View Full Version : A lifemate lost (sharing thoughts part 1)

November 5th, 2011, 14:52
My wife of 37 years passed away 3 years ago and in wanting to write a memorium to her the next year I put pen to paper and let the words flow- more to allow me to face the reality but also to share a common loss with all humans who must one day go through this trial. Things will never be the same or even close but the memories make up for the change. Please read this and know that none of us are alone in the grief and post-grief stage as we all share like emotions:
The Best is Yet to Be.
A year has past; four seasons of tears to mark the emptiness I feel. Rough edges become smoother but Time does not heal Everything.
In a crowd, the face of normalcy, a smile; the picture is OK.
Alone, the tears dried; the pain returns again and the unfilled Void remains- each day.
Our time together was borrowed and had, at some point, to be returned. Like all else in Life, we can only share our moments of Love and Tears; our Hopes and Fears.
And from each other we begin to grow and view one of the Great Mysteries of our Life on Earth.
"How can both Spirits join as One and yet remain as Two?"
The world is different without you Sweetheart: or maybe the difference is within me.
The eye sees the sunset but misses the colours before it
The ear hears the song of the birds but the melody is forfeit
Your beautiful Spirit is absent; meanings are forever changed.
Yes-all of these things are only borrowed; save one.
Memories of Times Past; of Family and Friends, of Laughter and Happiness
These are not borrowed but are left with us who remain
To remember that we had a Life together-Wonderful and Blessed.
Still, each night we talk; a few moments to recall
To whisper-" I love you Darling more and more each day; much more then I can say.