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June 5th, 2011, 15:36

There are as many names for the Great Light and its offspring, the tiny spark of Divinity in every human heart and soul, as there are religions and philosophies in our world. To Christianity it is known as the Christ Spirit and for simplicity’s sake, this is the name I am using throughout my writings. Bearing in mind that each one of us is a child of the Great White Spirit, the Universal Christ, would you agree that by definition we are all Christians? I believe that irrespective of how far any soul has thus far got on its evolutionary pathway, the true Kingdom of God is in every heart and soul. And it does not matter one iota which faith we have followed in any of our lifetimes or whether during our present one we never set foot inside any place of worship or not.

The Gospel of St. Thomas 113 tells us: ‘His disciples said to Jesus: ‘When will the Kingdom come?’ He replied: ‘It will not come by watching for it. It will not be said: ‘Look, here!’ or ‘Look, there!’ Rather, the Father’s Kingdom is spread out upon the Earth, and people don’t see it.’ It is just because God’s Kingdom is the whole Earth and everything it contains, for a very long time humankind has been unable to find it, in spite of the fact St. Luke 17:20-21 in the Bible told us: ‘When some of the Pharisees asked Jesus when the kingdom of God would come, he answered: ‘The Kingdom of God does not come by observation. Neither will they say: ‘Behold it is there!’ For behold, the kingdom of God is within you.’

Thanks be to God and the Angels that by now many are aware that the Kingdom of God is here, there and everywhere and that, as all life is imbued with the life force – although unbeknown to humankind for a very long time – every part of it is sacred and holy. Every heart and soul contains, if only in seed form, the Divine spark that is all loving and all good – that is the kingdom of God. The Christ Spirit spoke and taught us and our world two thousand years ago through the legend of the Master Jesus and the miracles that were worked through him, not by him. St. John 7:16 confirms this: ‘My teaching is not my own. It comes from him who sent me.’ This same Holy one is now ready to be called upon to do the same through each and every one of us.

S/He now speaks to us as follows:

I am the great Sun, but you do not see me,
I am your husband, but you turn away.
I am the captive, but you do not free me,
I am the captain but you will not obey.

I am the truth, but you will not believe me,
I am the city where you will not stay.
I am your wife, your child, but you will leave me,
I am that God to whom you will not pray.

I am your counsel, but you will not hear me,
I am your lover whom you will betray.
I am the victor, but you do not cheer me,
I am the holy dove whom you will slay.

I am your life, but if you will not name me,
Seal up your soul with tears,
and never blame me.

Charles Causley
From a Normandy crucifix of 1632


I am the Great Light, the spiritual Sun behind the Sun
In your sky. I am the giver of all life,
Your true Father/Mother.
Yet, for aeons you failed to see me.

But, now that you are waking up of from
Your spiritual slumber, you are becoming aware of
Me and My presence inside you.
I am your inner teacher and guide,
Who knows the answers to all your questions and
The solutions to all your problems.
At long last, you no longer ignore Me
And are turning ever more to Me.

I am the husband/wife, lover and most intimate friend,
The soulmate you have yearned for,
But could never find in human relationships.
I am the Saviour and Redeemer your race projected
Onto forces outside yourselves in previous ages.
Yet, My highest aspects and qualities have always been
In you, if only in seed form.
When you unselfish serve Me on the Earth plane
And constantly strive to make it into a better,
More peaceful and beautiful place for everything
That shares it with you,
I shall teach each one of you how to be their own
Saviour and redeemer,
Not only of yourselves but of your whole world.

Unbeknown to your earthly self,
I, the Divine Spirit in you and all life,
Have been held prisoner by the darkness of your
Ignorance of your own true nature and Mine.
This bred false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions.
As these can only stand in the way of your personal and collective
Evolution, each one of them must go,
To set yourself and Me free.
You are responsible for yourself, every one of your thoughts,
Words and actions, as well as your whole race and world towards Me.
You are the captain of the ship of your own life and destiny.
You are in charge and accountable for it to
Me, the Admiral of the great fleet of humankind
In the vast ocean of the whole of Creation.
I am your Supreme Commander.

