View Full Version : A lifemate lost (sharing thoughts part 2)

November 5th, 2011, 15:07
I am submitting this second part of my experience in losing my wife of 37 year to cancer to show people that over time things do get a little better. This was my second year memorium to a beautiful mate:
"Make me to say, when all my griefs are gone; Happy the heart that sighed for such a one."
- Samuel Daniel

What does one say to a beautiful Lady who at the Party, accepted me for the Dance of Life?
What can one say to she who in giving of her love, made me see the beauty of the world and all that was in it?
How can one describe the feeling of stumbling, yet being lifted by an understanding partner to complete Life's goals set out before them?
What words can explain the total love that you gave to me and, in return, allowed me to truly understand it's full meaning?
The tears of grief are all but gone; the Void, a little smaller and the burning pain bearable.
Instead the droplets now ripple on a pool of wonderful memories; memories that make me smile and be ever grateful in having met and loved you.
Sometimes there are no words to fully express how we feel: so I will simply say "Thank you Sweetheart for being you and for becoming a wonderful part of my life.
Love eternal,