficiently, they return to their earthly consciousness.

Our Angel tells us that the Angels of Death bring spirits and souls, whose time for leaving earthly life has come, are also brought here. They are asleep when they arrive in the spirit world and are brought straight away into the presence of the Great Healer. When they have received the healing they need, they are moved to one of the sanctuaries, where they rest until they are ready to wake up into their new life. On opening their eyes, the first thing they see is the sunlit temple garden. It is just like a garden on the Earth plane though many times more beautiful. Their Guardian Angel helps them with getting used to their new surroundings and taking their first steps to the place where family and friends, who entered this world before them, are waiting in the sunshine to greet and welcome them.

Through the visit in the temple there grows in our hearts an increasing faith and trust in God’s Great Cosmic Plan * that guides and protects all life, individually and collectively, in the physical world as well as the infinite and eternal one of spirit. Everything is known and taken care of by the infinite and unbounded love, wisdom and power of the Great White Spirit. Our hearts respond to this knowledge with a joyous flow of feelings of worship and love for our Creator.

Alas, our healing session is drawing to a close. But listen! Where is that sound coming from? It’s the Angels singing. Gently, softly and a mere whisper at first but gradually swelling into a glorious melody. More and more voices are joining in the sweetest of harmonies. We add ours to them and sing: ‘S/He is Lord and Lady. S/He is risen from the dead and S/He is our beloved Lord and Lady. Every knee does bow and every tongue confesses that the Universal Christ is our true Lord and Master.’ This is followed by a song of thanksgiving, in praise and worship of our Creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life, which slowly rises into an almighty crescendo.

Eventually all sound subsides and with a tinge of sadness in our hearts we realise that it’s time for returning to our earthly duties. Taking another moment to wander through the infinite and eternal garden, we enjoy the beauty of its flowers and trees, the song of its birds, and the love and warmth of the Sun. Our Angel tells us that this place is the garden of reunion where all spirits and souls come to replenished and refreshed in dreamtime.

Giving thanks to our Angel for all we have seen and received, we say goodbye. Breathing deeply helps us to fully return into earthly consciousness and we use our earthly mind to become fully aware of our physical body again. We feel our feet, move our toes, stretch our arms, open our eyes and pay attention to our environment again. Prior to venturing out into the world, we protect ourselves by closing our energy centres, the chakras, and by sealing the brow, throat, and heart ones with a cross of light within a circle of light.

Idea by Joan Hodgson in Stella Polaris
The magazine of the White Eagle Lodge
Retold by Aquarius

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* * *


January 7th, 2020, 09:21
The Best Is Yet To Come


There probably isn’t anyone on the Earth plane who does not agree that we are living in exceptionally difficult times. Yet, they are also exciting and important beyond compare. This is due to the fact that ever more of us are waking up to their true nature and becoming aware that all of us are constantly in the process of laying the foundation stones for the rest of our present lifetime, as well as all futures ones. Whether they will be spent on the Earth plane or on other levels of existence, it is my firm belief that, individually and as a race, by far the best part of our evolution is yet to come.

For those who fail to make an effort at finding the true purpose of their existence on the Earth plane, it may well be necessary to return to it in a future life and doing the whole thing all over again. That’s why suicide is never an option when the going gets tough. I do not want to come back yet again, not if I can help it, do you? I would really rather try to get everything as right as I possibly can, this time round.

But why are we here in the first place? The way I understand the matter is that we have been placed in this life to achieve the wholeness and perfection that is in God. We consist of the same polarities and dualities that are in God and our task as healers and lightbringers is to balance them with each other, to achieve the perfect equilibrium of the Divine. Most of us are probably still a long way from this goal, in which case there is nothing for it but to keep on accepting and loving ourselves, in spite of the fact that we are mere human beings with all their shortcomings and character flaws. But there is also another far more important aspect of our nature and that is our spirit and soul. They are of Divine origin and immortal and for ever more of us the time has come to get in touch with them and learn to live in peace and harmony with them.

I can think of no better tool than astrology to assist us with gaining a deeper understanding first of ourselves and our own predestined pathway through life, and then of those around us. Studying every one of my interpretations of the Sun signs is a good starting point. Getting to know the positive and negative qualities and expressions of our own sign and then of all the others in my view is a unique and special way of learning to love, appreciate and respect ourselves as the precious and unique beings we truly are. Only from this love and with an ever deepening understanding of life’s purpose and meaning in general can grow a genuine respect and appreciation for everybody and everything that shares our world with us.

The energies are now right for doing this and many friends and helpers who are invisible to earthly eyes are reaching out for us in these difficult times. All we have to do is attune the receiver/transmitter station of our earthly mind into the frequencies of higher and highest levels of life where they are dwelling and for a long time have been waiting for our call. When we willingly work hand in hand with them and bring forth the best that is in us to unselfishly serve them, we can act as their channels through which the blessing and healing energies of the Highest can flow into our world.

If we don’t know how to go about this, we need to ask them to show us how to gain more confidence, drive and initiative and a proper appreciation of ourselves as a valuable member of the human race. To enable us to tap into and bring forth our inner resources, it is essential to develop our intuition, our inner teacher. This is best done through meditations, prayers and quiet reflections and by listening within, so that the living God within can communicate with us in full consciousness. All the knowledge in the Universe is within us. No outside influences are involved in this, everything comes from deep inside our own being. Trying it out to see for ourselves how it works, we stand everything to gain and nothing to lose.
And because the law of life is love and evolution, every lifeform is constantly moving forwards and upwards on an evolutionary spiral. That’s why it is quite justified – and by no means foolishly optimistic and unfounded – to expect that with the passing of time earthly life too will get better and easier to cope with. Through developing more positive and constructive thinking and behaviour patterns, each one of us is required to do their share of bringing healing and peace to us and our world.

Beautiful Things
Knowing that beautiful things are right and true,
And that beautiful actions please God,
Helps wise ones to develop their inward sense of
What is right, true and beautiful.

The highest wisdom is to trust
One’s intuition and following its guidance,
For the answer to the last appeal of what is right or wrong
Lies within everybody’s own heart.
So, trust thyself.

Aristotle 384-322 BC
Edited by Aquarius

From ‘Food For Thought – Volume 1’
* * *