Day by day learn to listen to Me and My guidance,
As I speak to you through the innermost world of your feelings
And the small still voice of conscience.
Stop running for advice to other people,
Turn within and pay attention to Me,
So I can show you that you can trust Me.
Follow My directions joyously and
Accept Me as your navigator.
I have always known and forever will know
The pathway of each every one of you
And that of your whole race and world.

I am the Way, the Life and the Truth
And you are on the Earth, so that you may learn to believe in
Me and My presence.
Although in many lifetimes you failed to see and recognise Me,
Through your own experiences you eventually
Have to find total and utter faith in Me.
I am the Eternal City you searched for to the ends of the Earth,
Unaware that it is inside you.
In this place you are dwelling with Me forever.

I am the faithful husband/wife, who never leaves you.
I am the God, whom you have every reason
To trust and to whom you pray.
I am your teacher and guide,
The wise one inside you,
Whose counsel you can trust and willingly follow.
I am the eternal lover, who never betrays or leaves you.
In stead of being life’s victims, I am waiting to show
Each one of you how to become one of its victors.
I come to you as the Holy Dove, who blesses and heals
All inner and outer wounds of all lifetimes,
Not only yours but those of your whole world.

I am your life and now you joyfully accept Me
And sing My praises.
No longer any need for tears or blaming anyone,
Especially Me.

From ‘A World in Crisis’ (http://www.raysofwisdom.co.uk/stargazers_pc.htm?WORLDINCRISIS=#incrisis)

With love and light,

June 6th, 2011, 02:51
Martin Lutheranism was born in January,15-1929 and died in April 4,1968.In 1954, Martin Luther King became pastor of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama.In 1957 he was elected president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, an organization formed to provide new leadership for the now burgeoning civil rights movement.
He was the great person of the world who says many quote.some of his quote are as follow;
1."At the last, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but we will remember the words of the silence of our friends."
2.The most dangerous things of the world is sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."
3.doing something is most important so do something.

Martin Luther King quotes (http://www.great-quotes.com/quotes/author/Martin+Luther/King)

June 6th, 2011, 03:15
There are lots of quote about the day.some quote about the day are as follow;
1."the day is the beginning of something and waiting for something".
2."The day is the everything so makes your day beautiful".
3."If you have nine dumb friends, you're bound to be the tenth one".
4."Always think about tomorrow tomorrow."
5."we are never think about the important of tomorrow but tomorrow is the most important day".

Quote of the Day (http://www.great-quotes.com/QuoteoftheDay/)

June 15th, 2011, 05:43
Martin Luther King Jr. once said: ‘One of the most persistent ambiguities we face is that everybody talks about peace as a goal, but among the wielders of power peace is practically nobody’s business. Many cry: ‘Peace! Peace!’, but they refuse to do the things that make for peace … One day, we must come to see that peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal. We must pursue peaceful ends through peaceful means. How much longer must we play at deadly war games before we heed the plaintive pleas of the unnumbered dead and maimed of past wars?’

From ‘War and Peace – Between Nations’ (http://www.raysofwisdom.co.uk/stargazers_pa.htm?WAR&PEACENAT=#warandpeace)

With love and light,

June 15th, 2011, 05:49
Are you aware that Martin Luther King Jr. must have been named after the Martin Luther, mentioned below?

The world around us is an outer manifestation of the inner life of our race. It acts like a mirror that constantly reflects its state back to us. Subtly and in many different ways, the Universe has always been trying to guide us and teach us by showing us better ways of living harmoniously with each other and our world. Martin Luther, the Father of the Reformation in Germany who, for the first time in its history, made the Bible accessible to lay people by translating it into German, observed: ‘Study the animal world and you will understand human behaviour much better.’ The same applies to all other parts of the world around us. Much new understanding can be found through observing it and then interpreting intuitively what kind of messages it may wish to convey to us.

Take for example the trees and observe how their branches reach ever higher upwards into the sky and their roots work their way deeper and deeper into the Earth, in search of nourishment and water. They are doing so with such force that they are capable of growing through and breaking up stones. Our developing inner roots can and need to do the same. Like the trees, we are bridges between Heaven and Earth and are in this life to behave like them, the way Richard St. Barbe Baker describes in his book ‘Green Glory’: ‘The Earth itself is a child of the Sun and its tree children are ever striving to get nearer their distant father.’

