View Full Version : re daughter's loss

April 20th, 2011, 10:59
My daughter lost her husband, tragically a year ago. We were all so devastated, but seems a few months after she found someone and now wants to introduce him to us, which I do not as yet feel comfortable, and she is upset about it. She said, everyone has to move on, yes I agree, but feel she has gone too fast in such a short time. She does not seem to be the same person, her looks have gone a 360 degree turn, she goes out all the time, and she has two children. She said she is not the same person as before, and cannot be the same person, she has to reinvent herself. She lives two hours away, and I used to visit her all the time, but in the past year, have not been there, everytime I ask, she says, it is not the right time and that when I am there she gets too upset, she falls apart moreso re loss of her partner. She has a counsellor, but wonder if her counsellor is directing her the right way in these areas. Seems, it is all about my daughter and her feelings, rightfully so, but shouldnt family be in the picture as well and their feelings? I am at a loss, we do not get along as well as before, whatever I say is not the right thing. Our relationship is now strained and distance has set in. This boyfriend of hers, is much younger then her, by 10 years. She is 38. So, I dont know what to do............do I just lay low. It is sad, because all this has affected the whole family situation. Your feedbacks would be so appreciated. Just having someone else's views would help so much.