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April 25th, 2011, 05:53


Spirit evolves in matter and matter evolves with its indwelling spirit. The whole of Creation is constantly evolving and growing and spiritual wisdom and knowledge does the same. Through finding an ever greater understanding of Godís nature and our own, we assist ourselves, each other and our whole world to move onto ever higher levels of being. This has always been the main purpose of humankindís existence on the Earth plane. In times gone by the concerns of the higher aspects of life of necessity had to be explained to us through myths and legends. This happened for the simple reason that during our spiritual infancy and childhood, we would not have understood their higher esoteric meaning. Now that sufficient numbers of us are maturing into spiritual adulthood and on the threshold of the Great Age of Aquarius, we are ready to receive ever more of Godís truths directly from the Source of our being.

Much progress in our raceís understanding of these things had been made by the time of Rudolf Steiner, 1861 Ė 1925, the Austrian philosopher, social thinker, architect and esotericist. Yet, even he still in his spiritual vision he perceived the Earth, at the time of the Crucifixion, from a vantage point above our planet as a Ďblack spiritual voidí in the spiritual landscape of the Cosmos. In his vision the instant Jesusí blood touched the ground, the Earth began to radiate spiritual light from its entire circumference into the farthest and remotest corner of the spiritual Cosmos. He believed that from then the physical Earth literally became the physical body of The Christ.

We still had to make do with such presentations of the Crucifixion in those days. But now, at long last, we and our world are ready to grasp the truth about the whole of the life story of Jesus, the Christed one. It was never intended to be more than an allegory that during the coming two thousand years or so would slowly but surely take all of us one small step after another into the ability to perceive Godís eternal wisdom that is hidden behind this tale. The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, 1844-1900, wrote: ĎIf you wish your life to be easy, always stay with the herd!í In my view, far too many in our world to this day prefer following that advice and running with the crowd, to living creatively and intuitively. That is exactly what we do when we insist on following the old fashioned and outdated doctrines and beliefs of the past. As always in life, we do have a choice. If that is the one we are making, we have to be content with no evolutionary progress and never getting any further than the crowd. Our own evolutionary progress and that of our world can only be ensured by sufficient numbers of us querying and questioning that which has been handed down to us by previous generations.

To me, the Jesus legend is a re-enactment of a drama of vast Cosmic proportions, many different versions of which have been presented to us and our world, throughout the ages To this day, many believe that the tale of the Crucifixion and the Masterís subsequent resurrection describe events that actually took place on the Earth plane, two thousand years ago. In truth, it is an allegory of life after death of the physical body. The whole life of Jesus describes the process of purification that a lifetime of pure and wholesome living achieves to help us gain complete mastery and control over all aspects of our being. That is why every religion down the ages has contained allegories of saviours and their ensuing resurrection and final release into their eternal home and the oneness with God.

The crucifixion story of the Master Jesus is no exception. It represents the Earth initiation, the highest initiation all human souls must eventually undergo. When our indwelling spirit has finally gained complete mastery of the atoms of our physical body, it has been accomplished. This is what the Universe requires from all of us, when we are ready to move on to lessons of a higher nature on other levels of life. To allow this to happen, we reach an evolutionary point when it becomes necessary that we slowly begin to rise above the material world and its concerns. This gradually frees our spirit and continues until our spirit is fully and consciously re-united and one again with God, the way it once was.

The story of the crucifixion demonstrates how a Master soul whole-heartedly and willingly forgives everything and everybody, especially the one who betrayed him. We are meant to follow the Masterís example and with every passing day grow more like him. This is particularly true when it comes to forgiving all those who ever delivered us to be nailed to some kind of cross or another. Judas Iscariotís betrayal of Jesus and the Masterís forgiveness demonstrates the need for carefully avoiding the creation of further difficult Karma between two souls.

We too are required to deal with our opponents in this masterly fashion and forgive anyone who ever trespassed against us, in the course of all our lifetimes. Even our worst opponents are waiting to be treated in this manner, to free both of us from the heavy Karmic chains and undesirable emotional bonds that we, in our ignorance of Universal laws, once created with each other, in the course of many lifetimes. Forgiving them with all our heart and soul is the only way of dissolving them. It is essential to attend to this process with great diligence, as it alone can eventually release us from the need for further earthly lessons.

From 'Healers and Healing' (http://www.raysofwisdom.co.uk/stargazers.htm?H&H=#h&h)

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