From ‘Universal Guidance from the Environment’ (http://www.raysofwisdom.co.uk/stargazers_pa.htm?GUIDENVIRONM=#guidancefrom)
With love and light,

June 15th, 2011, 05:53
A new biblical era opened up with the work of Martin Luther 1483-1546, a theologian, an Augustinian monk and an ecclesiastical reformer, who lived and worked mostyly in Wittenburg, Germany. His teachings inspired the Reformation and deeply influenced the doctrines and culture of the Lutheran and Protestant traditions. Luther translated the Bible into German from the Greek edition of Erasmus. Whilst working on his translation, he frequently visited the nearby towns and markets, so that he could hear the people speak and write in their language. His New Testament was published in Wittenberg in 1522. The Old Testament followed in successive parts; Luther translated them from the Brescia Hebrew Bible of 1494. Luther’s knowledge of Hebrew and Aramaic was limited and his rendering shows much influence of Rashi, the great 11th–12th-century French rabbinical scholar and commentator.

The complete Lutheran Bible emerged from the press in 1534 – printing had been invented by then. Luther was constantly revising his work with the assistance of other scholars, and between 1534 and his death in 1546, eleven editions were printed, the last posthumously. His Bible truly fulfilled Luther’s objective of serving the needs of the common man. It also formed the basis of the first translations into the languages of those lands to which Lutheranism soon spread. As well as proving to be a landmark in German prose literature, this Bible made an important contribution towards the development of the modern German language.

Luther’s English counterpart was William Tyndale, sometimes spelled Tindale. He was a priest and scholar, who lived ca. 1484-1536 and translated the Bible into the early modern English of his day. Although numerous partial and complete English translations had been made from the 7th century onward, Tyndale was the first to take advantage of the new medium of print, which allowed for its wide distribution. In October 1536, he was killed by strangulation and then burned at the stake. However, his efforts were rewarded, because much of his work eventually found its way into the King James Version, which – though the work of 47 independent scholars – is based primarily on his translations. Incidentally, although Luther had also been persecuted, he died of natural causes.

Tyndale was the Captain of an Army of Reformers, and their spiritual leader. He holds the distinction of being the first man to ever print the New Testament in the English language. Tyndale was a true scholar and a genius, so fluent in eight languages that it was said one would think any one of them to be his native tongue. He is frequently referred to as the ‘Architect of the English Language’, even more so than William Shakespeare, as many of the phrases Tyndale coined are still in our language today.

Martin Luther in Germany had a small head-start on Tyndale, who wanted to use the same 1516 Erasmus text that were the basis of Luther’s work as the source for his translation and printing the New Testament in English for the first time in history. He showed up on Luther’s doorstep in Germany in 1525, and by the end of that year he had translated the New Testament into English. He had been forced to flee England, because of the wide-spread rumour that his English New Testament project was underway. This caused inquisitors and bounty hunters to be constantly on his trail, trying to arrest him and prevent his project. In spite of all this, 1525-1526 the Tyndale New Testament became the first printed edition of the Scriptures in the English language.

From ‘Light and Darkness’ (http://www.raysofwisdom.co.uk/stargazers.htm?LIGHT&DARK=#light&darkness)

With love and light,

Brok Born
July 16th, 2011, 09:47

Thank you for sharing your information. Really I am very appreciated here and this is the very useful information. Obviously Christians would be atheists if the atheist assumption were taken for granted. If there's no God, we're all just some form of confused atheism. No point is proven. Just like if we were to assume that if there were really the Christian God, we'd all be Christians. Not that we'd espouse the christian doctrine, but we'd exist in a world as Christians understand it. The question left which is true. If you say it doesn't matter because it is all relative to one's own intellect you're merely taking up the atheist assumption and we won't get anywhere.
What this blog seems to forget is that Christians believe in objective reality, they believe that their God brought salvation and let's face it. We should be flattered that Christians care enough to attempt keeping everyone out of hell. I know many really devout Christians and the belief they hold is not something they can't keep to themselves.

Thanks a lot for your help!!
Broke Born
Christianity: Alphausa.org

July 21st, 2011, 06:17
What Is God?

