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January 15th, 2012, 15:37
Okay, guys, this is one of those weird things I can't explain.

Before my sweetheart Shaun passed away two months ago, he had an electric alarm clock on his night table. It's one of those clocks that needs to be reset each time there is a power failure or interruption in electricity of some kind.

Well, I never did know how to work the darn thing (I have a battery face clock on my side of the bed), so during our last power failure a few weeks ago, I never even tried to reset that clock. I just let the digital numbers flash and blink all they wanted, figuring I would just unplug it and give it away to charity or something eventually. In fact, last night before I fell asleep, it was still flashing.

Well, I just went into our bedroom a few minutes ago, and that same clock that had been flashing for weeks is now set at the correct time and working properly. I live alone, except for two cats, and I don't think they're electronic geniuses, so I have no idea how the clock is now working properly and set at the correct time.

It's stuff like that that makes me go "hmmm" sometimes. Am I going crazy or are there little things that happen sometimes that just defy explanation?


February 11th, 2012, 20:32
You are far from crazy :) Similar things have happened to me and I'm sure others...

February 13th, 2012, 17:26
Hi Hamilton,

Yes, apparently I'm finding that out too!

No one has called me crazy yet. In fact, most have a similar story or two to tell about their own experiences. And like me, they're not ones to look for signs (and prefer to avoid anything remotely supernatural because it's a bit scary sometimes), but they have to admit that these types of things have happened to them as well.

I think the mysteries of life - and life beyond life - are incredibly fascinating, and I have no fear anymore. I don't know why, but I'm certain that what lies ahead is pure bliss, peace, and love.


February 13th, 2012, 17:49
Marjatta and Hamilton,

I too have experienced things I can't explain or would really like to tell to many people outside of those here. I think they may have me locked up lol.

I have had several signs from my late wife over the years she has been gone. Everything from a Huge butterfly(a Monarch Butterfly) one summer that flew in the instant I was thinking of my wife and landed right on my hand.. ( That was very freaky). It stayed there for almost two minutes and only left when my daughter went to get my camera so I could get a picture of it... Still warms my heart thinking of it that day.....

I have also had a period not long after I lost her I went through a week of total hell. Everything was going wrong trying to get things in order and trying to get back on track.. Fighting with her family over her possessions( They are vultures BTW) I wish that for no one to go through. But long story short. I was done.. worn out and tired. Just tired of fighting... My oldest daughter brought up one of my wife and I's wedding picture album. And I just didn't have the strength to go through the pictures with my daughter. I was very distraught and just hugged my oldest child, I felt my heart breaking ever more with our loss. We were sitting outside on the porch that day a beautiful sunny day with a few clouds in the sky. For some reason I looked up ... Now this is going to seem completely crazy ... but up there in the sky I saw as clear as day the word JOY in completely formed letters in the clouds.. NO WORD OF A LIE ... as my daughter saw it too.. That is totally crazy..

But I know our loved ones can hear us ... I know this in my heart

so keep an eye out I'm sure they send us little signs they are thinking of us everyday...


February 16th, 2012, 10:40
Hi Cal,

Oh yes, I know exactly what you mean! The signs are unmistakeable, aren't they?

I've also noticed a few times when I've struggled to do something (mechanical or otherwise) that I've never done before and I pray for Shaun to help me, suddenly I just know what to do. And these aren't things I've ever done! LOL It's almost as if my brain is just infused with this knowledge when I need it.

I'm not at all surprised by what you've shared. As one who has experienced these occurrences that defy logical explanation, I can only come to my own conclusion that indeed there are forces at work all the time ... angels guiding us and helping us along the way. They can't live our lives for us or take away our struggles, but they sure can (and do) help.

I never feel alone anymore. :)