For me this means the Father, the whole of the Universal intelligence and the source from which fresh pure creative thoughts are constantly pouring forth into all life. The spirit of the Father, the same as ours, is eternal, without beginning or end and has always been. Neither our spirit nor the Father’s will ever stand still. Both are constantly evolving, expanding and growing through the knowledge that is gathered by all parts of Creation, including you and me. New and ever deeper insights and discoveries into this, that and the other will continue to be made by someone somewhere. This is something every soul must come to terms with and accept that there will probably never be such a thing as absolute truth.

So, what of God’s truth? How do we know when we are finding some of it? Any knowledge one of us finds is meant to be shared with those around us and used for making our world a better place everything in it – not just humankind – to evolve and grow. But, because of the precious gift of freedom of choice each one of us is allowed to decide what we can and wish to take on board as our truth. Yet, every right also brings responsibilities with it and any newly found knowledge puts the onus on us for choosing wisely. That is why, whilst reading or listening to anything, it is advisable to make a habit of noticing the responses that come from your own heart and learn to follow them in all things. This is the voice of your inner guidance and teacher, your intuition; it will never let you down or lie to you.

Because there are numerous gullible people in our world and just as many who are all too happy to exploit this, be careful and refuse to take anything that comes to your attention at face-value. Know that everything we become aware of in some way enters into our consciousness; we ourselves are responsible for what we allow in. It is up to each one of us to test and try things for ourselves and to establish whether the information before us has any validity for us. You are always the bottom line and you alone can decide whether you are willing to accept or reject what someone tells you, whoever this may be. It goes without saying that this is also valid for all my writings. It has never been my nature to wish to prescribe for anyone what to believe and what not. In any case, knowing what is at stake here, who would still be foolish enough to dogmatically state this, that or the other is the ultimate truth that is valid for everybody?

Those who are familiar with other parts of my work know that I go to great lengths to point out the necessity for choosing carefully as to what we accept as our truth. My advice has always been never to follow anyone blindly or take their words for gospel, no matter how high and holy the person or institution may seem to be. The information you are receiving from them could be outdated and further insights could be waiting to be given, maybe through you. If something you hear or read does not feel right, pay attention and listen to what ideas may come to you. Consult with your inner self by meditating and/or reflecting on the points in question, then wait and see what further insights may come to you. When they do, do not forget to share them with those around you. In this way we shall eventually all become channels of Divine wisdom and truth and be capable of acting as light bringers to our world. This will continue until every last shred of the clouds of ignorance that still darken our world have been dispersed and peace has at last come to our world.

As new ideas and fresh insights are constantly flowing into my existing writings from my inner guru, they are living proof of how, as one learns to live ever more intuitively, there is little or no danger of getting stuck in outdated beliefs. One gradually learns to trust that this inner voice really does know the answers to all our questions and what is good and right for us in any given moment, as opportunities have been provided by the Universe for checking this out over and over again. The more this the higher part of us takes over, the less one feels inclined to look for information from other sources. There comes the moment when one realises that this need has faded away completely. And that, in my view, is the greatest advantage of being taught by the inner guru. As valuable tools as some books to this day are as communication tools and educational aids, it is not hard to see in the light of this that the time will arrive on the Earth plane when they will no longer be required, because we shall then all receive our education in this manner by the long awaited new World Teacher.

Shortly after finishing my reflections on ‘The Truth about Truth’, to my astonishment they were confirmed by the Lebanese/American mystic, poet and writer, Kahlil Gibran, 1883-1931. In ‘Kahlil the Heretic’ he wrote: ‘The true light is that which emanates from within humankind; it reveals the secrets of the heart to the soul, making it happy and contented with life. Truth is like the stars; it does not appear except from behind the obscurity of the night [of the darkness of ignorance]. Truth is like all beautiful things in the world; it does not disclose its desirability except to those who first feel [and suffer at the hands of] falsehood. Truth is a deep kindness that teaches us to be content in our everyday life and share with people the same kind of happiness [and share it with the people so that they may find it, too]… This is the truth I have learnt from the teachings of the Nazarene.’

The Greek philosopher Aristotle, 384-322 BC, saw the matter as follows: ‘To say of what is, that it is – and of what is not, that it is not. That [to me] is speaking the truth.

From ‘Healers and Healing’

With love and light,